At Clear Springs, J.T. and Victoria have fun discussing baby names as the baby moves around inside. She mentions she will be meeting Adrian later. She looks at the ring J.T. gave her and lets him know she isn’t afraid anymore. He places it on her finger.

While at Clear Springs, Maggie and Lauren discuss her jog with Paul. He comes in and announces there are some minor adjustments in the security system for Lauren’s store and suggests walking through it. They all go for a meal. Lauren runs into Katherine and Cane and compliments Cane on his work. As Lauren leaves, Katherine mentions that she must speak to Jeffrey Todd privately about the kick-back.

Jack, Sharon, Noah and Nick spend time together. Nick agrees again to do Cassie’s benefit as part of the grand opening.

Nikki arrives in her car at Clear Springs, David assures Nikki that all the stores will be on time for the grand opening. Nikki mentions that Victor called in his loan so the resort won’t be. David claims he may know a few people to help her out, she admits she’s desperate. They run into Katherine and Cane. Nikki asks for some time alone with Katherine.

Nikki lets Katherine know that she was going to try to make peace with Victor and not rush into a divorce. Nikki shares she never had the chance to tell him since he walked in and announced he was calling in the loan. Katherine doesn’t understand why he would do that but Nikki just wants to get Clear Springs out of his control and begs Katherine for help. She agrees to help her and at least give her an extension on the time she needs on the money she owes. She admits though that she cannot give her the entire loan.

Phyllis reaches Nick from Jail, flirting with him about her work release. He lets her know they have to follow the rules. Noah interrupts wanting to say hello. He mentions he is working with Jack now and they can work together. They all say goodbye as Noah mentions seeing Paul, Lauren and the police woman and wants to say hello. Jack mentions they see Maggie everywhere and informs Nick he is a “person of interest” in Ji Min’s death. Nick is upset and mentions that Noah is living with him. Sharon stops the discussion.

Later in Jail, Daniel drops by with Summer to see Phyllis. They discuss her work release and his grades.

While at Clear Springs, Lauren walks up to Nick to congratulate him on Phyliss’ release. Nick asks if she is free in the afternoon and if she can watch Noah while he talks to Jack alone.

Adrian walks in to meet Victoria. He needs to take care of some business and will meet up with her in an hour. Nikki comes in and Victoria tells her Cane has done a great job. Nikki notices she’s wearing her ring. She admits how afraid she was about not having the opportunity of being a mother and how important it is.

At Newman, Victor receives a call from Katherine who chastises him for pulling Nikki’s support, letting him know it is “ruthless” and almost “inhumane”. He points out that Nikki most likely asked her for a loan to pay him back and that she turned her down. She admits she did. He notes if she turned it down and thought it was a bad business proposition why wouldn't he do the same.

At Clear Springs, Nikki wonders to Nick why Jack is there. He notes they are all there to look at the casino for Cassie’s benefit. Nikki then admits that Victor called in the loan. Nick is angry and is going to talk to Victor.

Later, Nikki meets with Jack and admits Victor’s withdrawal of the loan. She asks him for the loan and he informs her he doesn’t have that kind of money to save her.

Later, Nick calls Victor to discuss the loan. He trys to explain to Nick that he is trying to help her and Nick doesn’t believe it. Victor demands that he stay out of it.

In the parking lot of Clear Springs, J.T. meets with Katherine and Cane to discuss his suspicions and investigation. Cane will look further into everything quietly.

Amber meets Lauren to give her the plans. Lauren really appreciates it and will pay her for the day for bringing them to her. Amber once again brings out her designs to show her. She also gives Lauren a CD of songs to see if she could do the music for the fashion show as well. Lauren admits she likes her designs and she will definitely have a presence at the opening.

At the construction site, Katherine and Cane run into Joe who questions how everything looks. She says it looks wonderful from what she can see.

J.T. is in the parking lot of Clear Springs and discovers some cracking in the concrete all along the sides of the wall. He is worried.

On site at Clear Springs, Jack, Sharon and Nick drive around. Nick questions why Jack is being viewed as a suspect for Ji Min’s death. Jack admits his association with Jabot is probably why and Sharon agrees they have to look into everything. Nick asks Jack point blank if he did it and Jack marvels that he could actually think he could kill someone. Sharon admits they found some dog hair of Fisher’s on Ji Min’s body. Nick just doesn’t want to drop it.

At the Club for Clear Springs, Maggie meets up with Lauren and discuss Paul and Noah. Lauren brings up if she’s met Paul’s mother, Maggie admits she hasn’t. Lauren continues to talk about Paul’s mother and recalls memories of her and Paul’s time together. Maggie wonders if they lived together, but Lauren thought she knew and admits Paul is her ex-husband.

Paul later meets Maggie and wonders where Noah is. Maggie brings up Lauren, his ex-wife. Lauren and Noah reach the table and Lauren announces they will all go fishing.

In the parking lot of Clear Springs, Victoria and Adrian are going over how everything has developed thanks to Cane help. They run into Nick, Sharon and Jack. Sharon tells her she looks great and she admits she only has three and a half months to go. Nick asks for some time alone with Victoria.

Nick informs Victoria that Victor called in NVP’s loan. Victoria is shocked, really upset and refuses to let him do it. She gets on the phone with Victor and asks him what’s wrong with him. He admits it was for the best. She yells at him that he doesn’t know what’s best for anyone, all he cares about is himself and hurting Nikki. He tries to explain he is saving her mother from herself. Victoria admits she has been overseeing everything and has put her heart and soul into the project and what he has done is “selfish” and “vindictive”, he should have consulted her. He raises his voice, “You listen to me. This is my company, I run it any way I want, you got it!” and slams down the phone. She vows to Adrian that when they are done she will head back to Genoa City and show him how much she is her father’s daughter.

In the lobby of the hotel at Clear Springs, Amber runs into Katherine who wonders what she is doing there. Amber tells her that Fenmore’s will be featuring some of her designs in the grand opening. Cane enters, Amber continues about the fashion show featuring her designs and some of the songs she recorded. Cane tells her that’s good for her and receives a call from J.T. who advises him to get down to the parking lot immediately he’s found something really big.

In the parking lot, J.T. shows Katherine and Cane all the cracks and Cane admits they have to halt everything and it will cost a fortune.

At the construction site, David apologizes to Nikki about not being able to find anyone to help her with the loan. Nikki is in tears, it wasn’t just the money, it was her dream and it won’t happen because of Victor. She has never been this angry with him. David tries to console her but can’t. He reminds her other projects can come along without Victor’s involvement and not even Victor can keep her down. All of a sudden everything crashes around them and the building collapses, construction workers are flown into the air, as Sharon lies in the rubble beneath…trapped…

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