At the Abbott mansion, Jack asks Sharon if she is going to visit Phyllis. She informs him it’s a “command performance”. He sarcastically tells her Nick might be available to be a bodyguard. Sharon receives a call about Cassie’s benefit and cancels her appointment. Jack continues to be sarcastic about Nick helping her out and even making money for the event by opening a “kissing booth”.

At the Club, Lily meets up with Colleen. They talk about Cane helping her with her workout and Lily is confused with how to take it, whether he wants to “kiss her” or “pat her on the head”. She can’t stop thinking about him. Colleen reminds her of the kiss they shared. She admits she’s “obsessing”, but Colleen reassures her is okay, she’s just having fun. Lily tells Colleen she needs to figure out a way to “hang out with him” without making it obvious.

Colleen comes up with doing an assignment for school, an interview with Cane as a way for Lily to get closer to Cane. Lily agrees it is a good idea.

In the Club, Brad and Abby are having breakfast. Victoria walks in. Abby tells her that Ashley got engaged. Brad pipes up, “to Ridge Forrester”. Victoria exclaims, “Wow, how cool! Tell her that I said congratulations.” Victoria suggests doing something with her and they agree to go to the movies. Abby asks Victoria about the baby coming. When Victoria lets her know it won’t be for awhile, she says “I can’t wait. Which room is it going to be at your house Daddy?” Brad tells her they are working on it. She exclaims, “Not my room right because when I come visit, it will still be my room, right?” He tells her of course. Victoria suggests Abby can help her get her room ready at her place and go shopping with her.

Victor walks in. Abby spots him and runs to him. She tells him she misses everyone and he tells her the same and it isn’t the same without her. She asks him about Zapato. Victor teases, “Oh, Zapato, well I talked to Zapato this morning and he, well he sort of was sad, he said I wish Abby would come by to say hello to me.” Abby laughs and tells him dogs can’t talk. Victor teases that he taught him sign language. Abby calls him silly and they hug each other.

Back at Brad and Victoria’s table, Victoria points out that Abby will have to be told soon. Brad informs her how difficult it is to explain the concept of infidelity to a little girl. Victoria replies, “I was never unfaithful to you, which is more than I can say for you.” He reminds her she was the one that wanted to split up, if it were up to him he would have tried to work it out. She points out that what matters is Abby and the baby.

Back in Jail, Phyllis informs Jana that she doesn’t want to talk about her “personal private business” with her. She explains, “Just because we are close quarters doesn’t mean we have to be close friends.” Jana tries to say she understands, before she went into surgery she was worried about Kevin and Colleen. Phyllis explains Nick and her are married and have a child together and it isn’t the same. She explains to Jana that she needs her space and to pretend there is a “big electric force field” around” her. The guard arrives announcing Sharon is there to see her.

Back at the Club, Brad and Victoria talk about Abby. Brad points out that he doesn’t think Abby needs to be told the baby might not be her brother, Victoria agrees, at least, not until its necessary. Brad thinks the baby is his yet tells her “Whoever turns out to be the father, I just want the best for you both.”

Back at the Jail, Sharon explains she’s not really sure why she’s there. Phyllis responds, “A, I missed you. B. You kissed my husband. C. You kissed my husband.” Sharon doesn’t deny B and C. Phyllis asks Sharon to be honest on whether this was payback for her affair with Nick. Sharon admits, “Absolutely not.” Sharon says Nick was confused. Phyllis interrupts with hinting she had to take advantage of it. Sharon points out she is working herself up for nothing, Nick and her are just friends. Phyllis shares, “Friendly kisses, they don’t hurt anyone, right.” Sharon admits, “If I had to give up my friendship with Nick for Jack, I would do that. We share a child together so you know, you and me and Jack and Nick are going to have to figure out a way to make this work or the next fifty years are going to be pretty miserable.”

At the Club, Victor taunts Jack about the scandal, while reading the newspaper articles about Jack. Jack tells him maybe he should stick to the Comic section. Victor confesses, “I tell you, this is far funnier than the Comic’s. Look at this here, I’ll be damned, there is a possibility of a run of election in case the Senate Ethics Committee finds Jack Abbott guilty of fraud. I’ll be damned, now there’s an opportunity for you.” Jack replies, “How do you figure that?” Victor continues, “Well, you could always sell your Casino to me in case you need to cover legal fees.” Jack smirks and says it was a nice try, he will be holding on to his Casino. Victor replies, “Then you be prepared to lose it.” Jack says, “You always were full of yourself, this time you’re wrong.” Victor admits he hasn’t enjoyed himself this much since he made his first million. Jack admits, “I actually feel sorry for you Victor, the only joy you get is revelling in the misery of others and while you’re wallowing in that joy, you don’t even realise you’re losing you wife and your children and for what, some imaginary sense of victory over me. At the end of the day I go home to a family, a family that loves me, what do you have?” Victor asks if he’s finished. Jack offers, “Actually I have one piece of advice for you. Get some help for your obsessive compulsive bahavior and try to figure out what’s really important to you in life, you’re the one that’s going to end up with nothing.” Victor laughs, asking why he would take advice from him. Jack points out, “There’s one big difference between you and me. I learn from my mistakes, you’ve got much too much pride, much too much ego to ever admit you’re wrong.” Victor reminds him, he never forgets, he just gets even.

At the Club, Colleen asks Brad what’s going on with him and Vikki now. Brad lets her know they are being civil, talking about Abby and the baby. They discuss Abby’s excitement over the baby. Brad confides that he doesn’t want to confuse her with everything and they have agreed to wait to tell her. Brad admits to Colleen that he wants the baby to be his.

Colleen talks to Brad about her past, growing up without him around, yet always knowing he loved her. He confirms, “before I ever laid eyes on you.” He describes how she was born during a storm and when he finally held her in his hands he finally knew what love was. Colleen lets him know she hopes Vicki’s baby is his son.

At Newman, Victoria and Nikki discuss business and agree about holding off on the next phase for a few days. Nikki brings up going to the site herself but doesn’t really have the time. Victoria says she could go for her and admits to going anyway since J.T. is going up there to start working for Chancellor Construction. Nikki worries about her with being pregnant, Victoria admits she will be fine, she will be careful. Nikki excitedly presents her with the gift of baby clothes, but Victoria doesn’t want them. She is reminded of her miscarriage. Nikki understands and will keep them with her.

Later Victoria looks through the bag of clothes Nikki bought her with tears in her eyes and starts to cry.

Back at the Jail, Sharon lets Phyllis know there is no need to worry, Nick loves her. Phyllis replies, “I know that, I know he does, I trust Nick, its Jack I’m worried about. Do you know how badly you hurt him? I mean, he never expected you to go behind his back and do something like this.” Sharon explains, “Oh, but he did expect it from you, right. You know, if hypocrisy were against the law Phyllis, you would be doing a life sentence.” Phyllis claims she’s hurting Jack to get back at her. Sharon brings up Phyllis’ affair that almost destroyed Jack. She just doesn’t want to see Jack get hurt again. Sharon states, “Well, you take care of your marriage and I’ll take care of mine.” Phyllis retorts, “You’re doing a great job there.” Sharon admits, “I made a mistake but unlike you I take responsibility for my mistakes and anything else is between Jack and me. He’s a wonderful man and he loves my son very much and my son loves him back and we are going to work through this and we are going to have a wonderful happy life together and grow old together.” Phyllis shares, “You see this whole marital bliss thing, I’m not buying it, the reason that I’m not buying it is because not once in this conversation, not once have you said you love Jack.”

At the coffeehouse, Lily runs into Cane and asks him to do an interview with him for school. He agrees to do it right away. While doing the interview, Cane jokes with Lily while speaking about Australia. He speaks to her of his childhood and gazing at the stars. He wants to read Lily’s paper when it’s done. She says she’s shy about people reading her work. He asks what year she’s in at school. She tells him she’s a sophomore and quickly changes the subject to getting something to eat and asks if he’s hungry. He lets her know he has to make a phone call. She thanks him for his help and lets him know she’ll see him around.

Later Lily speaks to Colleen about the interview with Cane. She says it was going well until she mentioned food. Instead of getting something with her, he declined and she feels it was her age. Colleen continues to encourage Lily by telling her Cane does like her.

At Newman Jack runs into Nikki who confronts him on all he’s done to Clear Springs. He sarcastically thanks her for all the support in the past few weeks. She points out if he would have “bowed out” of the project before confessing all to the public, it wouldn’t be in the mess its in. He retaliates, “Why did I have to do that? Your husband leaked my conversation with Ji Min Kim.” Nikki tells him she isn’t responsible. He reminds her, “Victor is the one that caused this train wreck. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one that bugged the Jabot boardroom. You want to point fingers, I suggest you aim your middle one at your soon to be ex-husband.” Nikki exclaims, “Well that’s classy, nice!”

Victor, while at the Club, listens to more negative commentary about Jack and Clear Springs, he laughs to himself.

Back at Newman, Brad observes Victoria in tears and shuts the door. He asks her what’s wrong. She lets him know about the baby clothes from her Mom and how she froze. He asks why. She admits that if she keeps them she will jinx the pregnancy. He consoles her by telling her its understandable after what happened last time. They discuss one of the outfits, the same one they bought together before she miscarried. Victoria admits, “When I saw it, I just couldn’t help remembering how empty I felt.” Brad replies, “I know.” He hugs her.

At the Abbott mansion, Jack asks about her visit with Phyllis. She lets him know she left as fast as she could. He wants to go upstairs and lie down, she asks him to stay. She presents him with a gift. He opens it to find an MP3 Player. She tells him Noah helped her to download the music. She offers, “It’s Sinatra for a romantic evening, Vivaldi for your morning run and Rap to recharge your battery before a business meeting.” He asks, “and when I’m lonely and disillusioned”. She tells him its covered, there’s a little bit of everything. He admits, “All my favorites. How did…” Sharon interrupts, “Remember when we had that conversation when we first started dating you told me what your favorite music was.” Jack says, “You remembered all that.” She tells him, “I remembered because it was important to you and you are really important to me.” They hug each other.

Back in Jail, Jana tells Phyllis all she’s been thinking about is her. Jana wants to know what happened. She brings up the question on whether Sharon really loves Jack and how much Jack needs Phyllis but she’s stuck behind bars.

Heather runs into Cane at the Coffeehouse. He questions her as to why Ji Min’s death is being deemed a possible homicide.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Neil invites Cane over.

Jill discusses the cream contamination scandal with Jeffrey.

Gloria plots to get the cream from Jeffrey.

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