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At the Athletic Club, Colleen, Lily and Cane are working out. Colleen lets Lilly know that Cane is checking her out. Lily gets defensive about their age difference again, “If Cane thinks that age and maturity are the same thing, then that’s his problem not mine, okay.” They get up to leave and acknowledge Cane on the way out.

Sharon prepares a very romantic setting at the Abbott mansion for Jack with candles illuminating the dining room and soft music in the background. As he comes down the stairs, she takes his arm, bringing him into the dining room. He looks around, “This is all very nice. I’m just not in the mood.” Sharon lets him know, “It’s okay. I’ll get you in the mood.” He replies, “I just have too much on my mind.” He walks out of the room. Disappointed, she starts blowing candles out.

At the Baldwins, Gloria admits to Kevin she is upset about everyone talking about Jack’s difficulties. They acknowledge it reminds people about the scandal with the cream. She confesses to Kevin that before William died he sent his brother a jar of the face cream. Kevin questions, “Tell me it was not from Jabot Cosmetics?” Gloria glumly advises, “I don’t know, I haven’t seen it.” Kevin questions why William would do it. Gloria ponders it might have been his sense of justice in wanting the crime solved. She admits she was guilty and never paid for her crime. Kevin declares, “No, No, Mom, William loved you, he wouldn’t want you to suffer.” She shares, not the William that loved her but the William who loved the law and justice. Its been keeping her awake at night. She consoles herself by admitting Jeffrey doesn’t know why he was sent the cream. She tells Kevin they both have to get the jar of face cream. Kevin exclaims, “Okay, wait, if you are going to put this stuff out of your mind, then there is no need to get it away from Jeffrey.” He wonders why she used the word we instead of just her. She previews, “Honey, yes, we, because I need you to steal the cream for me.” He exclaims once more, “Holy hell, no.” She tells him he has to do it for her sake.

At the Athletic Club, Colleen and Lily walk back into the workout room. Lily wants to give Cane a CD to listen to but is nervous about it. Colleen encourages her to approach him with it and pushes her in his direction. She gives him the CD and tells him to let her know what he thinks. Colleen and Lily joke around it and run into Neil as they leave. Neil reminds Lily not to forget about her responsibility for dinner that night.

Neil walks up to Cane and teases him about working out. Karen is there, they all joke around. Karen suggests Cane join them later on to go over some Clear Springs work. Neil offers his apartment as the place. Cane offers to bring take-out, but Neil advises not to.

Still at the Baldwins, Kevin declares to Gloria, “You know, Mom when a son hears his mother say I need you to steal something for me, he has what they call in the psychiatric field, issues, okay. You don’t want me to have issues, do you.” Gloria explains, “Don’t be so sarcastic, okay. It’s one little favor. I have a drink with Jeffrey at the bar, you go to his room, you find the cream.” He tells her firmly, “I’m not stealing anything for you, okay. I’m not even going to consider stealing for you.” Kevin reminds her Jeffrey and William were strangers their whole lives and that Jeffrey has no idea why William sent him the cream. She needs to get it away from him before he puts it together if he hasn’t already. Kevin wishes her the best with it and leaves.

At the Club, Jeffrey runs into Jill who is startled by his resemblance to his brother. Jeffrey asks Jill to confirm what William was investigating with her company when he died. She tells him it wasn’t the company, but a crime against the company, a product contamination incident. He tells her he wants to know about it and anything else William was working on. Jill is curious about why and Jeffrey asks her to have coffee with him.

Later, Jill discusses the contaminated cream scandal at Jabot with Jeffrey. She tells him Jack was forced to resign. Jeffrey then discusses the agreement Jack signed not to have anything to do with the company. She explains Jabot Cosmetics nearly went under because of the incident. Jeffrey questions, “Was it a quality control problem?” Jill replies, “It was deliberate contamination.” He mentions sabotage; she answers, “Yes.” He inquires about the product and admits it was face cream. Jill notes, “I think your brother came very close to finding out whoever it was before his stroke.”

Jeffrey gets up to leave hoping he can spend more time with Jill on other topics more pleasant than a homicide incident. She agrees and hopes he learned what he needed. He mentions its all just “idle curiosity”. She doubts it and he tries flirting with her. Jill quips jokingly, “Two lies in one night Jeff, shame on you.”

Back at the Abbott household, Jack walks back into the dining room and apologizes to Sharon. She tells him its okay, she understands. He admits, “No, it’s not okay, after all that work for me, to walk out was rude and I’m sorry. I’m just so disillusioned.” With tears in her eyes, she once again tells him she understands. He embraces her and shares, “My disillusion has nothing to do with you, nothing. I think I just let the rest of the world get to me.” She admits she wanted to take his mind off everything. He agrees, “I know that, I know that and you did a wonderful job and I’m sorry and I thank you.” He asks about Noah and she lets him know he’s spending the night at Sam’s, it was all part of her plan. He offers to light the candles, turn the music back on and eat. She tells him she was trying to be romantic and bought a lot of fancy stuff, when really she only wanted pizza. He smiles, “Did you say pizza?” They decide to order pizza.

At the Winters, Lily is setting Thai take-out food on the table with Devon. Neil and Karen walk in. Shortly after, Cane walks in. He asks if they are sure its okay, he doesn’t think Lily was expecting him, everyone agrees its fine. They sit down for their meal. Neil suggests Lily lead in the family tradition of prayer. Neil then requests they pray for those no longer with them.

Back at the Baldwins, Michael walks in to Gloria and warns her not to trust Jeffrey. She tells him she doesn’t but asks why. He tells her that he hired an expert in estate law to see if he could find grounds to challenge her inheritance. Gloria declares, “Damn that bastard, I knew it, you just tell me he has no way to get at my money.” Michael tells her that in his opinion his position legally is hopeless. Gloria admits, “Good, there’s justice in the world.” Michael only mentioned it so that she could be careful when she deals with him. Gloria admits, “I’m glad you told me honey. I thought I was being paranoid about him, but now I know I have to keep an eye on him.” Michael worries and advises her to stay away from him. She picks up the phone to leave a message for Jeffrey.

Back in a candlelit Abbott dining room, Jack and Sharon dine on pizza. The phone rings, thinking its Noah she answers. Brad is on the phone. He asks if she’s seen the Chicago papers. She tells him she’s having dinner, can’t talk and hangs up the phone.

Later, Jack gives Sharon a message as Brad is calling her, leaving a message to call if she needs anything at all.

At the Coffeehouse, Colleen speaks to Lily on the phone. She wants her to come over but Colleen refuses she has a study session. Lily begs her and lets her know that Neil invited Cane over. She can’t do it but promises to rush her study session. She tells Lily to “relax” and be “irresistible”. Lily asks her to call if she finishes early.

Lily returns to the table, Devon receives a call on his cell and Neil asks Karen to view some photos, leaving the table. Neil tells Cane to enjoy himself. Cane lets Lily know he likes her family. She thanks him and asks if he’s listened to the CD. He hasn’t yet, he meant to but will listen to it on the way to the coffee shop later. She offers to make him coffee, but he tells her no, he’s meeting Heather there. They discuss food and he tells her, “I find you really attractive and if I was younger”, she adds, “I know, if I was older, you told me.” He continues, “ We shouldn’t feel self-conscious about this when we see each other, you know what I mean.” She points out she doesn’t.

At the Baldwins, Gloria picks up the phone, as Michael listens on with her conversation to Jeffrey. She wants to give him something, a memento from his brother and inquires about the room he’s in. He will meet her at the bar instead. Michael chokes slightly as she brings up the subject of the jar of cream. She would like it as a memento from William, it would mean so much to her. He informs her he may have thrown it away and wonders if she still wants to come over. She admits she does and he tells her he will try to find it for her before she gets there.

Michael chimes in, “Exactly what memento did you want Jeffrey to have?” She doesn’t know but has to think of something before going over. She admits she lied as an excuse to see him. Michael advises to stay away from him.

At the Winters, Devon questions Lily about her “bad mood”. She tells him she’s not and he doubts she’s telling the truth. She tells him dinner was supposed to about family not family and strangers. Devon notes Karen and Cane are not strangers. Lily asks him to leave her alone. He guesses it’s about Cane, she dismisses it. He asks if Cane hit on her and she explains he doesn’t see her that way. She tells him Colleen thinks they should go out and he told her he was too old for her. Devon agrees that he is. She disagrees.

At the Club bar, Jeffrey plays with two jars of cream. He places both in each pocket as he hears Gloria enter. They exchange hellos, but he receives a call and excuses himself.

Jeffrey speaks to the person on the phone, “You mean I have no legal standing at all even though I’m his brother. So Gloria gets every dime.” He tells the person he’s sorry too and walks back to Gloria.

Gloria muses, “Bad news, you look like you just got bad news.” She offers to cheer him up with a toast to his brother, her “beloved William, a good man, a kind heart and a generous spirit.” Jeffrey calmly mentions “maybe too generous” and toasts with her.

Later, she gives him a book on Shakespeare, shares quotes and tells him William loved the sonnets. She mentions the cream again and how much it would mean for her to have the jar of cream he sent him. He presents one of the jars as she has flashbacks to the contamination, then William finding out the truth and her confession. She thanks him and tells him she will cherish it.

Back at the Abbot mansion, Jack lies with Sharon on the couch. He thanks her for everything, bringing up future plans with her and Noah. She tells him to forget about Noah and he tells her he will for tonight. She claims, “Now, you’re catching on.” They share a passionate kiss.

At the Winters, Karen tells Neil she likes seeing him in a domestic environment as opposed to just a business environment. They joke around about her compliment to him. Devon takes off but before he leaves Neil questions Devon about if he’s different at the office. Karen admits, “Your Dad is showing me a side of himself, a needy side that I have never seen before.” Devon is diplomatic about the question and leaves the room.

As Devon is walking toward the door he passes Lily and Cane. He jokes around with them and leaves. Cane thanks her for her hospitality.

At Michael’s, Gloria is scooping out the cream with gloves into a wastebasket. Michael enters the room asking about his book of sonnets, Shakespeare sonnets. She tells him she didn’t know he liked Shakespeare and “loaned it” to a friend. She tells him she will buy him a new one and to congratulate her. She states, “Mommy got the poison cream from Jeffrey.” Michael replies, “He just up and gave it to you,” she tells him, “I guess I can be very persuasive.” He wonders how she knows it’s the same cream. She admits, “because I would recognize this jar anyplace and I know the smell of the stuff. I’m going to sleep well tonight Michael, no tossing, no turning and no nightmares.” He advises her to destroy the jar too.

Back at the Club bar, Jeffrey plays with the other jar of cream. The waitress claims “that’s the end of your shell game”. He tells her, “no, its just the beginning.”

Meanwhile at the Abbott mansion, Jack and Sharon make love, while Brad is on the phone leaking information to the press about Jack. He tells the source, “Nick Newman has been pursuing Senator Abbott’s wife during this very difficult time.” He requests to be put through to the Editor.

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