Above ground at Clear Springs, Victor is on the phone with no word on Jack and others. Paul confirms from Michael that Maggie and Lauren are fine. Nikki is present as well when Neil discusses others involved in the collapse. They are relieved there are no fatalities so far. One of the rescue men confirms that they found the last place that Jack was seen but he is no longer there. He suggests that Jack tried to find another way out and lost his bearings which is easy to do in the dark.

While at the Club, Kevin and Daniel worry about Amber. Daniel calls to leave a message for the third time.

In the parking garage beneath, behind the wheel of a car, smoke and dust surround the area. Amber is seen unconscious with injuries to her face. She wakes up coughing and terrified, beginning to cry as she realizes what’s happened. She tries getting out of the car, honks the horn, but is trapped inside and can’t. Concrete falls around her. Amber screams for help, but can’t get out. Sparks fly as she climbs out of a window. She starts freaking out and talking to herself. She remembers her sketches and goes back to get them, concrete continues to fall around her.

Brad is on the phone with Nikki about Victoria with no news. Jill arrives on the scene to find Nikki, worried about Kay and Cane. Paul hasn’t been able to get reach them either. She confirms J.T. wanted to meet them in the parking garage. Paul rushes to tell the Incident Commander. Nikki comforts Jill who is frantic with worry.

Nikki and Victor offer a shirt of Victoria’s to the Incident Commander for the dogs to sniff as they are about to search for her. He asks them about Adrian and they mention they are going to get something from Colleen they can use but it will take several hours.

Jill speaks with Paul about whether he’s okay and asks about Cane. Paul consoles her by reminding her that Cane studied the blueprints which gives him an edge. She asks about what its like down there and Paul honestly tells her its dark, dusty, but some areas are safe. He informs her that all the injuries so far have been relatively minor and reminds her both Cane and J.T. are probably with Kay and that she is “a tough old broad”.

Jill speaks to Nikki about Kay’s survival after her talk with Paul about the conditions below. Nikki reminds her that Kay is tougher than both of them. Jill agrees. She wishes Kay would come out so she can continue to give her a hard time.

A bloodied Kay is with J.T. and Cane in the parking garage. She tells them she is holding them back, to go find someone and bring them back. Cane holds onto Kay as J.T. tries to find a way out. She insists they go without her as more concrete falls around them. Kay sees a light, Cane and J.T. go to inspect. It’s the elevator.

Kay, Cane and J.T. get into the elevator and J.T. tries to climb through the top. Kay reminds them once again to leave her and they both go. J.T. admits they have to leave, but they will come back for her. Kay tells Cane to let Jill know she loves her. He reminds her she can tell her because they are coming back for her. Once at the top of the elevator, sparks from wiring are eminent, being careful they climb the walls of the elevator shaft. J.T. admits to being happily engaged as concrete falls around them.

Kay, alone in the elevator, is frightened by Amber, who is crawling around the corner. Amber and Kay hug each other but Kay cries out in pain. They are happy to see each other. She explains that J.T. and Cane went up the elevator shaft and wants her to do the same. Amber won't leave her. She asks how Kay is doing and Kay admits she feels better since Cane made the sling for her. Amber brings up Cane and her memories of him before they split up. Noises of concrete crash around them. They try to move, realizing things are getting worse.

From outside, J.T surfaces as Jill yells for Cane who comes out. They embrace. J.T. and Cane explain that Kay is down there injured and needs help getting out. J.T. asks Nikki and Victor where Victoria is, they don’t know. Daniel tells Cane he’s glad he made it out okay and admits they can’t find Amber. Both J.T. and Cane want to go back to find Kay, but the Incident Commander tells them he will have them both arrested if they try. Cane offers he is trained in AER, the Australian Emergency Response group and is well trained for this, the Commander agrees to let him go. Jill doesn’t want him to go, he hugs her and tells her he has to go. They tell each other they love each other.

Cane goes down underground suited up in rescue gear as J.T., Jill and everyone look on. Brad walks up to Nikki who lets him know J.T. and Cane made it out. He wonders about Victoria, she tells him J.T. thought Victoria was scouting out locations and Nikki suggests to ask him. Brad goes to J.T. Nikki and Jill admit their children are both in jeopardy.

Amber tries to make Kay comfortable. Kay realizes that Amber still has a soft spot for Cane. Amber agrees and admits that she loved him and still does. She also admits to being insecure, she never thought he could ever love her so she made all kinds of stupid mistakes. Kay jokes that all the mistakes she has made in her life has involved a dumb man and admits to things she did in her past with men. They swap men stories and laugh together. Amber admits she was never unfaithful to Cane, doesn’t expect forgiveness but wants her to know she never meant to hurt him.

Amber find Kay a blanket. Kay doesn’t want her to wander she is worried about her. Kay points out that Amber doesn’t need forgiveness from her or Cane, that she must forgive herself and to stop being down on herself and messing up as she has. Kay advises her the key to success is being willing to make mistakes, Amber thanks her. They hear Cane and Kay admits that Amber has been good company and taken very good care of her. Cane comforts Amber and offers her a mask. Kay is pulled up by a harness.

Outside all await to see who will be rescued as Amber is pulled out. Daniel, Kevin and others clap. Kay is then brought out on a stretcher. Jill runs up to Kay and Kay tells Jill she loves her and doesn’t say it often enough. Victor and Nikki are thrilled to see Kay. Jill hugs Cane, calls him a hero and is proud of him. He hugs her back. J.T. is impressed and shakes his hand. Cane admits he lied about the AER, there is no such thing, Jill hits him and tells him it isn’t funny.

Amber walks up to Kevin and Daniel. They are both happy to see her. They joke around and then she starts to cry, sick of being brave.

Katherine asks Victor and Nikki how it happened. They don’t know. She asks who else is missing. Nikki begins to cry as she admits Victoria is missing. Brad is seen looking at the wreckage, worried.

Underground, Jack wakes up, with sparks around him. He crawls around, coughing and gasping for air. He keeps trying to find his way out and trying to breath. As he hears noises of things collapsing around him, he starts writing a love letter to Sharon professing his love, please see Jack’s Last Love Letter to Sharon?. He falls unconscious...

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