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At Jabot, Phyllis chucks her jacket on a chair and bellows at Billy for sleeping with her daughter, before turning to Summer, and asking her what she expected. Summer whines she thought she and Billy had a real connection. Summer sneers that Billy’s terrible and he and her mother deserve one another. After Summer leaves, Billy muses to Phyllis that he can’t tell her how sweet it was getting it on with the daughter of the two people who screwed him over. Phyllis smacks him, then screams about him taking his frustrations out on her daughter. She reminds him she didn’t cheat, they were broken up. Billy thought he was different. Phyllis snarls that he was everything to her. Billy muses she likes keeping men on a string. Phyllis is disgusted with Billy’s actions. Billy did it so she’d have to live with the image of him and Summer together…just like he’s tortured by her and Nick.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa wants to celebrate Mariah’s homecoming. Inside, Kyle apologizes to Lola for not texting and wants to make it up to her. Lola rejects a ride on the jet and asks why he was arrested for grave-robbing. He explains about his father’s paternity quest – he made a stupid decision. Lola admires how far he went for his dad, but is also creeped out. Lola complains about Rey and Arturo’s protectiveness, before agreeing to a date. Tessa and Mariah appear, and Mariah’s introduced to Lola, who suggests they double date. They decide on a game night.

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At Walworth, Nate updates Lily on Neil’s romance with Ashley. She’s puzzled he hasn’t talked about it, and presumes he feels guilty being happy. Lily asks if Nate knows why Cane didn’t show for his visit. Nate’s sure there’s an explanation.

At the penthouse, Devon arrives at home with Charlie and Shauna, who won her swim race. Shauna recalls how a competitor made her feel doubtful before the race, but Hilary told her to use it, and let it fuel her, when people underestimated her. She felt Hilary was there with her today. The trio shares a hug. Nate arrives and admires Shauna’s medal before asking about Cane. He admits Cane missed a visit with Lily. Devon looks concerned. After Nate leaves, Charlie feels guilty enjoying life while Lily’s in a bad place. Devon felt the same about Hilary’s death, but advises Lily wouldn’t want Charlie to be moping.

At the Abbott mansion, Lola enthuses about the amazing kitchen they came through on route to the living room. They have drinks and play charades. Kyle can’t get Lola to guess his movie title, so suggests they play Truth or Dare. He asks Lola for the truth about the time she did something wrong and regretted it. Lola admits she worked for a used car salesman for a month, who fired her without paying her, so she got the food truck in lieu of payment and took the parts off his other vehicles to make it run. Truthfully, she doesn’t regret it. Mariah admits she impersonated her dead twin sister and will regret it to her dying day. Tessa regrets stealing Mariah’s journal. Kyle gets a text from Summer wanting to talk, and ignores it. Summer shows up at the door and insists on coming in. Mariah asks what she’s doing there. Kyle points out she’s obviously upset. Lola tightly says he should do what’s right for his…friend. Mariah argues Summer’s not a friend. Kyle apologizes to Lola as the three girls leave. Summer updates him on Billy’s revelation and debates leaving town. Kyle counsels she has to face it head on, and makes her smile by saying, “You got this.” Summer thanks him with a hug.

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At the Club, Nate learns Cane missed his visit with Lily due to work, and explains how upset she was – this isn’t like Cane, so he wants to get a handle on it. Cane admits he’s on eggshells in there and last time it was strained. Nate understands the visits have become difficult for Cane so he gave himself an easy out. He barks at Cane to get over it and show up…it will only get harder. Cane joins Billy at the bar. They snark at one another, and then Cane admits he did something unforgiveable today. Billy relays he went full scorched earth – he went too far and caused damage that can’t be undone. At a table, Mariah can’t believe Kyle let Summer hi-jack their night. Lola can. Tessa questions if there’s a chance Summer’s really in crisis. Lola wonders what makes it Kyle’s problem and worries he’s left the door open and Summer knows it. After Lola leaves, Mariah fumes about Kyle messing things up with her for Summer. Tessa muses that Summer may not want Kyle, but not want anyone else to have him. Kyle appears, looking for Lola. Mariah informs him he blew it.

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Summer returns to Jabot and finds Phyllis sobbing. Summer says she’s sorry. Phyllis replies, “So am I.” They decide they’re both better off without that loser and embrace.

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