At the Abbott mansion, Jack and Noah discuss school at breakfast. Sharon walks in. Jack envisions Sharon kissing Nick. Sharon discusses school with Noah and then brings up plans to rebook their honeymoon. Jack says he will think about it. Noah wonders why they are acting so “weird”. Sharon and Jack reassure him everything is fine.

At Newman, Nick, Neil and Karen discuss business. Nick gets a call and excuses himself. Neil and Karen agree to grab a snack and have dinner later too.

At the Club, Brad asks Colleen to have dinner with him later. Colleen invites him to have dinner with her and Adrian. She really wants him there and he agrees.

Colleen calls Adrian from a distance and speaks to him about dinner plans with Brad, he doesn’t want him there. She tells him she already invited him and pleas with him. He reminds him of an early conference and hours of work ahead of him. He points out “Look, I know you are doing better with your father but think of this rapprochement as a fine wine, alright, let it age before you bring him to the place you live with the boyfriend that he can’t stand.” She asks him again. He offers, “When you do reschedule, I promise to be civil, charming even.” She explains how important it is to her and he tells her if it makes her happy, he agrees.

Colleen walks back to Brad to let him know “Adrian, thinks it’s a great idea.” Brad teases that she’s not good at lying but its admirable anyway. They makes plans for 8:00 PM.

At the Club, Lily runs into Cane. She later runs into Colleen who tells her about having Brad over for dinner. Lily mentions, “Well, make sure you wear your bullet proof vest.” Colleen assures Lily it will be okay. She acknowledges things haven’t “gone well between them”, but explains things won’t get better unless they get to know each other. She really wants it to work out. Lily adds “Speaking of working out, did you see Cane?” Colleen didn’t see him. Lily explains the conversation was short and Colleen encourages her to be friends with him. Lily points out “What if he’s still freaked out about my age?” Colleen reminds her of the age difference between her and Adrian. Lily admits she has a “little tiny crush” on Cane but isn’t ready to move on. Colleen advises to be his friend and go from there.

At the Abbott mansion, Sharon lets Jack and Noah know she is visiting Phyllis. Noah wants to go and she tells him not this time. Both he and Jack wonder why. She lets Noah know he is suspended from school and needs to catch up on homework. Jack agrees. Sharon leaves and Jack and Noah make plans to play video games after his homework. Nick arrives to see Jack. Noah leaves to do his homework.

Jack advises Nick, “Get out of my face.” Nick tries to apologize. Jack wonders, “For what, for kissing my wife, apology not accepted. What do you want from me?” Nick wants him to understand what happened. Jack retorts, “Oh, I understand exactly what happened. You planned this whole thing. You set up this location scout so you could be closer to my wife and then the two of you lied about it.” Nick tells him it wasn’t anything like that. Jack tells him he would do anything to get closer to Sharon. Nick argues, “Are you telling me that you think I locked us in that vault on purpose?” Jack points out, “You sure took advantage of the situation.” Nick points out, it was one kiss and it meant nothing. Nick asks, “What do you want from me, you want to know why it happened.” Jack distastefully explains, “I know why you kissed her, hell, everybody knows why you kissed her, what I don’t get is why she kissed you back. Your son is waiting for you”

At the Club, Sharon calls Neil, she really needs to see him. They agree to meet up at Newman shortly. Neil calls Karen to postpone their dinner plans and apologizes. He will call her as soon as he can.

Sharon meets Neil at Newman and confesses her kiss with Nick to him. He wonders how Jack found out and she tells him he overheard Brad and her talking about it. Sharon tells Neil, “I hate myself for letting this happen and Jack, he was devastated. What kind of wife does this to her husband?” Neil consoles her and tells her she made a mistake, that everyone does and that she admitted that she might be falling back in love with Nick. He tells her she was confused and Nick was acting like the man she was married to. Sharon admits, “He was acting like the man that I needed him to be when our marriage was falling apart.” Neil agrees, but tells Sharon the question now is how does she feel about him. She confesses, “Well, when we were locked in that vault, I felt something. I was overwhelmed by memories but I couldn’t imagine a life with anyone but Nick. Then when the door opened, it was back to reality. Nick and I, we have a past and that is where that’s going to remain. I will always love him but I guess that’s all there is to it. I’ve moved on, I’m with Jack and Jack’s my whole life now, with Nick I was reaching for something, for something that just could never be, for a marriage, to repair our marriage that we just never could because our little…Neil interjects, “Cassie.” She admits when you lose someone you really love, you will do almost anything to get them back.

Later, Neil asks Sharon if she wanted Jack to find out about the kiss on some level. She tells him no. Neil brings up Carmen and his attraction to her. He confesses that instead of dealing with his problems with Dru, he turned to someone else. Sharon admits there were no problems until recently. Neil poses the question that if there were no problems, does she really think she would kiss Nick. He tells her that she forgave Jack, he should forgive her, but first of all she should forgive herself. He tells her how much he loved Dru and she thanks him for all the support.

At the Club, Lily starts working out. Cane walks up to her and shows her how to use the equipment. Cane mentions the possibility of taking her out to a concert. He continues to show her how to work out. Cane suggests taking Lily hiking, he shares some of his past with Lily and continues to flirt with her. Cane’s workout buddy Stacey comes up, he introduces them. He heads off with Stacey to work out.

At Adrian and Colleen’s, Adrian promises Colleen he won’t mention his book tonight. She goes over their list of things they need and asks if there is anything else, he teases, “Just the guest of dishonor.” He then promises to be the “model of decorum”. Brad knocks on the door and enters. Colleen shows him around.

Brad finds information pertaining to a part of his past, but they have dinner. Both Brad and Adrian try civil conversation. Adrian asks Brad if he caught Jack’s press conference and claims he thought Senator Abbott was quite convincing. Brad doesn’t agree and asks, “Does your admiration for felons carry into all aspects of your life.” Adrian laughs, “I’ve studied history long enough to know that simple judgements are usually the work of simple minds.”

Lily’s cell phone rings, its Colleen. She tells her she was right, Adrian and Brad aren’t even speaking at that point. Lily tells her she’s at the gym close to Cane but not working out with Cane. She admits that Cane attracts women. Colleen goes back to check on Adrian and Brad. Cane comes back to Lily and tells her that Stacey “has nothing on her.”

Back at Adrian and Colleen’s. Brad thanks them and leaves. Adrian and Colleen tease and flirt with each other.

Lily gets ready to leave the Club. Cane offers to work out with her and train her. He calls it a date and then corrects himself. She agrees.

Back at the Abbot mansion, Nick comes downstairs and tells Jack that Noah is good to go. Jack interrupts, “If you’re finished you can leave now.” Nick confesses he made a lot of bad choices, he regrets hurting Phyllis, the same with him and Sharon. He continues saying he had to go tell his wife he kissed another woman. Jack retorts, “Whoa, whoa, there’s a point here, you hurt your wife, I know that, she deserves better.” Nick admits his love for Sharon is platonic. He made Phyllis understand that, Jack points out, “or so you think”. Nick offers, “All this is on me, Sharon didn’t have anything to do with it. I was in control. I made the move so if you need to take your frustrations out on someone, then you do it with me. I let it go too far. In fact if I’ve learned anything from this whole experience, its that your wife loves you, very much.”

Jack admits he loves his chivalry, although a little late. Jack doubts Sharon had nothing to do with it and brings up the overnight plan to Clear Springs. Nick confirms, “Sharon told me that trip wasn’t going to happen, it didn’t.” Jack adds, “but she thought about it and she knew exactly what your intentions were”. Nick acknowledges, “I accept full responsibility for that, Sharon was simply being nice to me at a time I was very confused.” Jack asks about Sharon reciprocating that kiss, was that his responsibility too. Jack shares, “Hey, you could own up to global warming and world hunger at the same time.” Nick tells him he’s being straight with him. Jack retaliates, “Give me a little credit, I know you are protecting Sharon.” Nick admits she is devoted to him. Jack demands, “Don’t you dare analyze my marriage based on your tawdry little rendezvous.” Nick admits they were married and talked about their lives and children. There will always be a part of him that loves her. He admits, “There’s a past we can’t go back to, you two have a future." Jack notes, “Wow, did you practise that one on the way in, that’s a pretty good finish.” Nick tells him he’s already made up his mind, to tear into Sharon and see how far it gets him. Jack demands, “You listen to me you self-righteous sanctimonious …”. Noah, shouts from upstairs that he wants Jack to help him with his homework. Jack tells Nick when he comes downstairs, he wants him gone.

Jack comes back downstairs and Nick tells Jack that Sharon stood by him when he committed a felony and he’s worried about some little kiss. Jack says to Nick that he is making it sound like something insignificant. Nick retaliates, "Your priority should be Noah because your criminal actions are affecting my son and all you seem to be worried about is yourself.” Jack argues, “Nothing is more important to me than my family.” Nick argues, “Well your judgements and so called ethics have only proven that you don’t deserve Sharon or my son.” Jack yells, “Get out of my house now.” Noah interrupts and tells them to stop fighting. They both promise no more fighting. Noah wonders why they were yelling. Jack tells him it was about business. Noah thinks they should both know better and runs upstairs to finish homework.

At the door, Nick reminds Jack about everything he has done to Sharon. Jack warns him that unless he is there to pick up Noah, he isn’t welcome at the house.

At the Club, Neil finally meets up with Karen and explains he met with Sharon, his wife’s best friend. He also explains how Dru was the greatest friend one could ask for, the loyalist person he knew. Karen admits she’s met someone like that. She admits, “You.”

At Nick’s place, Nick makes a tape of Summer for Phyllis. He speaks to the camera and admits Sharon is going to see Phyllis and tell her the exact thing he told her. He admits, “I’m in love with two women, one is named Phyllis and the other Summer and that’s the way its going to be forever. There’s no one else.”

Back at the Abbott mansion, Sharon walks in to Jack. She brought him wine and a CD. He tells her he was thinking about the night of the honeymoon treasure hunt that it was so clear that she had something on her mind. He mentions that he looked at her and thought, “I love her. What can I do to put a smile on that beautiful face. Something wonderful, something clever and a little silly. Little did I know you had just kissed your ex-husband. I guess you did have a lot on your mind. Everything about that evening, the airplane tickets, the talk of France, the way you closed your eyes when you kissed me, made me think you truly loved me, but maybe you closed your eyes so that you could pretend I was him. Wow.”

Next on The Young and The Restless

Cane and Lily share a meal.

Victor suggests to Jack to sell his Casino to cover legal fees.

Phyllis and Sharon confront each other.

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