Nick and Sharon anxiously wait for news about Noah at the hospital, both grateful he is alive. Tearfully, Sharon remembers Jack being by himself trapped. Nick admits he told Phyllis that Jack helped them out. The doctor arrives letting them know that Noah has a few cracked ribs and a ruptured spleen. It looks like the spleen may need to be removed and Noah must go into ER right away.

Colleen arrives at the Club in Clear Springs and rushes up to Kevin with Adrian’s shirt for the rescue dogs. Kevin brings her to the rescue workers. Colleen tearfully worries about Adrian, Victoria and Jack.

At the rescue site, people continue to be rescued as Neil gives a press interview. Meanwhile, J.T. is on the phone and finds out that no one has seen Victoria’s car. Daniel tries to believe it could be somewhere else. Victor walks up with no news on Jack. The workers approach them to let them know they found some personal items in the rubble. Nikki frantically grabs the purse they found and freaks out that its Victoria’s. She screams and cries that its Victoria’s purse while leaning against Victor.

At the hospital, Nick receives a call while Sharon wonders how long the surgery will take. Nick gives Sharon the bad news that Victoria’s purse was found. Sharon tries to calm and comfort him.

Beneath the Clear Springs wreckage, Jack lay unconscious in the dust and dark, the sizzle of electrical sparks surround him.

Above ground, J.T., Nikki and Victor are fraught with worry about Victoria. Victor ordered extra equipment. Daniel offers to help with supplies. J.T. questions the equipment and Victor informs him it the latest camera video equipment and microphone made specifically for narrow spaces to detect if someone is alive.

David informs Nikki he has no other news, he wonders what’s wrong. She admits Victoria is in the rubble, they found her purse. He consoles her, trying to calm her down with words of encouragement and reaches out to her.

J.T. tells Victor he’s going in to look for Victoria. Victor advises him not to do it.

Underneath the rubble, Victoria is in the dark, surrounded by dust with her flashlight, screaming out for Adrian, coughing. Victoria speaks to her unborn child, then suddenly hears a noise. Its Adrian. He asks how she and her unborn child are doing. She admits to having a little trouble breathing. Adrian starts to move concrete out of the way but discovers a dead end. Victoria wonders about their air supply. She admits she needs to rest but also admits her Dad will rescue them, she closes her eyes to rest.

Adrian makes Victoria comfortable. They discuss being rescued, Adrian admits he will tell Colleen he loves her. She mentions her biggest goal is to be a Mom, she’s wanted it for a long time. He admits she will be a terrific mother. She also just wants to marry the man she loves.

Above ground, Victor, Nikki and Daniel wait as Kevin and Colleen run up. They find the first dead body of a male, white in Caucasian and don’t know who it is. Colleen worries its Adrian or Jack and cries.

Neil continues to speak to the press about the developments and the unidentified male victim.

J.T. walks up to a tearful Colleen who still questions if the dead man is Adrian. J.T. admits they found Victoria’s purse in the rubble and Colleen continues to cry, holding on to J.T.

While at the hospital, Nick informs Sharon about the first casualty, an unidentified man. Sharon questions who it is. He lets her know they don’t know, the body is a male Caucasian. Sharon starts to cry and feels sick. She needs to find out. She calls Nikki who tells her they are bringing the body out now.

J.T. and Colleen wait for news about the body. They both hope Victoria and Adrian are okay. Victor walks up to the body to identify it as Nikki stays on the phone and Neil is in the background. Nikki questions Victor as to who it is and Victor confirms that he has never seen him before. J.T. walks up to confirm the body is that of Joe Boddington, the construction supervisor. Nikki tells a relieved Sharon who thanks her.

Above ground, the camera is being set up as Victor, Nikki and Neil watch. The Commander arrives telling them he’s not sure how much longer they can continue, the methane levels are rising. Nikki mentions Victoria and her pregnancy. He admits the more the gas accumulates, the more combustible it becomes and the likelihood of an explosion increases above ground and below. Nikki is shocked and looks over to Victor.

Nick and Sharon worry about everyone at the hospital. The nurse arrives letting them know that they have had to give Noah two units of blood and they have to proceed with removing his spleen. Sharon is distraught and Nick holds on to her.

At Clear Springs, the Commander announces that the level of methane gas is rising and that people need to evacuate immediately except rescue personnel. Colleen and J.T. aren’t leaving. J.T. wants her to leave and offers to go to the café with her. David approaches Nikki who announces she’s not leaving. Victor suggests she leave as well. She insists she’s not going anywhere until Victoria comes out, they argue as David looks on.

J.T. complains everything is taking too long to the Commander, who explains if the methane rises any further that the rescue operation will be cancelled all together. J.T. freaks out at him about Victoria.

All of a sudden Victor’s cameras spot Victoria and Adrian in the wreckage. J.T. runs over as Victor and Nikki look on. Rescue personnel tell Victoria and Adrian they are on their way. Victoria asks if J.T. is okay and wonders about everyone else. Victor lets her know everyone is okay as Brad walks up. The camera blanks out, workers run, an explosion occurs as men fly through the air.

Everyone is scrambling around and panicking. The Commander announces to complete evacuation and terminate rescue efforts, fire fighters are down. Victor helps Nikki up off the ground and leaves her with J.T. He confirms with the Commander that due to the explosion, the methane will take awhile to build up again. Victor heads toward the collapsed building, taking oxygen with him. Neil informs the press.

Underneath, Adrian is unconscious and screams in pain as Victoria finds out if he is okay. His leg is badly injured, a piece of bar is in his leg. She screams for help. They move toward an opening. Adrian is screaming with pain but moves anyway.

Victor is searching below and uncovers Jack lying unconscious. Victor reaches the top with Jack as the rescuers pull him out to safety. J.T. assists Victor out and then he runs into the collapsed building after Victoria. Victor tells him where the oxygen tank is. Daniel informs Sharon about Jack. She tells Nick, but there is no news on Victoria.

At the hospital, Sharon and Nick learn the operation was a success and Noah is in recovery. His spleen was removed and he will have to be closely monitored especially for the first two years, without a spleen makes him very susceptible to infection. The rest of his life he will also have to be monitored. Sharon cries.

Victoria and Adrian continue to try to escape, J.T. finds them at the same time. Victoria and J.T. embrace each other. She leaves and J.T. stays to help Adrian with his injured leg. Victoria reaches safety outside. Nikki screams her name, Victor rises as she waves at everyone. Suddenly she is hit by a piece of concrete in the face, knocked over and rolls over and over down a hill of concrete. Everyone screams as they reach Victoria crumpled on the ground.

Next on The Young and The Restless

The doctor tells J.T. it is unknown whether Victoria will regain consciousness or not.

Brad’s eyes were hurt during the explosion, he doesn’t care, he just wants the baby to be okay he confesses to Sharon.

Nikki pleads with Victor by her side for Victoria’s recovery.

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