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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria’s contemplating her note when Nikki enters. She got another one as well…identical except it says, ‘the final 3 digits of your payment are 000. You have 24 hours to wire the money.’ They realize Sharon will have the last piece of the puzzle.

At home, Sharon is tidying up while a pile of unopened mail sits nearby. She’s breathing in one of Nick’s shirts from the laundry when Nikki calls and fills her in on the second round of letters. Sharon disconnects and checks her mail, finding the envelope in question.

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In the Jabot office, Traci wails at Ashley, asking how she could be so cruel and do this to their brother? Kyle knew she was sick and twisted. Jack wants an explanation and orders everyone out. Ashley takes a deep breath. Jack urges her to beg for forgiveness, but Ash insists what she did was completely justified. She scoffs when Jack guesses Victor put her up to it – she came up with this and executed it herself. Ash reminds Jack he gifted her with the blood Abbott clause and made her feel like a fraud – he’d do anything to get what he believed was his, and conspired with Victoria to frame her after she went to Newman. Jack wanted her to work with him again. Ashley screams and cries that she was sick of being nice and wanted to be as cold and calculating as he was. She explains their mother had a lot of affairs, she only had to prompt her to believe she’d had one more. Ash flashes to coaching Dina. Jack asks, “Who are you?” He rants that she used Mother’s Alzheimer’s against her; she was humiliated when it was revealed. Ashley refuses to feel bad. Jack marvels she has no compassion for Dina – no wonder she couldn’t remember the name of his real father; he didn’t exist!

In the Jabot corridor, Traci, Kyle, Lauren, and Phyllis snark about Ashley until Abby hollers, “Stop it.” She doesn’t even know her mom anymore. Kyle and the others stop Andrew from leaving. He says something drove Ashley to do this, and advises he’s the least of their worries. Andrew leaves, followed by Lauren, then Phyllis, who gets a text to head to Sharon’s.

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In the office, Ashley next reveals to Jack how she duped Abby into taking her hair, instead of Traci’s, to the lab. She also edited the footage of Dina’s confession into the documentary – the look on Jack’s face was worth it. Jack snarls that she didn’t care who she hurt. They argue about Kyle. Ash reveals he knew about Dina’s confession long before Jack did and didn’t tell him. Jack, angry, shoves the CEO chair across the room. Ashley lists off his transgressions, so they can compare, then flashes to paying Andrew off to doctor the Jack and Billy DNA test. Jack wonders if she enjoyed watching him drink himself into oblivion – it was like a death to him – of the best part of him! Ashley never thought it would push him that far. They move on to her putting Billy in the CEO chair and him not being as cooperative as hoped. Ashley feels justified in wanting revenge – she wanted him to know what it felt like to not be a part of his own family. Jack congratulates her – mission accomplished. He calls her a bitter, cold, monster he doesn’t want to know or be related to. Ash sniffs at him to go home – she has a company to run. Jack questions if she’d ever have told him the truth. Ashley planned to tell him at Christmas…it came a few months early this year. She intones, “Merry Christmas, Jackie.” Jack sneers that even Dina wouldn’t have done something so lacking in human decency. Ash thinks Jack’s as much to blame as her, and feels John would understand and forgive her. Jack snarls that John would be disgusted. He pries her nameplate from the door and hollers she’s disgraced everything their father stood for. He smashes the CEO chair through the glass into reception as Ashley screams.

Phyllis arrives at Sharon’s amid snarking from Nikki and Sharon. They get out their notes. The money’s supposed to be sent to an offshore account, and Nikki says either they pay it, or risk being exposed. A proposal is made to get their blackmailer arrested. Phyllis wants to send a message to the bank telling the blackmailer they won’t get their money unless they meet them. Nikki wants to pay but loses a vote. Phyllis points out none of the notes reference JT’s death, so what are they paying for? Vikki agrees. Nikki and Sharon reluctantly agree to hold out.

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At the Abbott house, Abby wonders how her mom could do this. Traci’s still trying to figure that out. Abby recalls interviewing Dina and marvels that Ashley made up a horrible lie that hurt her. Kyle was hurt too and notes nothing he’s pulled has come close to Ashley’s sick scheme. He didn’t understand John’s legacy until he saw it taken away from his dad – he saw what it did to Jack to lose that. He’ll never forgive what Ashley did. Traci recalls what she went through when Colleen died, and urges him not to waste his second chance with his father being angry at Ashley. Traci tells Kyle and Abby they must come together as a family now.

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