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At Jabot, Phyllis opens an envelope and takes off after reading the contents.

At the Abbott house, Jack updates Traci on Ashley’s suspicious payments to Andrew’s shell company. Traci assures him Ash would never do anything unethical. Jack worries she’s in trouble. Traci warns him not to cause issues.

At the Club, Ashley complains to Lauren that Jack and Kyle have it out for her, then promises to boost marketing and infrastructure for Fenmore’s. Lauren feels she’s being bribed. Ash reasons she’s not used to Fenmore’s getting respect. Traci interrupts to speak alone with Ashley, and reveals she’s very worried about Daddy’s company. Ashley protests; Jack and Kyle are trying to undermine her. Traci urges Ashley to come clean if she’s in trouble, but Ashley continues to chew about Jack and Kyle.

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At Crimson Lights patio, Lola’s feeding a blindfolded Kyle sandwich samples, then kisses him. He raves that she’s sure to get into the festival. Abby arrives and greets Lola as she leaves, then asks Kyle what he’s doing with her boyfriend’s little sister. Kyle explains they’ve had a few dates. Abby complains she’s not his type – flighty or fluffy – she’s sweet and honest. Kyle concedes he’s never dated anyone like Lola before, but he loves that she drives a truck and is focused and confident. Abby smiles and decides it’s not the worst thing if they date. Inside, Phyllis shows Victoria her latest note, which says, ‘If you don’t want anyone to find out what you did, it will cost you. The first digit is 2’. Phyllis doesn’t know if it’s money or body parts the jerk wants. Rey appears and asks what’s so fascinating. Phyllis snarks at him sneaking up on people and Victoria thinks he seems to have a lot of time on his hands. Rey comments on Phyllis being in Sharon’s place of business. Victoria retorts that he’s spending more time investigating their personal lives than doing his job. Rey walks off, and Phyllis is impressed with Vikki’s bitchiness. She wonders if Rey’s sending the letters. Meanwhile, Jack joins Kyle on the patio and rehashes the situation with Ashley. Kyle argues the payments began before Ashley was CEO and the board needs to know. Inside, Victoria and Phyllis continue to speculate about the note. Kyle appears and informs Phyllis there’s a board meeting at Jabot. Phyllis will try to make it. She and Victoria continue their debate about whether Rey wrote the notes and agree they have to be on guard 24/7.

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At Dark Horse, Abby tells Arturo she wants to plan a double date with Lola and her new guy…her cousin, Kyle. Arturo recalls he’s the one who dropped his pants on TV – he seems like a player. Abby insists he’s a good guy and his questionable ethics are limited to business. Jack appears and advises Abby there’s a Jabot board meeting.

Jack arrives at the Club and informs Traci and Ashley he’s scheduled a board meeting to discuss Type A Consulting – he has a quorum of board members on the way.

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In the office at Jabot, Jack begins the board meeting and Kyle explains the issue with Type A Consulting – a shell company that is only a guy named Andrew, who claimed to have damaging information. Ashley walks to the door and admits Andrew, who rhymes off a bunch of chemist talk about what they’ve been working on, which has to do with an anti-cancer anti-aging product. Kyle asks about his lab and Ashley laughs it off. They even explain away Andrew being disgruntled, but then Phyllis arrives and asks Andrew what he’s doing at Jabot. Phyllis reveals Andrew told her he worked at the hospital DNA lab. Abby asks why her mother would hire him to work on cosmetics. Jack’s concerned about the secrecy – and wants to see the analysis. Ash hollers for everyone to leave, but Jack yells louder; he offers to pay Andrew 10 times what his sister paid him, and demands, “Tell me why my sister hired you!” As Jack persists, Ashley screams, “Enough!” she’ll tell him what he wants to know for free. She admits she hired Andrew to handle his paternity results and knows who his father is. Ashley intones, “You’ve been John Abbott’s son all along.”

At Crimson Lights, Lola celebrates getting into the Harvest Festival as Arturo joins her. He congratulates her and wonders if she’ll celebrate with Kyle Abbott. She’s unimpressed with his protectiveness. Rey appears and pulls out his phone to do a background check. Arturo spells Kyle’s name out. Rey learns Kyle was arrested, and Arturo’s stunned to hear he was a grave-robber. Lola defends dating Kyle. Arturo suggests she bring the little grave-digger for dinner, but Lola doesn’t need their approval and will bring him home if and when she wants to.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria receives a note identical to Phyllis’ except it says ‘the third digit is 0’.

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