At Newman, Jack is on the phone with Sharon only to find out Phyllis’ ruling was denied.
In Jail, Michael informs Phyllis her ruling was denied. She freaks, suggests getting another lawyer, she has to get out of there. He points out they can go the Supreme Court if they have to.

At GCU, while Colleen and Adrian are talking, Heather comes by to drop off the book. Colleen leaves but Heather can’t find the book, she left it at her office. Adrian questions her about why she is taking his class. She admits she loves art and is also taking one on constitutional law as well. She asks him to stick around to discuss some questions about her first paper. He can’t stay but invites her discuss it another time.

While at the Club, David and Nikki discuss Clear Springs. She is still worried about the condos selling, David mentions his ex-wife would be interested, but they haven’t spoken since their divorce. She wonders if it will be that way between her and Victor. David suggests a day to relax with him, Nikki agrees.

Nikki questions David about his ex-wife. He shares he started seeing Carmen soon after they filed for divorce. He relays his marriage wasn’t working, they had disconnected despite the fact they worked for the same company. His marriage was over before he met Carmen.

At Newman, Jack speaks to Michael and blames him for losing the case and the appeal. Michael reminds him about his scandal affecting Phyllis’ case and if it weren’t for Jack’s “illusions of grandeur” that Phyllis wouldn’t be in this mess.

Nikki spends time with Summer telling her all the things they would do as she grows up, Nick overhears part of the conversation. Nikki continues by telling Summer about when she begins dating and finding a man that truly loves and respects her whether he has money and influence or not. Her grandpa used to treat her like a princess until she decided to become independent. Nick enters and agrees with Nikki for her to spend more time with Summer. He informs her about Phyllis’ appeal ruling. He also brings up their divorce and whether she and Victor have to rush into it. He finds it hard to believe she doesn’t love him anymore. Nick wonders if David Chow weren’t in the picture and she tells him it wouldn’t change anything, Victor would still treat her the same way. Nick admits Victor is hurt and angry. Nikki worries about Victor calling in the loans and Nick says he won’t do it, but she tells him not to be so sure.

At Crimson Lights, Heather runs into Paul. She loves Genoa City and its much better since she has some new friends and is taking courses at the University. He mentions he and Maggie want to take her out to dinner. Maggie will call her. Heather is interrupted by a call, excuses herself and then calls Macy’s parents.

Heather then speaks to Paul about her ex-roommate Macy and explains she was jealous she had the “perfect” family. She would have given anything to have a family like Macy had. Heather admits being afraid of her step-father Robert, he was an abuser. She tells him he hit her once and sent her flying across the room. She also confesses her real father didn’t care enough to get to know her. The phone rings as Macy’s parents call, she excuses herself. While on the phone Heather tells Macy’s parents she ran into Professor Corbell and mentions he still has the leaning tower of pizza figurine they gave him. They tell her they didn’t give it to her.

Jack visits Phyllis in Jail sympathising she lost the appeal. She advises, Michael will take it to the Supreme Court. He will fight too and she relays so will Nick. Jack asks about Victor, he has friends in high places. Phyllis admits Victor came to her about a work release program, but wanted her to give info in the investigation on Jack. He understands. She admits Victor advised even the Governor could help. Jack suggests maybe she should have taken him up on Victor’s offer. She shares that she would never betray her friends. He lets her know he will do all he can to help her.

The Chaplain walks in. Jack remembers meeting the Chaplain before and remembers when he had his father sign a will in jail making him the sole executor, telling him to give it to the Chaplain. The Chaplain admits they have met before and congratulates him on becoming a Senator. Phyllis is happy she has the Chaplain to talk to not Jana, but notices Jack is behaving oddly.

Later, in Jail, Jana tells Phyllis she’s sorry about the appeal not going through. She also tells Phyllis about Kevin’s website he made for her. Jana has printed copies of news items on her and offers them to her. Phyllis tells her to get rid of them or burn them, whatever. The guard announces David Chow is Jana’s visitor, who admits to Phyllis she called him to come.

David meets with Jana. He admits to her he wanted to marry Carmen. He wonders why she asked to meet him. She mentions it’s the anniversary of Carmen’s death in a few weeks. She wants to contact Carmen’s family and wants to say how sorry she is. He never understood, why Carmen, what did she ever do to her. She explains it started when she stole something from Victoria and Carmen found her with it, she continues that her illness/tumor took complete control over her. A tearful David explains how he felt when he heard the news. Jana begs and asks what she can do for him, for Carmen’s family, she wants to atone for everything she’s done and spend her life helping people.

With Victor at Newman, Nick continues to defend Nikki. He reminds him that when Clear Springs was about to go under he loaned her money, she didn’t listen to his recommendations, went against advice in running for senate and runs around town with David, not making a secret out of it. How much is he supposed to be willing to take. Nick understands but still wonders why it has to end in a bitter divorce. Victor replies, “You bet.”

At Crimson Lights, Colleen runs into Jack and tells her Brad is paying her tuition. Jack reminds her he already paid it and she tells him Brad will be reimbursing him. He mentions Ashley’s engagement, which she already heard about from Abby. Jack’s receives a call from Michael in jail and asks him to meet him in Victor’s office A.S.A.P.

At the Club, Maggie meets with Paul, knowing something is wrong. They sit down, he confesses he had a long talk with Heather about her step-father and how terrified she was of him, he hit her and he did absolutely nothing to stop it. She also thought that her father wanted absolutely nothing to do with her. Maggie asks if he told her the truth and Paul says, “that I’m the father who rejected her”.

At Adrian’s, Heather arrives to return the book as Adrian and Colleen are playing around. She mentions to Adrian that she spoke to Macy’s parents. She admits they were quite surprised she was taking a course of his and that she mentioned he still had the leaning tower of pizza figurine. The funny thing was they didn’t remember giving it to him. He tells her he could have sworn they did. She admits they all had a lot on their minds at that time. Adrian later admits that Macy brought the figurine to class, her parents didn’t give it to him.

In Jail, Phyllis asks Jana about meeting David Chow. She admits he told her everything about Carmen. He wanted her to understand how much she affected her friends and her family. She gets it now, but back then didn’t feel anything. Her emotions were all shut down. She admits she even tried to kill the man that she loved. Phyllis interjects that she was sick. She admits it doesn’t change what she did.

At Newman, Michael, Jack, Nick, Nikki and Victor get together to discuss Phyllis’ case. They all discuss the work release program for Phyllis. Michael admits the criteria is that she is urgently needed at the job that she had at the time of conviction. Jack admits she worked for him. Michael insists that she needs Nick, Nikki and Victor to admit that the development is in so much trouble that they need her. They plead with Victor to do what he can to help Phyllis, if not for her then Summer.

David later meets Nikki in her office inquiring what the meeting was about with her, Victor, Nick, Jack, Michael. She admits it was about Phyllis. She confesses despite how she feels about Phyllis, Summer needs her mother.

Nick arrives at the Jail to offer Phyllis comfort. She asks how Summer is and he lets her know she is with Nikki. Phyllis demands that when Nikki is with Summer that he be there at all times, she isn’t to be alone with her. Nick admits that Nikki is one of the people that may help to get her out.

As Michael leaves Newman, Jack walks up to him wondering if Victor will make the call for Phyllis. Jack tells Michael he doesn’t care what he has to do, but to get Phyllis out, to make this happen.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Cane, Heather, Daniel and Amber play basketball. Cane refers to Heather as a lady, Daniel defends Amber.

Nick isn’t happy that Sharon wants to use Cassie’s memories to help restore Jack’s image.

Maggie asks Jack to explain his dog’s hair on Ji Min’s clothing.

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