Victor gets off the phone at Newman waiting for a very important package he wants Victoria to take it with her to the development.

At Crimson Lights, Victoria is on the phone with J.T. at Clear Springs missing each other. He lets her know he’s making progress on the kick-back operation and will see her tonight. Nick arrives with Summer. Victoria expresses her concern over her child with Nick. He reassures her everything will be okay. Jill then arrives and discusses the children and Ji Min’s homicide.

Jill runs into Cane at Crimson Lights. Cane is worried about her and asks her to lunch. She leaves and he remembers one of his conversations with Lily. Heather taps him on the shoulder with a smile. She tells him she had a good time and he agrees he did too. She suggests a rematch, but he mentions he has too much work to do. He promises he will make it up another time with a rematch, dinner and a movie.

At GCU, Colleen and Lily discuss how upset Lily is with a grade she received on a quiz that was lower than Colleen’s. Adrian enters and Colleen invites him to coffee. He will try to meet her but has a meeting about teaching again next semester and then is headed up to Clear Springs. He leaves while Lily continues to tell Colleen she needs to focus. She finds Cane’s name scribbled on her work. All of a sudden she receives an instant message on the laptop from IB_Romeo saying “I Miss You”. She thinks of Daniel, responds to the message and finds out it is another friend of hers.

Later, Lily, Colleen and Daniel run into each other. Lily is upset and excuses herself. Daniel asks Colleen about Lily, letting her know that according to Amber Cane is interested in Heather.

Back at Crimson Lights, Amber is on the phone discussing her record deal and informs the person on the phone she will pay $15,000 in cash.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel is on a laptop as Amber enters. He asks her if she wants to help him with Jack’s marketing. She agrees, she needs every penny for her record deal and mentions she’s going to go back into design work too so she can forget about Cane, yet she is still making up songs about him.

In the elevator at Newman, Victoria and Nick, with Summer in his arms discuss Clear Springs advertising, sales and the architectural design. Victoria mentions Adrian is going up there. As they get out of the elevator, Victor asks Victoria to see him. Later, Nick and Victoria walk into Victor’s office expecting to discuss business. Victor hands Victoria a gift instead, a book for naming babies. Nick admits Victoria’s concern with her pregnancy, but she tells them she’s putting that aside and going to enjoy it, everything will be fine. They all have fun joking around about names and she hugs her father.

At Jabot, Cane is on the phone with J.T. about Clear Springs and a problem with the concrete. J.T. informs Cane low grade concrete is being sold at high prices to his foreman’s contractor. They admit the contractor is making money off this and kicking back from it too. Everyone is profiting except for Chancellor. Cane wants to wait to confirm everything before saying anything to make sure.

Colleen meets up with Adrian at Crimson Lights and is sad he is leaving for Clear Springs to work in a museum doing an exhibit about the development. Colleen mentions it’s the first night they’ve spent away from each other since she moved in and they kiss. Heather interrupts them. Adrian leaves and Colleen admits how much she cares for Adrian to Heather. She starts to ask Heather about Cane, but Lily walks up and asks if she’s been seeing Cane. She admits it isn’t official, they’ve just been hanging out, but admits they kissed and he didn’t disappoint. Lily leaves quickly.

While at the Club, Cane has dinner with Jill who recounts a dream about Ji Min dying. He asks her if there is anything new and she admits Maggie informed her of a the development which caught Jack on surveillance near Ji Min’s room before she found Amber standing over Ji Min. Cane still thinks it wasn’t Amber. He discusses he isn’t interested in her but lets Jill know the kind of woman he is looking for. Jill guesses he’s met someone. They later return to the topic of Ji Min and she mentions how Katherine used to bring up the difference in their ages, but they never cared about it. He asks her if she thinks age matters and she advises him that when you find someone that you love it doesn’t matter at all. She encourages him if the person he is interested in is younger or older, he had better go for it.

Back at Crimson Lights, Colleen and Lily discuss Cane. Lily tells Colleen she needs to get a grip since Cane hasn’t even asked her out yet. Later she mentions it’s a good thing to find out Cane is seeing Heather, the IM reminded her of how much she used to love Daniel and how she would do it all over again, even knowing everything she does. She admits she regrets the divorce, but her crush on Cane helped her from thinking about it. Later, she receives a call from Cane.

Back at Newman, Nick and Victoria discuss his schedule. He is going to see Phyllis, is heading up to go to the development and needs someone to watch over Summer for a few days. She would volunteer, but she is going to Clear Springs too. She mentions how much she loves the baby book Victor gave her and mentions naming the baby Christian after Victor’s real name. She also really wants the baby to be J.T.’s.

Daniel and Amber work on Jack’s project. She brings up her CD, a concept CD, instead of one song being about Cane, they are all about him. He admits its excessive and she agrees. Nick walks in and asks Daniel if he can stay at the Tack House for a few days to watch Summer, he agrees. Nick questions Amber about working there before he leaves. Daniel admits she’s helping Jack. Amber is upset about his question to her.

At the Clear Springs construction site, J.T. is on site and lets the foreman Joe know about the concrete. Joe mentions he’s been doing it a long time, he will check it out when he has a minute.

While at Newman, Victor spends time with Summer. Nick walks in and Victor discusses the time Summer will spend with Victoria’s son. Nick wonders if he’s okay and brings up his health. Victoria walks in and mentions Summer looks like him. Victor shares how lucky he is to have all of them. Later, Victor runs into Nick and mentions building a cradle for Victoria’s baby.

Victoria in her office speaks to J.T. He worries about her, but she says she is fine to drive up there. Nick comes in and suggests both of them go to see Phyllis and then he can drive her up to Clear Springs. She insists she’s okay to drive. He asks her to call him when she gets there.

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Preview for Out Of The Ashes…

In Two Days, rivalries will fall, heroes will rise. The Young and the Restless, who will rise Out Of The Ashes.

An explosion with Sharon, Jack and Nick is shown. Sharon is heard saying “She’s in there.” Jack is heard saying “We’ve gotta get out of here.”

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