While in Jail, Phyllis calls Nick to wish him “Happy Birthday”. Jana overhears and offers to make the day special for her. Phyllis asks her to leave her alone. Later Nick brings Summer to see Phyllis in Jail. She’s thrilled. She receives an emergency fax from Michael about the ruling on her appeal later on that day at 3:00 PM. They get nervous about the outcome and Phyllis admits other inmates she spoke to about her appeal were not hopeful.

At the Baldwins, Kevin wants to speak to Michael about a website for Jana. Gloria is still worried about Jeffrey and whether he believes her about the cream.

At the Club, Maggie meets Jeffrey for the first time. Jeffrey brings up the Jabot case William was working on and Maggie is surprised he knows about it. He recalls his discussion with Jill and asks her for more details about the case. Maggie discusses the Jabot lawsuit. He finds out that Gloria was injured with a burn on her forehead. She wonders why he is so interested in the case. He explains that when William sent him a box, it was a sign he wanted help from him and he’s been trying to figure out what it was about. He adds when he heard the details of the case he thought the case might be it. Maggie admits she’s almost positive William knew who did it, but wasn’t able to communicate with him due to the stroke. She wants to solve this case for William

At Crimson Lights, Colleen calls Adrian. She mentions how happy he is to be teaching again, but he lets her know he misses her. They make plans for dinner later. Heather comes up to Colleen and admits she’s in Adrian’s class. She thinks Adrian is an amazing teacher, Colleen agrees, offers her a book she has and also thanks Heather for helping her out the day before. As they get up, they run into Michael and Lauren. Michael asks Heather about news on Phyllis’ appeal. They both receive a call at the same time about the ruling later on set for 3:00 PM.

Michael and Lauren discuss the trial and ruling at Crimson Lights. He admits most jury verdicts are upheld and doesn’t think there is a good chance on the ruling. Lauren mentions she bought things for Nick for his birthday. He and Summer are coming over. They admit the next best place for Nick to be other than with Phyllis is to be with them.

Back at the Baldwins, Gloria finds out Jeffrey is still in town. She is still curious about why William sent his brother the things he did, especially the jar of cream. Kevin points out that if he knew anything he would have turned her in. She thinks he’s suspicious of her and wonders why he’s still in town. Lauren walks in with party supplies for the get together with Nick. She invites them to the party but Kevin is going to see Jana and Gloria has a meeting.

At Adrian’s, over the book Colleen offered, both she and Heather discuss all the things they have in common, including their time in New York. While looking for a book, Colleen takes a small figurine piece out of a drawer, Heather spots it and tells Colleen it looks like her former roommates, the one who committed suicide. Later, she is still surprised and knows it was her friend, Macy’s by the chip on it. Adrian comes home and Heather shows him the figurine. She questions him about it, the piece used to be her roommates. He explains Macy’s parents gave it to him after her death as a thank you for trying to help.

While visiting Jail, Nick shares the news of Victoria’s engagement to J.T. with Phyllis. She acknowledges anything is a step up from Brad Carlton. Both are happy for them. Just as they get into a discussion about Summer, the guard interrupts advising visiting hours are over. Phyllis tells Nick and Summer she loves them and as they leave has tears in her eyes.

At the Club, Gloria spots Jeffrey. He walks up to greet her. She has a business meeting but suggests visiting after she’s done. Later, Gloria meets up with Jeffrey again, he admits he’s been lying to her.

He acknowledges he and William were separated at 5. They reunited as adults though and would hang out, shoot pool, play baseball and then he met an incredible woman who he thought was the love of his life. Will got to know her and felt the same way. She fell for his brother and they married. Gloria questions if its Miranda, he agrees and confesses he couldn’t handle seeing them together so he moved away and never got over it. William tried contacting him with letters and packages but he never responded. Gloria is glad that he told her.

In Jail, Kevin visits Jana and lets her know he is working on a website that will share her condition and the case with everyone so they can sign a petition. He continues with telling her that he will have medical experts review her case, who can testify at her hearing. She explains she isn’t innocent. He lets her know she is, she had a tumor and had no control over what she was doing. She brings up Carmen and her parents in association with what she has done and puts herself in their place. It haunts her. Kevin consoles her by telling her they will win in court.

Nick arrives at the Baldwins with Summer. Lauren and Fenn greet them. They discuss Phyllis, how she is doing and the appeal. Lauren tells him he’s not alone. Nick is preoccupied as Lauren, with the kids, tries to cheer him up. Michael walks in and they discuss the ruling.

Back at the Jail, Michael meets Phyllis to discuss the appeal process and her chances. He explains it could go both ways. Michael admits all the press on her family worries him. They focus on the appeal happening and Phyllis is elated she could be going home.

Later, Jana walks up to Phyllis to present her with the gift of a frame for Summer. Phyllis continues to discuss being released. Jana drives Phyllis crazy with her idea of Phyllis being her matron of honor. Phyllis admits she doesn’t want anything to do with her except to say “bye” when walks out of there.

At Adrian’s, when Heather leaves, Colleen questions Adrian about the “real story” with the keepsake. He shows her a photo of Macy from a class trip. Colleen admits she’s pretty. He agrees and “too young to die”. It will haunt him for the rest of his life. She tells him it wasn’t his fault. He keeps the keepsake as a reminder to always do the right thing.

At Crimson Lights, Gloria meets up with Kevin and outlines her meeting with Jeffrey. She admits he complimented her and he is staying in town because of her. She is still suspicious but admits she will still keep her eye on him. Kevin warns her to stay away from him.

Back at the Club, Jeffrey continues to investigate the Jabot case.

At the Baldwins’, Fenn takes his first step with Lauren, Nick, Summer and Michael there. The fax rings and starts coming through. Michael picks up the fax to read it……

Next on The Young and The Restless

Maggie talks to Paul about telling Heather the truth.

David visits Jana in jail and questions her about Carmen.

Nick overhears Nikki talking to Summer.

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