In Jail, Michael visits Phyllis telling him her work release has been granted and starts in 2 days. Michael explains the rules to her of the program.

At Newman, Nick thanks Neil for all his hard work but lets him know he will be start managing things the way he used to.

Neil walks into Victor’s office, but he’s playing a chess game with a colleague in London. Neil questions Victor about Nick taking over his Co-CEO duties again. He advises now his son is back in business he will have to think about what’s best for the company.

At the Club, Nikki is on the phone with David discussing the progress of Clear Springs as she is lunching with Katherine. Katherine reminds her that Victor is her husband. Nikki informs her about the divorce.

Katherine wonders if Nikki’s divorce is because of David. Nikki shares that it isn’t. She recalls her past and just wishes Victor would acknowledge she is smart but he won’t. Katherine reminds her how Victor has always been there for her when she goes through difficult times, how they are drawn together during these times. She advises Nikki to really think about things and before she walks away to fight for her marriage. As Nikki cries, Katherine lets her know that she may find that she still loves Victor and that he loves her.

At Newman, Sharon meets Jack in his office, he is frustrated with the media and press. She recommends they take a trip with Noah up to Clear Springs to check things out including Cassie's benefit. Sharon confirms a suite at Clear Springs. Jack hears from Phyllis about the work release being approved.

Later, Nick walks in to see Sharon and Jack and lets him know that he called Noah about the good news on Phyllis. Nick mentions he is going to see Phyllis and is then headed up to Clear Springs.

At Clear Springs, J.T. has a conversation with Cane about Boddington. Victoria overhears and suggests if this guy is getting kickbacks she wants to lay charges and wants to know how they can get proof.

At the construction site, J.T. brings up the concrete again. Joe tells him not to worry about it they tested it already. J.T. lets him know he wouldn’t feel right about pouring the concrete its sub-standard. Joe argues that it isn’t according to his tests and suggests transferring him.

Nick has a meeting with Neil and Cane about Clear Springs. Nick and Neil disagree about a handling a problem. Cane is confused who to call after they both say each other but leaves.

Later, Neil discusses Clear Springs with Victor and the projected bad sales. Nick arrives while Neil leaves. Nick shares that Phyllis got her work release and Victor is immediately pleased and happy. He once again mentions building the cradle for Victoria. He lets Nick know that business is important to him but its his kids that keep him going. Nick agrees and tells him they feel the same way about him and Nikki. Victor tells Nick he loves him and gives him a hug.

At Clear Springs, David meets up with Joe and asks for a progress report. Joe confirms things are speeding up. Victoria walks up to inquire about how things are going, David introduces her to Joe and informs her some time has been made up and everything is moving faster. Joe excuses himself while Victoria watches both of them from a distance.

At Crimson Lights, Lauren runs into Amber. She is frazzled with all she has to do. Amber offers to help and tries to show her some of her original designs she just did. Lauren asks that she put them on her desk, she will look at them when she gets back. Amber realizes Lauren forgot her design plans and tries to run after her. Amber calls Lauren about the papers she left and offers to bring them to Clear Springs in the morning.

At the Club, Lauren meets up with Michael to discuss their plans at Clear Springs. He shares that he has romantic plans for her in store and also informs her that Phyllis’ work release came through. He receives a phone call, cancelling his plans to drive up with her and instead has to work for Victor and will drive up tomorrow.

Michael runs into Nick at Newman and Nick thanks him for his help with the work release. Michael explains the rules of the release to Nick who tells him they will follow the rules. Michael walks away with a sigh.

At Clear Springs, Victoria runs up to J.T. They discuss Joe and she brings up that Joe was with David again. J.T. defends that David works with Nikki but Victoria wonders if he might be involved in the kickback. She asks her to keep an eye on both of them.

On the construction site, Joe stops J.T. to let him know he was right about the concrete, things will be checked more carefully and he really appreciates J.T.’s concern. J.T. questions him about a raise but Joe tells him he hasn’t been there long enough to justify that. J.T. starts to mention the “isoloated” incident but Victoria walks up to compliment Joe on the work done. She shares that J.T. worked with Newman before and Joe lets her know that J.T. is about to be bumped up to supervisor. Victoria leaves and J.T. tells Joe that it won’t shut him up. Joe mentions it’s a promotion and if he does well he will get the raise he wants. J.T. offers to take Miss. Newman around the site. Joe is interrupted.

While at Newman, Neil talks to Karen about his job. She tells him she thinks Victor really values him. She flirts with him on his way out.

Neil meets with Victor about business. Nick does the same. Victor is thrilled with both of them and announces that Nick will become Co-CEO of the Venture Capital division, Neil, Co-CEO of Newman Cosmetics,and Victoria will run the real estate division.

At the Crimson Lights, Paul sits with Maggie while J.T. calls him. Paul informs J.T. that Joe’s bank records indicate he’s made five large cash deposits in the last four months. He confirms he will be heading up to Clear Springs tomorrow. J.T. wonders about David Chow. Paul admits there is nothing yet but he’s still digging. Maggie overhears everything and wants to go to Clear Springs with Paul.

At Newman, Nikki stares at Victor’s portrait and recalls loving him. Victor walks in and announces her last payment is overdue and he is calling in the loan effective immediately. She argues with Victor, hurt and angry. She tells him she can turn this around and he says she is in way over her head. He also informs her he is saving her from herself. He advises for her sake and for the family’s sake he is pulling the plug. She starts to call him names and he slams a file around and tells her she should be thanking him. He is trying to let her walk away from the marriage with some money and some dignity intact and tells her to get the hell out.

Back at the Club, Cane meets up with Katherine to discuss the foreman and kickbacks at Clear Springs. He’s going up tomorrow to handle it, she informs him she’s going up too.

Nick visits Phyllis in Jail. He mentions his new role at Newman and that he is going up to Clear Springs for just one night. She flirts with him as he leaves.

Back at Clear Springs, J.T. and Victoria are spend some time together talking about Joe. J.T.’s phone rings and Joe offers him a 25 percent raise. J.T. pressures him to double his monthly payments in cash and it will keep him quiet. Joe feigns a bad connection and lets him go and will meet him in person.

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Tomorrow, they don’t know, who will live or who will die...

Jack “We’ve gotta get out of here.” Victoria “Anybody?” Nikki “She’s in there.”

Jack, Victoria, J.T., Kay, Cane, Sharon, Victor and Nikki are shown.

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