At the Abbott mansion, Sharon returns to find Jack upset with Maggie’s visit. He hugs her and tells her he is now the “official or unofficial person of interest in the Ji Min homicide.” Sharon and Jack discuss Ji Min’s case and the fact they can’t get a break. He’s worried the evidence will get to the tabloids, but Sharon tells him it doesn’t prove anything. He advises her it doesn’t have to, it will still affect his credibility.

At the Club, Jill runs into Maggie and asks about Ji Min. Jill reminds her of seeing Ji Min dead on the floor and begs her for information on the case. Despite reservations, Maggie lets Jill know about the new lead forensics found of dog hair, similar to a that of a golden retriever’s like Jack Abbott’s dog Fisher. She informs her its not conclusive and Jack has told her he had had no physical contact with Ji Min, yet also informs her that it appears Jack was the last person to see Ji Min alive.

In Jail, the Chaplain looks on while Phyllis takes in her surroundings. Later, he walks up to her as she explains her trouble with the warden and he admits her appeal was denied too. He offers prayer or just to talk. She brings up the work release program and working on the website for the Clear Springs project.

Phyllis reflects the past year to the Chaplain, she knows she was wrong but wants to get out before six years and just wants it to all work out. He admits to her everyone struggles with uncertainty but this is where faith comes in. It can help if given the chance. She mentions John Abbott to him and he admits John was lost after his illness, but knew his blessings, including friends and family, despite his heavy burdens, which gave him peace of mind.

At the Baldwins’, Michael finds out Gloria is getting ready for a date with Jeffrey. He points out that Jeffrey Bardwell is “a man with a plan” regarding her inheritance and possibly would like to see her in prison for manslaughter. He warns her to stay away from him but she refuses.

While at the Club, Jill sees Cane and Heather and asks to speak to Cane. She informs him about Maggie’s discussion with her about the forensic evidence and Jack Abbott. Maggie excuses herself, speaks to Heather for a moment and tells Heather she thinks Jack may not be telling them everything he knows. Meanwhile, Jill tells Cane she thinks Jack is guilty.

Gloria runs into Jeffrey at the Club and they decide to swap information about each other. They sit down and later she discusses how meeting John and his brother changed her life. She described John as being the “perfect man” and the first man who allowed her to hold her head up high even though he did leave her out of his will. She thinks his son Jack was responsible but there is no proof. Jeffrey understands how she feels, he doesn’t know if William really meant to leave him out of his will or was manipulated into doing it. Gloria questions this, John was sick, but William wasn’t. She wonders how he alienated both William and his uncle. She admits with William it was Miranda. He explains with his uncle he made his own fortune and feels his uncle thought he didn’t really need the money, but admits to Gloria that although he made a fortune, it was all lost eventually.

Jeffrey admits to Gloria he is looking into real estate and franchise opportunities. She wonders if he wants her to invest, but he tells her no. He invites her out again, wanting to know more about her.

Back at the Abbott mansion Sharon and Jack wonder how Fisher’s hair was on Ji Min’s body. Jack thanks Sharon for all her support and for not freaking out. The doorbell rings as Jill arrives immediately questioning Jack about the dog hair. Sharon defends Jack while Jack brings up the many scenarios of how Fisher’s hair could have ended up on Ji Min’s body. Jill accuses Jack of killing Ji Min, although she admits she doesn’t think he intended to kill him, she thinks they got in a fight and he left him to die. Jill informs Sharon that Jack was the last person seen by security cameras leaving Ji Min’s room. Sharon is visibly upset as Jack explains he was just about to tell her.

Cane and Heather continue their date at the Club. He brings up the evidence on Jack and she lets him know she can’t talk about it. He keeps insisting, but so does she and the fact she cannot discuss it. He apologizes and she accepts.

Michael visits Phyllis in Jail advising her to behave while she is there. She tells him about her run in with the warden, meeting up with the Chaplain and mentions he’s the same person who counselled John Abbott. Michael brings up that when John was in prison he was not of sound mind. This is when the will was done cutting Gloria out of it. He blames Jack for it. Phyllis points out Gloria lost the case because the judge accepted the will. Michael still questions everything with Jack, yet Phyllis continues to defend him. They turn the discussion around to the work release and Michael admits its good to have Jack on her side. They discuss the good points and bad points about Jack, but Phyllis points out that not only has Jack broken the law a few times, they all have. She continues to defend Jack especially about the will. Michael disagrees on this point.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Sharon questions Jack about the surveillance tapes at the hotel and why he didn’t tell her right away when he knew about them. She wonders what else isn’t true and what else was he meaning to tell her. She admits things look really bad but admits she also knows he didn’t do it. She leaves to pick up Noah.

After Sharon leaves to pick up Noah, Jack is lost in thought when his father’s spirit arrives. John advises Jack that Sharon is the best thing in his life and not to forget it. He also reminds him she’s not the only person looking out for him.

John and Jack discuss Ji Min’s homicide. Jack admits he didn’t kill Ji Min. John advises he needs to start convincing people of that. He has to take control over the things he can. Jack admits all he can do is find out who the killer himself and John agrees, it sounds like a good plan.

At the Baldwins’, Michael arrives home as Gloria fills him in on her date with Jeffrey. She’s just not sure about him, although he didn’t discuss the cream or the lawsuit, he also didn’t ask for a nightcap or try to kiss her and wonders why. She admits the only thing he was interested in was her money, that Jeffrey Bardwell is a gold digger. Michael agrees and has all along thought the same thing.

Back at the Club, Jeffrey walks up to Jill who is still startled by his resemblance to Will. She invites him to sit with her. He asks if Will and her were close and she admits they were good friends who actually dated for a while, but he married someone else “Gloria Fisher Abbott Kennedy Presley Bardwell” and wonders if he knows her. He admits he knows her and informs Jill that his brother made the wrong choice.

At the basketball court, Cane calls Heather to again apologize and lets her know he won’t do it again. He slams the ball against the wall.

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