At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon greet each other with a morning kiss downstairs, Jack shows her the newspaper and shares, “Hey, look at this, no headlines about us. Sharon jokingly professes, “Oh no, I was looking for an excuse for us to lock ourselves up in the bedroom all day.” Jack adds she never would need an excuse for that.

At Crimson Lights, Brad speaks to the waitress with a newspaper in hand. She spots Nick on the page, thinks he’s cute and wonders what he’s done. Brad offers, “Apparently, he was kissing Sharon Abbott.” He almost walks into Daniel while walking out.

Daniel walking up the waitress reading the newspaper is curious about what she is reading. She shows him the front page about Nick’s kiss with Sharon.

At the Club, Paul and Maggie are sharing breakfast. They discuss Ji Min and the homicide case. Paul brings up Amber “desperate to get her hands on the stolen money, not to mention she was found with the body”. Maggie doubts she would get into a physical altercation with Ji Min and win. He brings up Cane, “He was seen arguing with him the same day.” She mentions she questioned him twice, he “copped to grabbing his arm and threatening him, that’s as far as it went”. Paul jokingly reminds her, “Oh, that’s a relief. Oh, wait a minute, its not that he would tell you it went further now, would he.” She admits he’s a possibility but the evidence keeps coming back to Jack.

David interrupts Paul and Maggie and asks how the investigation is going. Maggie lets him know they are making progress. David relays, “Great, great its just that the development has really taken a hit with all of the negative publicity, which explains why Jack went to the lengths he did, but you guys are the professionals, you know all about that.” Maggie inquires, “With Ji Min you mean?” David continues, “Yeah, but hey if I put myself in Jack’s shoes, Ji Min was about to go public, he was going to spill everything to that reporter.” Paul questions, “You mean, that Ji Min was a front for Jack Abbott?” David agrees and ponders what Jack could have said to Ji Min to get him to back off. Paul and Maggie admit to discussing the same thing and offer “pressured him”, “we figure some kind of threat”. David walks away wishing them luck on everything. Maggie and Paul continue to discuss Jack as a suspect. Maggie admits, “Jack and Ji Min, that could have turned physical. Two relatively young men, both with a lot to lose.” Paul agrees, “Its hard to give an interview if you’re a corpse.”

At Clear Springs, J.T. and Victoria wake up together talking about their engagement. Victoria wants to keep their engagement between them for a while so they can have more time together, J.T. agrees.

Later, they feel the baby kicking. Victoria is very surprised at how much he accepts becoming a father. He discusses their relationship and how things evolved, he just accepted the role once he knew she was pregnant. He admits he plans on being a “hands on dad and a hand on husband”.

At Newman, Nikki walks into Victor’s office. Closing the door, she requests keeping the news of their divorce private for the moment. Victor questions, “And why would I do that?” She confides its about Clear Springs and repercussions of any business deals that may happen between Newman and N.V.P. Victor quips, “Why the hell didn’t you think about the repercussions when you ran off with that man.” Victor admits if the news gets out it wouldn’t affect his business in the least. She asks if he’s willing to take the chance. He notes, “You overestimate your value, it’s a bad thing to do in business. Whether the public conceives the N.V.P. project to be unstable, sound and secure is your problem, not mine. Whether you succeed or fail, in either case, I profit.” Nikki admits, “I know you, I know you have a heart even though you do everything you can to hide it and I know this has to do with a lot more than money.” He agrees to keep the divorce quiet until they tell their children so they don’t learn it from the internet. He shares, “Once they know, the gloves come off.”

Later, Neil enters Victor’s office while Victor is on the phone advising someone not to invest in N.V.P. He announces investing under the new ownership “I would say, its like buying a deckchair on the Titanic.” Neil points out they got the message. Neil stares at Victor after he sighs deeply, noticing something wrong, “Nikki and I are divorcing.” Victor admits. Neil is sorry to hear this. He shares, “After all these years, after all that she and I have been through. Two great kids, grandchildren and now its come to this.” Neil offers to do anything he can.

At Newman, Daniel confronts Nick about the newspaper article, while shoving it at Nick. He asks if its true he’s been making out with his ex-wife. Nick wonders where they got the information. Daniel questions, “So are you upset because it’s not true or because they got it right?” He admits he already told Phyllis about it. Daniel states, “So in other words you’re not telling me?” Nick replies, “What happened was personal and doesn’t belong in this rag, but you’re right, I’m not telling you.”

At Newman, Nikki is emotional about Victor with David, discussing love and marriage. He admits maybe Victor is going through the same thing, just hiding it. She reminisces about when he was sick and how horrible it was, but at the same time although horrible to admit, “he needed me”. She admits she didn’t expect to see tears from him, but the hostility and lack of compassion is like he’s heartless.

Later, Nikki tries to get a loan for Clear Springs but fails. David assures her something will come through. She confesses that it must, Victor won’t accept a late payment. He lets her know that although he is packing to go to Clear Springs he will stay behind if she wants. She tells him to go, she needs someone she can trust there to ensure things are moving forward and keeps costs in line.

Back at the Abbott mansions, dressed, Jack and Sharon bring up the possibility of sailing, a secluded beach and a picnic lunch. She will work on all the details. He just wants to be with her and alone. The phone rings, it’s a reporter. Jack yells, “I do not comment on innuendo, you can say anything about me, leave my wife alone!” Sharon wonders what the call was about,Jack admits The National Inquisitor has done a cover story on her and Nick’s kiss in the bank vault.

Sharon speculates as to how the press got the information, only a few people know. She questions if it could have been Phyllis, he disagrees. She mentions perhaps it leaked with their conversation in prison. Jack consoles her.

At the Club, Cane meets up with Paul, inquiring about J.T. Paul notes J.T. has mentioned a project manager involved in a “kick back” situation. Cane lets Paul know he will be going there in a few days and will check it out. Cane relays, “If the guy’s stealing, I’m going to get in his face.” Paul admits if he goes after him like Ji Min, he will blow the whole investigation. Cane acknowledges, “That was different, that man was tearing my whole family apart.” Paul lets Cane know he’s on his side, “I can see, go to his room, punching him out, I might even do it myself.” Cane jokingly asks if that’s a confession and he should go tell Detective Sullivan. Cane makes inquiries about the case to Paul on his mother’s behalf. Paul admits Maggie’s following a new lead that might bring some closure.

Back at Newman in Victor’s office, Victor reveals to Neil the methane fuels are twice the size originally thought. Victor offers, “My soon to be ex-wife was right when she thought that Clear Springs would be profitable except she made the mistake of looking up instead of down.”

In Jail, Daniel meets with Phyllis. He brings up the kiss Nick shared with Sharon. She asks if Nick told him and he lets her know he read it in a tabloid. She admits this is bad and questions who would tell them. She admits to being worried about Jack not Nick.

Later, Phyllis calls Nick at Newman. She brings up the tabloid on him and Sharon. They talk about who could have leaked the story. She wonders if it was someone in prison, Nick admits he thinks its Brad. She agrees. They discuss the kiss again, Nick persisting it was just once. He tells her he loves her.

Victor walks in and speaks to Nick about the kiss. He notes he is trying to get Phyllis out of prison and the publicity isn’t good. Victor asks Nick how Phyllis reacted about the kiss. Nick explains he apologized. Victor states, “You apologized, that’s certainly something you didn’t learn from your mother, I’m proud of you.”

At Newman, Sharon and Neil talk about the tabloid. She’s worried about Jack. He consoles her, but she feels badly. Neil gets a phone call, excuses himself while Brad walks in. He brings up the tabloid. She doesn’t want to discuss it.

Sharon walks to Jack’s office, turning off her cell phone. She can’t take another reporter. Jack suggests giving up his senate seat to end everything. She wouldn’t ask him to do that. Sharon reminds of him of when he told Noah that quitting wasn’t the answer and what example would he make if he did. He admits, “Always the voice of reason.” She admits she can handle it, but just needs a break, he agrees and turns off his phone too. Daniel interrupts saying he’s back. Jack asks Daniel to look after the phones while he and Sharon go out for lunch.

Later, Maggie drops by to see Jack. Daniel tells her he’s at the Club.

At Clear Springs, J.T. and Victoria talk about going out to a restaurant for the first time as a engaged couple. Nikki calls Victoria to ask how things are going. She tells her she slept in a little. Nikki is glad to hear she’s making herself a priority and admits David is on his way up there to give a hand. She wonders if Victoria has any loan contacts. She consoles her, “Mom, its not the end of the world, I mean I know that things are bad between you and Dad right now but you’re his wife, he’s not going to call in the loan because of one late payment. Nikki points out, “Sweetheart, if there’s one thing I’ve learned about your father, money trumps just about everything.”

Back at Newman, Nick walks in to see Brad and slams the door. He demands, “So, why’d you do it? You leaked the story to the tabloids.” Brad lets him know that his wife isn’t exactly keeping trustworthy company with over 5,000 inmates and suggests any of them could have made money with leaking the story. Nick declares, “Yeah, but I’m still going with you.” Brad questions Nick as to what he would have to gain. Nick admits, “On planet Brad, my guess would be Sharon.” Brad proclaims, “Well maybe you should have thought of that before the lip lock.” Nick declares, “If I ever forgot why I dislike you so much, you sure make it easy for me to remember.” Brad tells him to take responsibility for his actions instead of placing blame. Nick rages, “You self-righteous, son-of-a….” Neil interrupts and asks if there’s a problem. Nick admits they are done.

At a restaurant at Clear Springs, J.T. and Victoria have a meal. J.T. starts staring at someone. Victoria notices. J.T. asks her to check out the guy at another table. He lets her know he’s been watching him and admits that’s he’s the kind of guy that works a job site to his advantage, he’s the “major player in this kick back thing.” Victoria worries if the guy discovers J.T. watching him. He tells her it will be fine and he will be safe.

At Clear Springs, David speaks to Nikki by phone. He tells her the progress is “phenomenal”, but she is still worried about funding. He advises her to go to Victor and let him know. She has no choice. David spots the man J.T. is concerned about and walks up to him saying, “Joe, how are you?” and tells him its good to see him.

From the other table Victoria lets J.T. know that David just shook hands with the man he’s been watching. Victoria admits that something about it didn’t feel right, but isn’t sure what.

Back at Newman, Nikki admits to Victor and Neil she won’t have the first payment in full by the due date. She admits she can pay half, with the remaining half to be paid in two weeks time. Neil questions if she’s asking for an extension, she admits a short one. Victor reacts, “And why would I grant that?” Nikki responds, “To protect your investment, you know N.V.P. is good for the loan, our business plan is solid, we just have to get over this temporary sales slump is all.” Neil questions whether or not it will be temporary; she hasn’t even made the first payment, which isn’t exactly a boost of confidence. Victor announces, “You have until the appointed date to make the payment in full or I shall call in the loan.” Nikki responds, “Victor, please don’t make this personal.” He replies, “You know the terms of the loan agreement, why the hell would I throw good money after bad.”

At the Club, Brad spots Jack and Sharon, dismayed. Reporters come up to their table for questioning. Jack advises, “The only kiss I’m interested in talking about is this one.” He reaches for Sharon and kisses her, while Brad and reporters looks on. He declares, “Got your pen ready? I love my wife and no amount of yellow journalism is going to change that, thank you.”

Maggie enters the Club and walks up to Jack and Sharon’s table, as Brad continues to watch. She asks to join them. He invites her to sit down and wonders what bring her by. She relays she has new information on the investigation into Ji Min’s death. She wants him to go the station to answer a few questions. Jack responds, “I think we’ve already done that detective, I’ve already answered all of your questions.” She admits she has a few more. He replies, “I’m not answering any questions until I have my attorney present.” She persists, “Then I would suggest you call your attorney and have him meet us at the station.”

Next on The Young and The Restless

Neil gets angry for Lily and Devon’s treatment of Karen.

Maggie wants to know how Jack persuaded Ji Min to cancel the interview.

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