At Newman, Jack discusses Phyllis’ appeal with Daniel.

In Jail, Phyllis and Jana mention working out in jail. Phyllis reminds Jana she thought she was going to be home with Nick. Jana acknowledges this, but admits she herself doesn’t deserve to be free for all she’s done.

Back at Newman, Sharon and Nick go over Phyliss’ appeal decision and possibility of a work release. Sharon changes the subject to Cassie’s Challenge and wants Nick to Co-Host. Nick wonders how Jack will still feel about it after their kiss.

Sharon and Jack discuss Cassie’s benefit with Nick’s involvement. Jack makes it clear he doesn’t like the idea of Nick being part of it. She explains there is nothing between her and Nick except friendship. Jack brings up they also have parenting in common. She admits being worried about him with Phyllis’ appeal decision and Nick needs a distraction by helping out with the benefit. Jack still doesn’t like the idea but Sharon comes up with another idea and leaves to get in touch with Nick.

Jack and Sharon discuss if he’s heard from the Ethics Committee, he admits to have been waiting to hear from them all day. He suggests Sharon test him by asking him questions they would ask. He receives a call from the Chairman of the Ethics Committee who lets him know his appearance before the committee will be delayed indefinitely. Sharon and Jack are thrilled at this news, he admits he couldn’t have done it without her.

While at Crimson Lights, Amber serves Heather and Maggie while they discuss Ji Min’s case. Cane sits down at their table flirting with Heather offering her a date before he leaves. Maggie suggests she take him up on his offer while Amber overhears. Maggie leaves. Cane sits back down at Heather’s table and starts flirting and asking her out on a date again. She agrees.

Daniel tries to console Amber as they watch Cane and Heather. Amber brings up her record deal while Daniel teases her about it. Amber notices his mood and he admits that Phyllis’ appeal was denied. He then suggests another place for awhile to blow off some steam for both of them.

Nick later joins Sharon and Jack in his office. Sharon suggests moving the benefit for Cassie to the development. Jack loves the idea but Nick doesn’t think a charitable event should be tied to gambling. He reminds Jack how gambling and drinking go hand in hand and the message they are trying to convey is about drunk driving. Jack disagrees they can still promote the cause. Nick reminds them Jack is also involved in the middle of scandal. Jack thinks this could draw more people to the event but Nick doesn’t like the idea of his daughter’s memory being used to restore Jack’s image. He agrees to think about it.

On the basketball court, Amber and Daniel play to get out their aggression with everything. Amber throws the ball back at Daniel, but Cane catches it and walks in with Heather. Daniel insists the court is taken, Heather suggests going somewhere else, Amber agrees but Cane says they’ll wait. Heather suggests they all play. Later, Cane and Heather win a game, timeout is called. She has a bad leg cramp. Amber looks on while Daniel grabs her and pulls her away.

Back in Jail, Phyllis and Jail discuss having children, something that Jana doesn’t have but has long since wished she had. She shares that if she a daughter she would want to name her Carmen. Later, Phyllis admits she misses her kids and husband. Jana suggest she needs a matching website for “Free”.

Daniel and Amber go into the Club and offers they do something else. She brings up her recording deal again but Daniel wonders where she will get the money. She points out she works night and day and knows how to invest. Daniel brings up Phyllis again. He receives a call from Jana for Phyllis. Amber leaves.

Jana admits Phyllis misses Daniel and his baby sister. He asks how she’s really doing and Jana tells him she’s strong and okay. Daniel points out that no one is giving up on her and they both say they love each other through Jana.

On the way downstairs from the Club Amber makes a call to Mr. Jacobs to let him know she has the money to record the album, a rich uncle just died.

Amber enters Ji Min’s old room at the Club, almost interrupted. She uses the drill to take the grate off and brings the bag of money down from the grate with a smile and replaces the grate. She shoves the bag of money into her gym bag.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack calls Sharon and hopes she on her way home. Maggie rings the doorbell. She has a few more questions for Jack about his altercation with Ji Min. He clarifies it was not an altercation but a serious business discussion. She admits he was the last person seen on the security camera at Ji Min’s. Jack admits they spoke but he never laid a hand one him. Maggie questions Jack as to how he would explain his dog’s hair on Ji Min’s clothing…

Back in Jail, Jana continues to talk to Phyllis about motherhood and being a good mother like Phyllis. The warden enters the room and due to contraband found is limiting everyone’s use of the day room to one hour. Phyllis argues with the Warden and he has her handcuffed and removed.

Cane and Heather sit down at the Club. He asks her about the investigation and she reminds him they are trying to get their minds off of work. He admits he’s concerned about his mother. An icepack arrives for Heather. He applies it to her leg and reaches out for her hands to hold the icepack. She remembers she forgot her jacket and he lifts her up to bring her back to the court. She teases him and then they passionately kiss as Amber walks by.

Nick meets up with Sharon at Newman. They discuss Cassie’s benefit. She admits the Ethics Committee has postponed the investigation indefinitely. He congratulates them, thanking her for all the work she’s put into the event, Cassie would have been proud. She admits it makes her feel closer to her and he agrees. They miss Cassie so much and he asks if she’s sure she wants to have the event at Jack’s casino, she thinks it will be perfect. Nick tells her he will go up there to make sure it serves their needs and not just Jack’s.

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