While at Club, Victoria admits to Nick admits she got engaged to J.T. She just wants him to be happy for her despite her and J.T. being an odd couple. She explains they aren’t in the ways that really matter. Nick congratulates her and is happy for her. Later, Nick admits she has a lot to deal with and offers his help with her responsibilities. He would like to resume his duties at Newman as Co-CEO to help her and her unborn son.

At Newman, Nikki sombrely meets with Victor. She has been in touch with her lawyer. She speaks to him about telling the kids and he wants to “get it over with as soon as possible”.

At Clear Springs, Paul expresses to J.T. his concern with him marrying a Newman. Later, Paul and J.T. discuss their new roles, J.T. with construction and Paul investigating for Victor. They agree publicly they are still on the outs. Both talk about Joe Boddington and their suspicions about him. Paul wonders if he’s working alone, J.T. mentions David Chow’s meeting up with Joe.

At Clear Springs, David calls Nikki to discuss business and tells her to call him, he misses her “a lot”.

While at the Club, Adrian and Colleen are interrupted by Dean Lamont with a potential position she wants to offer him. Colleen is concerned since he can’t teach and be with her. Adrian meets with the Dean, as Colleen looks on. Brad walks up and notices her glance at Adrian and the Dean and asks why they are meeting. She shares with him that it is about a job opening and he reminds her that she is still a student. She announces, “Now you know why I’m stressed.”

Adrian and the Dean discuss working that night in class as a teacher. Before accepting, he mentions Colleen. She asks if they have a personal relationship they are ready to acknowledge and he agrees they do.

Back at Newman, Nikki lets Victor know that David isn’t the reason she asked for a divorce. Victor disagrees. She doesn’t want to fight and they agree to be civil in public and to tell the children together. Later, Victor calls Nick, who tells him he’s at the club with Victoria. He mentions that both of them have news they want to share with him and Nikki and invite them to join the two of them. They agree to all meet up at the Athletic Club, Victor mentions that he has news for them too.

Still at the club, Brad offers Colleen a cheque to cover the rest of her tuition, to pay her uncle back and to pay for books and supplies, also advising he will pay the rest of her college tuition. She reminds him he stopped paying because she was with Adrian and she’s still with him. He lets her know he accepts it and will never withdraw financial support again.

Later, Heather stands up for Colleen who has an accident and spills a tray on a customer. While Adrian and the Dean look on, the customer freaks out and asks for the manager. Heather steps up, admits she’s the D.A. and that the customer was at fault.

Victoria and Nick arrive at the Athletic Club and discuss Clear Springs. Nikki and Victor arrive. Victoria excitedly shares her news that she is engaged to J.T. They are quietly happy for her. Nick announces he is ready to come back to Newman as Co-CEO, both Nikki and Victor are happy about this too. Victor then admits that he and Nikki are getting a divorce.

Victoria and Nick are surprised. Nikki admits the fighting isn’t good for them or Victoria and Nick. Victor mentions its bad for business. Nikki also admits the decision was mutual. Victor mentions that with being honest, when Nikki moved into hotel room with another man and paraded, it was more than he could take. Nikki insists that she had her own hotel room and she wouldn’t have sought the company of another man if Victor had been emotionally present. Civility is pushed aside as Victor and Nikki continue with an increasing heated argument. Victor leaves saying to Nikki, “I detest you.” Nikki is left in tears at the table.

At Clear Springs, Paul meets up with David and lets him know he is keeping an eye on things for Victor. J.T. walks up, insults Paul and walks away. Later, David asks J.T. to meet him. David wants to know why Paul is investigating for Victor. He discusses J.T.’s career change. J.T. shares construction pays, Paul doesn't. David wonders if Victor sent Paul there to keep an eye on both of them. J.T. evades the subject and mentions how little money he will be making.

Back at the Athletic Club, Victoria and Nick try to comfort Nikki. Nick excuses himself to find Victor. Victoria tries to console her mother. She confesses she wants to feel angry, but isn’t and starts to cry. She reminisces about her past with Victor.

At Newman, Nick talks to his father. He defends Nikki and lets his father know she has been there for him year after year, he replies its been the same. Nick persists, “I know you love her and she loves you too, you’re both just too damn stubborn.” Victor angrily slams things around and tells him it isn’t his business. Nick brings up Victor’s time in an orphanage, being too afraid to ever hurt that much again and he will cut off whatever he loves before he will let it hurt him again. Victor tells him its “all sentimental clap trap, okay”.

Back at the Club, Adrian thanks the Dean for meeting with him. He walks up to Colleen to let her know that if he had to choose between a GCU classroom and her it would be her every time. He tells her all she has to do is not take a class he’s teaching.

At Newman, Victoria and Nick talk about their parents divorce. She reminisces about the last time they got a divorce and about how much it upset her then. She admits she’s emotional. Victoria happily admits getting married to J.T., having his baby and being the happiest person in the world, maybe ever. Brad walks in.

Brad congratulates her on her “impending nuptials”, but mentions the baby’s paternity. Brad insists he should have been part of the conversation and Victoria asks for some time alone with him. Nick leaves,Victoria apologizes to Brad about finding out this way, J.T. only asked her last night and admits she would have told him. Brad warns, “I care about the baby and if he turns out to be my son, there is no amount of Newman money in the world that’s going to keep me from raising him.”

At the Crimson Lights, Heather approaches Adrian. He thanks her for standing up to Colleen and she tells him she is one of his new students.

At Clear Springs, Paul and J.T. discuss David wondering how trustworthy he is.
Meanwhile David gets in touch with Nikki who tells him her divorce is official, they told the kids. He smiles.

At Newman, Nick and Victoria request that Victor be “kind” to Nikki. Nikki enters. They leave. He brings up David again and asks her how she feels about failing in business and as a wife. Meanwhile, Victoria tells J.T. by phone her family is thrilled for them, she misses and loves him. Nick leaves a message for Phyllis by phone requesting she call and that he loves her very much.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Jeff admits he’s been lying to Gloria.

Michael discusses Phyllis’ release and she’s excited she could be home that night.

Kevin tells Jana he has a plan to get her out.

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