At the Winters, Lily walks Cane to the door, she says she will cook a "real meal" next time, if her Dad invites him over again. They joke around about cooking. Lily asks him to stay for coffee but he reminds her that he’s meeting Heather at the coffee shop. She tells him she’s meeting up with someone later too. He tells her that’s good and she should go on lots of dates. He promises to listen to the CD.

At Crimson Lights, Amber is working behind the counter. Daniel invites her to join him at a concert or movie. He doesn’t want to be alone and wants a friend to go with him. She advises she’s working to help keep her mind off Cane. They both discuss their relationships and not being over them. Daniel leaves, letting her know anytime she wants or needs a distraction to call him.

While at Clear Springs, J.T. orders a romantic dinner with candles and flowers.

At the Newman Ranch, Victoria drops by to bring Victor contracts. She lets him know she is going to Clear Springs for the weekend. He worries about her and she tells him not to. She discusses her pregnancy and having a child. He’s happy for her and offers, “Children can really bring a family together you know that." She wonders, “Even ours.” He admits, “Sadly enough, your mother and I don’t seem to agree on a lot these days.” She reminds it doesn’t have to be that way. He advises she talk to her about that.

At Newman, David walks in on the phone and declares to Nikki, “You’re not going to believe this, your husband, he’s been laughing at us this whole time.” She wonders what he means. He continues, “Guess who’s behind the drilling outside city limits?" Nikki exclaims, “My God, it can’t be.” David announces, “He owns the drilling and mineral rights to Clear Springs, the town and the development.” He advises even if they lose it all, “He still stands to make a fortune. He has no vested interest in seeing you succeed whatsoever!”

From outside the Winters door, Lily calls Colleen right away. She asks how her date went with Cane. She expresses her insecurities about her age to Colleen who tries to console her. She tells her he has a date with Heather. Colleen invites her to meet her at the coffeehouse, but Cane will be there with Heather so they agree to meet at the Club.

At Crimson Lights, Heather arrives. Amber and Kevin are discussing business. Kevin spots Cane arriving and lets Amber know. She watches him meet up with Heather and questions, “What is he doing with her?” Kevin suggest maybe its work related. She thinks he’s only doing it to upset her.

Back at the Newman Ranch, Nikki questions Victor, “When were you going to tell me about you plans for Clear Springs?” He wonders about what plan. Nikki sighs, “I am so sick of you playing the Who Me Game. I wondered why you weren’t very upset about the methane problem and the additional costs. You’re not one to lose without a fight. Now I know why.” Victor asks, “Where did you get this?” She offers, “You don’t care if this project fails or succeeds because you’re going to win either way. You’ve been playing me.” Victor states, “A good player hedges his bets.” She questions, “What are we, all just pieces on a chessboard, I’m your wife. I have put everything I have into this project and I could lose it all, you don’t care. You don’t care as long as you come out on top and the sick thing is you get some kind of perverse pleasure out of watching me fail.”

They continue their dispute. Victor lets her know it was good business. She questions whether its good business to destroy her company. Victor replies, “I frankly don’t care what happens to your company.” She agrees with him and reminds him how much money he has. She explains, “When we started this company, together I might add, you were the only person that I knew I could count on.” He states, "Until you ignored my advice." She claims, “You weren’t giving advice, you were issuing edicts. Forget about me for a moment, Clear Springs means everything to your daughter. You don’t care, you had to take control, like you do everything else, so what if we suffer.” He declares, “Always the martyr aren’t you, always the martyr, you didn’t give a damn what I thought about your decision to go into business, about your decision to run for office or what you thought about our marriage.” She states, “I know I broke the 11th commandment, do not disobey Victor Newman. How dare you condemn me for what you have always done, put business and your interests first.” Victor challenges, “How dare you come in here and complain now, now that you are playing in the big leagues and in the big leagues it gets down and dirty. You aren’t ready for the competition sweetheart.”

Back at Crimson Lights, Amber is upset and asks Kevin to switch shifts.

Cane and Heather discuss Ji Min’s homicide. He offers to get her a coffee and she brings up the fact Amber is his ex. He suggests they go somewhere else if it bothers her. It doesn’t but he suggests going to the Club anyway.

Kevin gets someone else to cover Amber’s shift. She calls Daniel right away telling him she will buy him dinner at the Club.

Back at Clear Springs, Victoria is very impressed with J.T., their new place and how it’s set up. He gives her a gift of her favorite perfume. The phone rings and he tells her no work and no talk about her family, “just you and me enjoying every little minute together.” She promises.

Back at the Newman Ranch, the argument heats up. Nikki declares, “You have been unsupportive and disapproving every step of the way.” He tells her he wanted to offer his help and she didn’t want it. She states, “You weren’t offering help, you were offering control. That’s not what I needed. You treated me like I was an inept person destined to fail.” She informs him Clear Springs will be turned around. He exclaims, “Don’t fool yourself, the reason it turned around is because I helped you get off the damned ground, that’s why.” She thinks somewhere inside he respected her, that he held her in his esteem. Victor raises his voices, “Why the hell would I respect you. I respected you as long as you deserved my respect, you don’t deserve it now.

Nikki’s cell phone rings. Its David wondering how he’s doing. Victor exclaims, “Is that the pipsqueak you’re talking to?” Victor grabs the phone, throw its violently across the room and rages, “Don’t you ever flaunt that man in front of me, not in my house!” She replies, “So this is your house.” He informs her, “It certainly is not yours.” She points out, “This has been my home for over 20 years.” He says it didn’t make it any harder for her to leave. She admits, “It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.” She softens and recalls her history there to him and their relationship. She tells him, “Victor, it was never about the money, it was about you. I fell in love with you. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you from the moment I met you because simply, you were the best man I had ever known.”

At the Club, Amber tells Daniel that Cane has a date with Heather. She confesses she isn’t ready to see him with another woman. He reminds her they aren’t getting back together. Cane and Heather arrive at the club.

Heather wonders to Cane if Amber followed them. They choose to ignore her and have a good time as Amber looks on.

At Clear Springs, J.T. and Victoria enjoy a meal. She lets him know how impressed she is with him and he admits she inspires him. He tells her, “I want to be the best person I can be for you.” She admits he already is. He confesses they have fun together, but it’s more than that. He’s never felt this way until now and she understands him, even his sense of humor. Her phone rings again, she looks over, but ignores it. He gets up, blows out the candle and rolls the table away. She peaks at her text message as he looks on. The text message is “Will you marry me?” He walks over to her, “I love you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Say yes. Marry me.” She smiles. He admits he wants to get married as soon as possible. She’s stunned. He confesses, “I never thought I would get married, I never wanted to commit to anybody that way, maybe its because my past relationships have been so complicated and everything was always a challenge. I never felt that way with you. Even from day one, everything has been effortless. When we don’t agree, we don’t argue, who knew it could be that easy.” She tells him after everything she’s been through its hard to believe its possible. He admits, “People may look at us and say we don’t fit, you’re pregnant, the baby may not be mine and you’re a Newman and I’m from a whole different world, but when we are together none of that matters, we are happy and it works, why not spend the rest of our lives that way.”

At the Club, Colleen and Lily meet up, only to see Cane with Heather. Colleen suggests leaving, but they don’t. Lily walks up to Cane and Heather’s table to say hello. Heather invites them to sit down with them. They decline to say they have other plans.

Amber watching from the sidelines tells Daniel that his ex has a thing for her ex. Daniel advises Amber that Cane can have her. He notes that Cane should never given Amber up and he’s not worth her time.

Colleen and Lily sit down and discuss the dating situation. Lily tells Colleen she should just focus on school.

Back at the Newman Ranch, Zapato comes out to greet Nikki. Victor tells her it’s been a year without an incident with his health. Nikki is happy to hear that. She admits, “Even when I was furious with you I was worried.” She was terrified of losing him when they didn’t know what was wrong. He admits it was the most frightening time in his life. She recalls it was the only time she saw him vulnerable and that after the surgery he really was a new man. She reminds him he was kinder and more gentle, someone who really wanted to make their family a priority. He recalls their potential trip to give things up and go away. He discusses how she started a new business and ran for office and she brought up that he was too busy going after Jack. He relays, “Who would have thought that things would end up this way.”

At the Club, Amber watches Cane and Heather. Daniel tells her to have fun.

Lily observes Daniel with Amber and wonders if they are a couple yet. Colleen admits they are always together, but it doesn’t mean anything. Lily thinks its more than that.

Heather and Cane enjoy their date. They talk about school and other things. Heather feels badly for Lily and Daniel with being married and divorced so young. They joke about his divorce.

At the Club, Cane ends his date with Heather but on the way out he looks at Lily.

Back at Clear Springs, Victoria explains to J.T. that getting married isn’t an impulsive thing. They make up a list of positives and negatives. They laugh and joke about everything, its all positive. He then presents a ring to her, she exclaims, “Its beautiful.” He chose a garnet, the baby’s birthstone. She tells him her superstitions but promises to put it on after the baby is born. He asks, “Is that a yes?” She replies, “Yes, yes, I’ll marry you.” They embrace.

At the Newman, both Nikki and Victor remember their past and their remarriage. He was her knight in shining armor who swept her off her feet. She admits she doesn’t need that anymore. She doesn’t need someone to save her, she needs someone to accept who she is. He informs her, “I don’t accept you because I don’t know the person I’m looking at anymore. You’re not the woman I married.” She replies, “Then I guess its over.” He says, “Then I’ll have my attorney draw up the divorce papers.”

Outside the Club, Cane gets into his car and puts the CD in that Lily gave him and thinks of Lily, while she thinks of him. The song plays as Amber remembers Cane and Daniel remembers Lily. Victoria and JT make love. Victor is saddened. Nikki is saddened, David meets her and hugs her. Victor silently has tears fall down his face.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Nick and Brad confront each other.

Jack won’t answer Maggie’s questions without an attorney present.

Victor agrees to keep the divorce quiet…for now.

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