At the Baldwins’, Michael, Gloria and Kevin hear Lauren is trapped within the building collapse at Clear Springs. Michael calls Victor on site to find out what's going on. Victor lets him know that she is trapped with Maggie, Paul and Noah who is hurt and will call him when he finds out anything further. They all head up to Clear Springs.

At Clear Springs, Daniel and Nick comfort Sharon. Brad and Neil walk up and are worried about her and ask what they can do. Victor mentions they won’t let anyone in since everything could collapse at any time. Nick is anxious about Noah. Victor tells them Paul, Lauren and Maggie are in there. Sharon mentions Jack is there too. David and Nikki walk up and wonder if anyone has heard from Victoria. Brad is surprised she is missing too. Victor and Nikki let the others know there is no answer on either Victoria or J.T.’s cell phone. Nick mentions that Victoria is supposed to be with Adrian. Brad calls Colleen to find out about Adrian but has to leave her a message. Brad and David go looking for Victoria above ground. Neil leaves to go issue a press statement. Nikki and Victor leave to speak to the Incident Commander. Sharon is very distraught over Noah and Jack. Daniel offers her a blanket and she thanks him for all he’s done for Noah, she mentions he loves having him as a brother.

Under the rubble of Clear Springs, Noah, Maggie, Lauren and Paul try to get out. Lauren feels guilt about being there with Noah and chastises herself over Noah. She blames herself for all of them being there. Paul and Maggie comfort Noah as while Lauren starts to freak out. Noah admits he doesn’t feel well. They hear noises. Paul suggests using one of the car batteries, but Lauren warns they can’t have sparks in there, methane could be down there. Lauren tries to comfort Noah. They all tell Noah they will get out soon. Lauren is in tears, rocking herself, terrified. Paul holds her in his arms as she clings to him.

Above ground at Clear Springs, Nikki speaks to Brad by phone about Victoria. Brad promises they will find her if she is there. Victor, Nick and Neil discuss Jack and the press. Neil advises he told them that Nick and Sharon escaped and as a result Jack was trapped himself. Nikki walks up worried about Victoria.

Nick goes to check on Sharon who’s resting. He apologizes to her and she shares that she doesn’t want the last time she sees her husband to be down there as she watched him stay as they got out. Nick promises it won’t be the last time. She worries about Noah and just wants him back with them. He holds her hand to comfort her.

In Jail, as Jana and Phyllis watch TV and hear Neil’s press release, Phyllis is going crazy and turns off the TV. She starts to throw a chair around, the guard comes and Jana tries to cover for her. Jana informs Phyllis she won’t cover for her again. Phyllis mentions praying for Nick and Jack. Phyllis later calls Michael at Clear Springs and asks about Lauren. He promises to call back when he knows something.

While struggling underneath Clear Springs, Jack tries to find a way through the rubble, moving cement pieces as he struggles to breathe and is coughing as dust surrounds him. Later, Jack continues to try to move cement pieces, becoming more weary and breathless, coughing from dust as more cement crashes around him as he puts his arms up to protect himself.

Michael, Gloria and Kevin arrive at Clear Springs and hear no news of Lauren. Michael wonders how it all happened but the focus is on the survivors. Gloria tells him Lauren will be okay and it will be fine. He reminds Gloria and Kevin that Lauren is a claustrophobic, has panic attacks, is stuck underground and won’t be fine.

A rescue worker informs Victor, Nikki and Michael as he overhears, they cannot go any further due to instability of the building, they must slow down. Nikki and Victor worry about Noah as Victor reaches out to Nikki.

Michael continues to be worried about Lauren while Gloria tries to console him. She reminds him Lauren isn’t alone and that Paul and Maggie are with her as well. He wonders if she is having a panic attack and knows she is going through hell.

Underneath the rubble at Clear Springs, Maggie continues to help Noah as he falls asleep, while Paul continues to comfort Lauren. As cement continues to crumble around them, Lauren is freaking out in Paul’s arms. Lauren tells Paul he is her “knight in shining armor” as Maggie looks on. Lauren cries and holds on to Paul.

Back in Jail, Kevin calls Jana to let her know how things are going. Jana lets him know Phyllis is going crazy as he advises he is working on the website. Jana is worried about Kevin. Phyllis asks for news and is worried about Jack, Noah and Lauren as she admits Michael can’t lose Lauren. Phyllis gets upset with another prisoner about the TV and grabs the converter out of their hands and starts yelling at her.

Back at Clear Springs, Gloria walks up to Kevin and Michael trying to console them. Michael starts to get angry about the whole Clear Springs idea with Nikki. Lauren knew that all the fighting between Nikki and Victor would mean something would go wrong and she should have listened to her first instincts.

Underneath Clear Springs, Noah sleeps and is starting to burn up. Lauren looks on and then worries about noises and moving Noah closer to a car. Noah groans as they carry and place him next to a car. Lauren apologies to Maggie about her behaviour, Maggie understands. More noises are heard. Maggie admits to Paul that Noah’s pulse is getting weaker. Noah offers Lauren his hand as more cement falls around them. They hear rescue workers as Lauren thanks Noah for holding her hand, she wasn’t so afraid when he did that.

Above ground, Sharon and Nick anxiously await who the rescuers are helping to bring up from the wreckage at Clear Springs. Nikki and Victor look on, Michael, Gloria and Kevin run up, Daniel runs up as Nick and Sharon hold hands and Noah is first seen on a stretcher, much to everyone’s joy. Nick runs to Noah as everyone looks on and then Nikki, Victor and Sharon hold, touch and kiss Noah. Maggie and Paul are helped out next and finally Lauren is assisted by Paul out from beneath the building. Michael and Lauren run to each other and embrace each other as Gloria and Kevin look on and then hug Lauren too.

While in Jail, Phyllis calls Nick thrilled that Noah is out. He admits they are all taking him to the hospital. She asks about Jack and he tells her there is no news and reassures her they will find him soon.

Paul and Maggie comfort each other and Paul admits if he had to be stuck in a parking structure he was glad it was with Maggie. She thinks he needs to go to the hospital to look after his arm, but he admits he is staying to see what he can do to help out. She calls him her “hero” and hugs him.

Michael and Lauren hold onto each other as Lauren mentions Amber. Kevin, Daniel and Gloria wonder what she means about Amber and she admits Amber came up to meet her. They all become worried about Amber. Daniel immediately tries her cell and asks her to call.

Gloria, Michael and Lauren head out of Clear Springs, but Kevin will stay behind to help out with the website and keep an eye out for Amber.

Sharon, Nick and Noah prepare to ride in the ambulance. Nick walks up to Victor and lets him know he is going to the hospital with Noah, to let him know if he hears anything about Jack and Victoria. Victor assures him he will.

Down below, Kay wakes up beneath the parking structure, disorientated and looks around shocked at the mess that surrounds her...

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Will Jack die trapped beneath?

Amber and Victoria are missing, where are they?

Will Kay survive trapped underneath?

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