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At Crimson Lights, Arturo tells Abby he’ll take the watch he found to the police station. Arturo figures it can wait until later, as they exit.

At Dark Horse, Nick and Phyllis awaken on the sofa. Abby and Arturo, meanwhile, join Jack in the elevator and Jack mentions he has a meeting with Nick. In the office, Nick warns Phyllis people are coming…she needs to get dressed. Phyllis, unbothered, pulls him into a kiss. Exiting the elevator, Arturo and Abby head toward Nick’s office and just miss him as he walks out. Abby goes another direction, and Phyllis bumps into Arturo as she’s leaving, causing him to drop the watch from the park. She picks it up and hands it to him. After, Arturo runs into Jack, and mutters about Nick’s privacy. Jack enters Nick’s office and sees Phyllis’ Jabot ID there. Nick joins him, and after their meeting, Jack hands over her ID…he found it on the sofa under the blanket. He muses about Nick moving on with the person who ruined his wedding. Nick relays that Sharon’s done, and he won’t spend his life chasing her. He informs Jack that what he and Phyllis may or may not be doing isn’t his business. Jack agrees and exits.

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At home, Charlie updates Cane that he missed a call from realtor, Farrah DuBose, and Mattie asks if they’re moving. Cane concedes he wants them to be closer to Lily. He explains they’ll be renting and can return after her sentence is over. He talks switching schools and possibly taking a leave of absence from Chancellor Industries. The twins understand it’s important for their mom, but when Cane steps away, agree it’s crazy.

At Jabot, Kyle snarks at Phyllis about being the first non-Abbott CEO he’s worked for and she chides him to get used to it; she’s here to stay. Alone in her office, Phyllis contemplates Nick’s contact information on her phone before getting to work. She stops to place a call to Victoria and leaves a voicemail. Nick arrives to admire Phyllis in action and returns her ID, along with a heads-up that Jack found it. Phyllis isn’t embarrassed. Nick agrees, it’s time they all move on – he’ll see her soon. After, Kyle brings Phyllis coffee and apologizes for snarking earlier…he just wants a chance to prove himself. Kyle questions if she’s sending him and Billy a message because of Summer. Phyllis opines that what Billy did with Summer was disgusting and advises Kyle to separate himself from her ex.

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At the station, Rey chats about a case with Christine, who warns him the clock is ticking on the JT investigation.

In the coffee house, Abby tries to talk Arturo into inviting Rey to join them, then calls him over herself. Talk turns to the watch. Rey offers to take it to the station, but Arturo wonders if he thinks he’ll steal it. Rey snarks it’s not the first time he stole something. Rey tells Abby about Arturo taking a neighbor’s bike that didn’t belong to him, and says to his brother, “That’s what you do, isn’t it?” Abby takes a call and Rey notices the watch is inscribed, ‘Love, Mac’. He takes it for evidence and Arturo rants to Abby that he’s still a jerk and has to control everything. Abby points out he has more time with her, and they kiss.

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At the Club, Jack talks to Devon about Phyllis helming Jabot; it feels like karmic payback for the blood Abbott clause. He alludes to Ashley’s departure leaving a hole in the family, and Devon understands because of Lily. The conversation switches gears again to Phyllis. Jack admits she’s approaching the job like everything…no holds barred.

At Devon’s penthouse, the twins inform him they won’t be able to intern at Hamilton-Winters anymore. Devon’s startled to hear they’re moving and asks what Cane is thinking…they’re in the middle of their senior year at high school! Charlie and Mattie assure him they’re willing to make sacrifices, but Devon doesn’t think Lily would want it and floats the idea of them not going along with it. When Cane arrives, Devon speaks on their behalf…there isn’t just one person in the family to consider. Cane admits he hasn’t told Lily his plans, when asked, and Devon accuses him of pushing ahead blindly. Cane’s just lost without her. Devon asks what Lily would do in his place. Cane calls the twins over and lovingly assures them they aren’t going anywhere.

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Jack arrives at Jabot and marvels to Kyle that Phyllis is CEO. Kyle complains she’s a hard ass. Phyllis appears, and Jack’s sorry he missed her earlier…at Dark Horse. She invites him into her office, and asks if he resents her being there. Jack replies diplomatically. Phyllis accuses him of coming because he knows about Nick and advises she can have a relationship with whoever she wants. She wonders how he thinks her personal life is his business.

At the station, Rey bags the watch and pulls out a photo of Mac and JT…in which JT is wearing the watch.

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