At Newman, Sharon speaks to Nick on the phone, with Brad in the background about their kiss. Nick explains it was one kiss and it happened when he wasn’t thinking straight. Sharon wonders what her excuse is. She’s upset that he found out about it by accident six weeks later. Nick says he will handle Phyllis and advises Sharon to focus on Jack.

Brad advises Sharon, Jack is overreacting and she didn’t commit a felony. He backs her, telling her that she continues to stand by Jack who committed fraud, the kiss is nothing compared to that, she shouldn’t be worried about Jack forgiving her, it should be the opposite.

At the Abbot mansion, Noah comes home from school and speaks to Jack about a present he made for him. Jack is viewing his computer to find an article “Will Clear Springs Survive?” Noah can tell Jack is upset and presents him with a his present, a CD. It’s an individual picture of Jack, Sharon, Noah and Fisher, placed on one picture. Noah says he can use it as a screensaver and desktop. Jack is very impressed and happy “Noah, I love it, I absolutely love it.” Sharon walks in, Jack shows Sharon the photo design letting her know he made it to cheer them up. She loves it. Noah chimes “Its our family, like when we are happy.” They go through all the pictures together from the CD. Noah loves the one with all of them and Fisher in the backyard. Jack hugs Noah, “I love that one too."

At Newman, Neil walks, speaking to Karen about the development project and how hard she is working. Karen tells him she should ask Jack for a raise, considering all the work she has to do to make sure the project is sound, despite Jack’s lapse in judgement.

Karen’s phone rings, its Victoria returning her call. Karen congratulations her on the TV spots she and Nikki did and receiving phone calls from four potentially private owned tenants. She tells Victoria she wants her and Nikki to meet with them.

Karen and Neil continue to discuss business. Karen receives a call about Clear Springs and Jack’s involvement, which she claims is with the casino only. Karen complains. Neil states “Jack Abbott, the gift that just keeps on giving.” He encourages her to take a break together, they joke around. They decide to have a rematch at the Athletic Club.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria speaks to J.T. while they are both working out. She tells him about the new potential tenants and wonders when he is heading up to Clear Springs. He lets her know the next week or week after. He wants her to join him. She tells him she’s too busy with work, but he replies “you’re the boss, make it happen.” He says they can find a nice place to stay. She reminds him he is working undercover. He smiles “Construction worker by day, whatever you want by night.” She agrees to go with him. J.T. takes a call. Brad asks how Victoria and how the baby is doing. He tells her while J.T. is out of town, if she needs anything to call. J.T. comes back from his phone call about his job at Clear Springs. She remembers a guesthouse they can stay at and reminds him they must be discreet.

In Jail, Phyllis and Jana talk about Carmen’s death. Jana confesses to killing Carmen and discusses what an “awful” person she is. Phyllis tells her “Oh no, no, no, you’re, you’re a great gal. You have a real, you know, offbeat personality.” Jana appreciates Phyllis’ support, but worries about her safety on the inside and wonders how she will protect herself or anyone else from it. Phyllis tries to find out if Jana knew what she was doing was bad or evil. Jana assures Phyllis at the time they made “perfect sense” Phyllis continues to try to understand if Jana is aware that things she was doing were bad, that she has self-awareness. Jana hesitates on answering her questions. Jana tells her “You know, the thing that worries me most is I killed Carmen long before I knew I had a brain tumor, I seemed normal, I thought I was normal and I think I’m normal now.” Phyllis, smiling falsely, agrees with her and tells her she will just have to keep the people she cares about close to her. Jana holds Phyllis’ hands “Like you, now that we are becoming better friends.” Phyllis agrees.

Later in Jail, Nick visits Phyllis. She thinks he has come to talk to the Warden to move Jana from her cell. He says its not happening and she wonders why he’s back. He asks if she remembers the location scout he went on with Sharon in the summer. She remembers, they were locked in the vault. He continues that they were locked in the vault for a long time. He confesses, “I kissed her.” Phyllis tries to make sarcastic jokes about it. He lets her know it was before he fell back in love with her. She retorts, “I’m sorry, what does that mean. You were married to me but you were in love with Sharon and that’s quite convenient isn’t it.” He didn’t plan it. She says to him, “One kiss, right? So, how did it happen? I want to know everything.” He says it will make her feel worse. He explains they were on the location shoot when the door was locked accidentally. They were just talking, about life, Cassie and Phyllis. She asks, “Did you keep your clothes on, did you keep your shirt on?” He admits he took his shirt off. She asks, “Did you take anything else off?” He tells her “no”. She asks if Sharon took her shirt off. He tells her “no” and taking his shirt off had nothing to do with Sharon. It was hot and there was no air. Hurt, Phyllis asks him, “Did either one of you remember you were married to other people?” He admits at the time “no” and tells her how sorry he is it happened. Phyllis is upset, Nick grabs her and tells her “that was then, this is now. I love you. You know I love you.”

Phyllis worries that she will be in jail for six years and Sharon is “out there” and there isn’t anything she can do about it. Phyllis wonders why Nick is telling her now. Nick admits Jack overheard Brad and Sharon. Phyllis understands now why he told her.

At the Athletic Club, Victoria and J.T. continue to work out as Brad walks in. He wants to talk to J.T. about some Newman security issues. J.T. says he “quit working for Paul” and he needs a career change. He will be doing construction at Clear Springs. Brad is surprised “That’s more like a change of scenery. Management?” J.T. replies, “Labour.” Brad laughs, “You, in a hard hat, what, voluntarily?” J.T. claims “Why not.” Brad brings up moving, Victoria informs him it isn’t that far. J.T. lets him know he wouldn’t go far with the baby on the way and it won’t even feel like he’s gone.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Sharon loves what Noah has done and he leaves to get ready to go to a friend’s to work on a project. Sharon comments how much she loves the screensaver. Jack tells her “That’s what he wants, for us all to be happy.” She tells him she wants that too. He questions her with that. She is sorry she hurt him. He states, “It just seems like we’ve been here before, I put all my trust in you, you break that trust. You promised me we would be open and honest with each other, no more secrets.” She tells him she meant it. He calls out to Noah to bring him to his friends. Sharon wants him to come back home so they can talk. He replies, “Talk is pretty cheap right now, actions speak volumes. I’m hearing you loud and clear Sharon.” She disagrees.

Back at the Athletic Club, Brad is at a table. As he is leaving he runs into Karen and Neil. They discuss business and will talk tomorrow. Karen remarks that Brad is in a good mood. Neil informs Karen “When Brad Carlton is upbeat, that is your cue to grab your shoulder pads and helmet and worry.” Later, Karen and Neil have a boxing rematch and flirt at the same time.

Back at Newman, Sharon admits to Nick that Jack is really hurt. He admits telling Phyllis everything and how hard it was. Sharon receives a call from Phyllis “Hey Sharon, prison rules don’t allow close contact with people we love so can you remind me how does my husband kiss.” She admits Nick already explained everything to her. Phyllis demands that visiting hours may be over but expects Sharon to be there tomorrow to say whatever she needs to say to her face. Sharon tells Nick that Phyllis demanded Sharon go there.

Back in Jail, Jana overheard Phyllis and tells her she will be her “silent back-up”. If they have to “they will take her down together”.

Back in Jail, Jack visits Phyllis. They discuss Sharon and Nick’s kiss. Jack is sick about it. Phyllis tells him Nick loves her. Jack claims Sharon loves her, he doesn’t want to lose her, it would be bad publicity if they separated. He does admit he loves her, but isn’t sure he can forgive her. Phyllis advises them to work together and not push Nick and Sharon together.

Back at the club, J.T. is on the phone, arranging a room, flowers and scented candles, telling the person he is going to propose.

At Newman, Brad runs into Sharon. She admits Jack is upset and won’t talk to her. She at least thinks he should hear what she has to say. She doesn’t know if Jack will forgive her. She loves him and Noah loves him and thinks it has to get better.

Next on The Young and The Restless

Brad makes inquiries to Adrian.

Neil questions Sharon on her solid marriage and kiss with Nick.

Jack confronts Nick!

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