At Crimson Lights, Lily receives a high mark on her mid-term. She declares its ice cream night to Devon.

At Newman, Neil invites Karen over for dinner. She teases him about not wanting to work and that they will end up working. He lets her know he had no plans for work, its “ice cream” night due to a high mark on Lily’s mid-term. It’s a family tradition. She admits, “You had me at ice cream.” He explains that after ice cream, they play board games or cards, the kids pretend to hate it but they actually love it and then after a couple of hours he has to throw the game to get to bed. She teases that he lied about throwing the game because the kids would really beat him. She agrees to come and promises to let him win at any game they play.

Jack and Sharon arrive home at the Abbott mansion after dinner. He’s stressed out about everything going on, but in particular the police wanting to discuss a homicide with him. Sharon lets him know he did the right thing by not talking to them. He argues if he exercises his “constitutional right” to have an attorney present, it looks like he has something to hide. He fears the minute the press hear about it, “I’m guilty” and “I’m road kill”, “they keep running over me again and again and again.” Sharon tells him she loves him and about all the things he should be grateful for.

He offers the scenario of going to Maggie Sullivan’s office and saying “Officer, you can ask me any question you want about my old partner. I had as much to do with his death as you did.” He wonders what the harm is in being honest. Sharon points out that if they had anything on him they would arrest him and not come in for questioning. She thinks the police believe he has information to help them. He claims, “If I do, they are welcome to it.” Sharon thinks if they think he has information to help them, he interrupts, “they would have to agree to help me.”

At Crimson Lights, Cane gives Lily the gift a book on Australia for the paper she’s writing. Devon pipes up, “You’re not taking Cultural Anthropology are you?” She looks at him and explains, “Next semester I am.” Cane thought it was this semester. Lily lets him know she’s planning it out right now and thanks him for the book. He also gives her the CD she loaned him. She tells him to keep it.

He leaves and Lily turns to Devon, “Thank you so much for embarrassing me.” If it weren’t for him, Cane wouldn’t have known she wasn’t writing a paper on Australia. Devon chimes up to let him know the next time that she is interested in “old men” and he will play along. She explains that Cane is nice and thoughtful enough to buy her a book. Devon admits, “You bought him a CD, which I guess is what girls your age do to impress older guys and older guys do to impress girls your age, so I get it.” She calls him sick and hateful, but he says truthful. They joke about the ice cream and Devon teases, “What do you think Cane’s favorite ice cream flavor is? I bet he likes that soft yogurt so that it doesn’t mess up his dentures.” Lily exasperated, tells him to go. He leaves, she picks up the book Cane gave her and smiles.

At the Club, Maggie and Paul discuss Jack and what he is afraid of. Maggie wonders why Jack won’t speak to her, what he is trying to hide and the fact he needed a lawyer present to talk to her. She wonders why he finds it a threat to discuss his business partner’s homicide.

Paul brings up the fact that David Chow brought up Jack may have convinced Ji Min not to do the interview and what about it. Maggie points out that Kim was angry enough to admit his own fraud just so he could damage Jack and ponders what Jack could have brought to that conversation. Paul thinks perhaps money or a promise. Maggie voices the possibility of a threat. Paul supposes if Kim didn’t agree, Maggie interjects, “They end up fighting, Kim ends up dead.” Maggie receives a call from the lab. She informs Paul, “Well the lab just found something on Ji Min’s body that ought to let us know if Jack’s approach was persuasive or just plain lethal.”

At the Club, Jack meets Katherine and thanks her for meeting her. He admits he is trying to cut a deal with the police and the District Attorney. Katherine asks what it has to do with her. He warns, “You do realize don’t you if I am prosecuted for fraud Jabot will be in the news every day of the trial.” Bad press, she understands. He continues that she will be asked to testify and mentions her contract lawyers. She admits to being through trials and “This conversation is rapidly becoming a trial in its own if you don’t hurry up and make your point.” He doesn’t think this even needs to go into a court room. He reveals that all he asks of her is that she play “the innocent victim”. She admits she was the innocent victim. He just wants to allude to that with the District Attorney. She asks “When”. He says, “As soon as I can arrange it, tonight perhaps.”

Back at Crimson Lights, Lily shows Colleen her new book from Cane. They both find a note from Cane in the book to Lily. Colleen thinks he is thinking about her, Lily doubts it but wonders if it’s true.

At the Club, Maggie is questioning Jill about Ji Min, while Katherine looks on. Maggie talks to Jill about Ji Min owning a pet, Jill said he didn’t. She asks if Jill owns a pet of any kind, Jill replies, “No”. Jill admits Ji Min was allergic to dogs and wonders why Maggie is asking her all these questions. She speculates to Maggie if the Coroner found out he had an allergic reaction. Maggie admits she can’t say, she will update her as soon as she can.

Katherine walks up to the table after Maggie departs and asks what she wanted. Jill confesses she wanted to know if she had pets, dogs in particular. Katherine notes, “This is turning into a very weird evening.”

Still at the Club, Jack is sitting down with Heather and Katherine as Sharon joins them. He is telling them he is sure that he deserves some of the criticism he is getting. Sharon overhears and defends him. Sharon explains, “Not the amount you are getting and certainly not the wild accusations. Heather, you know that I am right about this, what’s been going on lately is hideous.” Heather admits it’s been a feeding frenzy. Jack continues, “I have already admitted that I owned Jabot when I shouldn’t have. I have made the most public apology imaginable. Forget the fact I bought the company to save it, forget that I transferred it back to Katherine once it was solvent or that I made not a penny for my part in this.” Sharon backs him up. Heather asks if this can be proved. Katherine shares, “The books are open, you can see them any time you want of course. I can only tell you what he sold it to me for not what he paid for it originally, but that information should be easy enough to combine.”

Jack insists, “If you want to prosecute me for fraud and you have every right, its only going to make my defence lawyers more wealthy and tap you of resources and time. The worse that’s going to happen to me is that I’m going to get a slap on the wrist, the person who is going to pay the largest economic price is the current owner of Jabot.” Sharon explains Katherine is an innocent party. Katherine voices, “Amen to that.” Jack relays, “completely innocent.” Heather gets up to leave, “I think I’m done here, I wouldn’t have come today if I thought all I would hear is that you don’t think I should prosecute you.” Sharon admits that Jack wants to help the police find out what happened to Mr. Kim. Katherine apologizes it took so long to approach her with their proposal but to hear them out.

Heather sits back down. Jack lets her know that Detective Sullivan has asked him to give her information about Ji Min Kim. He claims, “I am of two minds there. I want to help in any way I can but I also need to protect myself.” Heather asks, “From what.” He understands she needs to ask this because of her job, but admits she won’t trap him because he has nothing to hide. He continues, “I am trying to protect myself from the vicious lies and accusations out there, plus for me to be effective, I can’t pull punches.” He proclaims, “If you can assure me you won’t file charges against me related to Jabot Cosmetics, I will speak about Ji Min Kim with you, Detective Sullivan and anyone else you ask me to without condition.” Heather tells him she will give him a call. Jack relays he wants to know tonight since time is of the essence, in particular with the Ethics Committee perhaps meeting tomorrow morning. Heather leaves and Jack thanks Katherine, “I owe you.” She points out, “You certainly do. Let me know what happens.”

At the Winters, Devon arrives with ice cream for everyone. Neil informs Devon and Lily they have to wait, Karen is coming. Lily states “We don’t ever invite anyone over for ice cream night.” Neil advises maybe they should they always talk about needing a fourth player. Devon disagrees. Neil elaborates that “ice cream night” is supposed to be a fun night, why not include someone else. Both Lily and Devon disagree and say perhaps its fun because no one else is included. Neil promises that from now on he will check with them first.

Karen arrives. Lily and Devon see her and leave the room. Karen wonders what just happened. Neil points out her hat looks identical to a hat Dru wore. She apologizes, she just picked it up at a thrift store. He admits he just donated a hat like it to a thrift store, along with a ton of his wife’s stuff. They discover it was Dru’s and are shocked by the coincidence. Karen really apologizes and asks that he apologize to his children for her, she wants to take off. He insists that she stay. She really wants to go, but he really wants her to stay.

The D.A., Maggie, Sharon and Jack all meet up at the Abbot mansion. Heather questions Jack, “So when was the last time you saw Ji Min alive?” He admits “3:15, September 4th”. She wants him to walk them through that day. He reminds that he already did with the detective. He agrees to proceed, “I met with Nikki Newman that morning to discuss the possible fall-out should Ji Min go through with his interview. She suggested I pre-empt him by making a statement of my own, when I refused I went back to my office and worked through some paperwork. Victor Newman dropped by.” Maggie interjects, “Victor Newman dropped by without an appointment?” Jack continues, “Apparently he felt he didn’t need an appointment to gloat over what was about to happen to me.” He shares, “Katherine Chancellor also stop by to express her extreme displeasure over what was about to happen, that was a very public display of anger.” Maggie questions, “She wanted you to stop the interview?” He shares, “I believe her phrase was something along the lines of fix this or I will sue you into bankruptcy.” Sharon admits she was there for that.

Jack continues to relate the day, “I had a phone conference with my Chief of Staff and asked him to look into the possibility that this story had already been leaked to the capital press core. Heather questions why this mattered to him. He relays he was hoping that Ji Min wouldn’t go through with the interview but he wanted to be prepared in case it got leaked without him. Maggie notes, “You were hoping, you’re wife was hoping, Katherine Chancellor and Nikki Newman, all were hoping that Mr. Kim would not give the interview, so how did you talk him out of it?” Jack explains, “I’m sorry, what?” Maggie continues, “How did you persuade Mr. Kim not to give the interview?” Jack shares, “I didn’t say that I did.” Maggie reveals, “My understanding is that you did convince Mr. Kim to change his mind, how did you accomplish that?”

Back at the Winters, Neil, Karen, Devon and Lily try to enjoy playing cards. Karen apologizes for what happened. She has trouble playing the card game and asks for more ice cream. She accidentally spills ice cream on the cards and apologizes, saying its just cards. Devon states that their mom bought those cards for them.

Karen offers to get another deck of cards that match. Neil tells her its okay. He shares that he had a fantastic night with her. He hopes she had a good time. She made his night. He hugs her. Devon and Lily mimic Karen as she walks up and offers Lily Dru’s hat as a gift. Once Karen leaves, Neil demands Lily and Devon to sit down.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack confesses to Sharon, Heather and Maggie, “I did meet with Ji Min that day.” He met with him in order for him not to go through with his network interview. Maggie continues to press him about how he accomplished getting Ji Min not to give the interview. Jack admits, “I was incredibly eloquent and he saw the light, I’m not sure what words I used.” Maggie admits “pretty words” wouldn’t easily work and presses him further. Jack confesses, “By telling him I had purchased his family’s home and land and that I was willing to use it as leverage.” He turns to apologize to Sharon.

As Sharon listens, Heather tells Jack that Ji Min must have been upset to use his family as a weapon. Jack agrees. Maggie states, “He must have been mad as hell.” Jack agrees he was angry. Jack admits, “Was it my greatest moment, no, probably not. Would I do it again? I don’t know. Would I be angry as hell if he did something like that to me, you’re damn straight I would.” Maggie states, “Angry enough to take a swing at him?” She asks if Mr. Kim got physical with Jack. He tells them “No”. Jack admits he did not fight with him. Sharon wonders what is going on. Heather admits that Ji Min was most likely the victim of a homicide and it appears that he was in a fight. Maggie agrees, “He had a fight with someone and fought to his death.”

At the Winters home, Neil chastises Devon and Lily for their behavior torwards Karen, a guest. He tells them guests will be treated with kindness, love and respect, no questions asked. They acted like two six year olds. He heard every word and hopes Karen didn’t. He is embarrassed and shocked and lets them know if they ever act that way in his house again, they are out of there. They apologize.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jack wonders to Sharon if it was a mistake to talk to the police without an attorney. She tells him he’s not guilty and he agrees. Jack admits, “Why do I feel paranoid about a homicide that I had no part in?”

At the Club, Heather and Maggie discuss the case. They discuss Jack’s reaction. They aren’t sure what to think. Maggie walks over to Paul. She brings up the fact she has a sample of Jack's dog’s hair without Jack even knowing she has it.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Nikki and Victor discuss David.

Brad has a discussion with Victoria about “their” unborn son.

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