Scenes of the wreckage of the parking lot at Clear Springs are shown. Columns collapsed, horns blaring, dust and smoke surround everything. Sharon is lying unconscious trapped, she wakes up suddenly with a gasp.

At the Jail, Phyllis listens to news of “a potential disaster” at Clear Springs on television. She learns the underground parking structure and casino collapsed and is stunned. She immediately calls Nick to leave a message.

Nick awakens in the parking lot of Clear Springs. He calls out “Hello, can anybody here me?” He hears Jack and moves a large piece of concrete to help him move. They call out for Sharon.

The explosion scenes are shown, Jack is searching in the rubble, construction workers are flown in the air, Nick is shown in the rubble. Jill waits anxiously for news of Cane and Katherine, Nikki and Victor wait to hear news of their children horrified. Neil is devastated and in tears, bodies lye around. Victoria is shocked with her mouth agape, J.T., Cane and Kay are shown trapped. Daniel arrives on the scene. Sharon wakes up. Brad anxiously awaits news about Sharon, firemen and rescue workers are shown everywhere. Lauren and Noah are shown trapped, Michael, Gloria and Kevin are on site and worry about Lauren, Paul is shown. Jack and Nick are shown searching. Victoria is with Adrian, Amber is bloody and injured yet searching around. These scenes appear to be previews of what will come today and the rest of the week.

Nikki franticly is on the phone with Victor at Newman and tells him about what has happened. She can’t reach Nick and she’s worried. She isn’t able to reach Sharon and Jack either. He wants her to leave right away. She won’t leave without Nick.

Phyllis calls worried about Nick, Victor advises her not to worry, he is heading up there right now. She’s afraid and wants to get out right away, he promises to try to make some phone calls. Phyllis gets off the phone and worriedly speaks to Jana about Nick.

Back at Clear Springs in the parking garage, Jack and Nick search and call out for Sharon through the rubble and wreckage. They hear her. Her leg is injured and she can’t get up to walk.

With David in the background, Nikki calls Victor back at Newman He warns her not to go in the buildings. He brings up the sabotage of the corporate jet and advises her to think about it.

While in Jail, as Jana looks on, Phyllis calls Sharon’s cell phone and leaves a message. She admits to hearing what happened and wants her to have Nick call her, she’s really worried and hopes she is okay too.

Back within the rubble at Clear Springs, Sharon, Jack and Nick hear a cell phone and search frantically for it. Phyllis is leaving a message for Jack, going crazy with worry over Nick. They can’t find Jack’s cell, Nick left his somewhere and Sharon’s is broken. They start to move. Jack and Nick argue as Nick insists one way and Jack the other, just as more cement collapses around them.

At the restaurant of Clear Springs, as David looks on, Nikki searches for clues of Nick having been there. Victor calls asking her about Victoria, nothing has been heard. He informs her that phones are in overload and that Nick may be trying to call them which makes Nikki feel better. He tells her to stay safe, he will be right there. The host of the restaurant tells informs her that there is nothing in the receipts for Nick, Sharon or Jack. David tries to console her and make her feel better.

At Newman, Victor tells Neil about the disaster at Clear Springs. Neil is shocked and mentions possible sabotage. Victor informs him he hasn’t heard anything from Nick or Victoria and Victor asks him to meet him up there. Victor is fraught with worry.

Back underneath the rubble at Clear Springs, Nick is goes to check things out. Sharon asks Jack how far he thinks they are to being out, he guesses and she is discouraged. She worries about no one trying to rescue them due to methane and then brings up being glad Noah isn’t down there with them, they are both glad Paul took him fishing. Nick comes back, thinking he found a way out and suggests Jack go take a look. Nick jokes with Sharon to distract her from the pain. Jack returns and they start to try to find their way out. Jack shares to Nick that there is no way three of them can get out of the passageway. Nick knows and insists he is staying behind.

Back in Jail, Phyllis speaks to Jana about breaking out. She calls Daniel and informs him that the building and casino collapsed at Clear Springs. She asks him to drive up there, he agrees and will drop Summer off at the sitter. He insists she not even think about leaving there early. He speaks to Jana and gets her to promise him if Phyllis tries anything stupid to call him. Phyllis grabs the phone away from Jana and promises not to do anything, but to call her when he hears something.

While trying to find their way out of the rubble at Clear Springs, Nick and Jack work together to clear the passageway. They have 10 seconds to get through. Sharon insists they are not leaving Nick behind, she offers to stay. Jack then offers to stay behind. Nick and Jack argue again, they pick straws/sticks. Jack is the chosen one who stays. He says goodbye to Sharon and asks her to remember how much she loves him. She loves him too. Nick admits he will find help for him and remembers when he was his step-father. He shares that although he doesn’t say it enough, Jack helped him become the man that he is today, He thanks him and hugs him, promising to be back. Nick and Sharon escape.

On the way out of Newman, Neil runs into Brad and informs him about Clear Springs. Neil offers to drive with him and he agrees. Brad calls Sharon to leave a message. While driving up to Clear Springs, Brad calls Nikki worried about Sharon. She confirms hearing nothing from Sharon or Nick. She explains how the building just caved in, how bad it really was. After his call with Nikki, Neil brings up to Brad that it was insensitive for him to call Nikki about Sharon when she is worried about her son. Brad argues with him and doesn’t want to hear it. He wants everyone to forget about them sleeping together, they’ve both moved on.

In Jail, Phyllis is trying to reach Jack again. She hopes he is okay and wants him to call.

Back at Clear Springs, Jack tries to find a way out of the rubble, but he can see nothing.

David rushes in to Nikki in the restaurant and tells her someone is coming out of the garage, unsure who, she runs out. Sharon is lifted out on a stretcher and Nick comes out. Nick informs them Jack is left behind. Nikki is relieved that Nick calls out to her as David holds her to stabilize her while they come out. Nikki cries to Nick. He tells the rescuers that Jack is still in there. One of the rescuers mentions if they saw a boy or anyone else. Sharon asks “What boy?” They are told they received a 911 call from Paul Williams who had two other adults with him along with a 10 year old boy with a serious injury. Sharon, Nikki and Nick freak out as it is confirmed that the boy’s name is Noah. Sharon screams and Nick runs toward the rubble screaming and trying to get past the rescuers. Noah is shown lying in the wreckage, unconscious in the dark...

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