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At the Dive Bar, Sharon and Nick both start talking at the same time, but suddenly a siren and red light start going off. Nick hollers that they have to get out of there as Tessa announces that it was a false alarm. The party resumes and Nick updates Phyllis that he didn’t get a chance to tell Sharon, but she deserves to know. Phyllis thinks she deserves a wedding without images of them in her head. She admits, when asked, that she pulled the alarm. Nick continues to argue about owning up to his mistakes. Phyllis reminds him they made a pact, and it will blow up her life too. She wonders if he’s thought about Billy, but he isn’t Nick’s concern. Phyllis warns this will make Sharon explode and his infidelity will be exposed on the heels of his arrest. She rants about the effect on Summer, Faith, and Christian and begs him to let it go. Elsewhere, Kyle shows up and Tessa and Mariah worry he’s looking for Summer. Summer joins the group in time to learn Kyle has a hot date. Mariah wonders where Sharon went. Summer ends up alone with Kyle and they watch Nick and Phyllis’ intense conversation. Across the way, Nick tells Phyllis he’ll keep the past in the past; he’s glad she talked him down. In the elevator, Nikki and Victoria inform Sharon that she’s the emergency, and it ends now. They remind her they could all go to prison and accuse her of being ready to throw away her wedding. Victoria and Nikki urge Sharon to marry Nick and forget JT. Sharon hollers that it’s always there, for all of them, and questions if they’ve become monsters. Back on the pool deck, Phyllis spars with Summer, who is suspicious about her looking for Sharon. Summer sends Kyle to find out what’s up. Kyle catches up to Phyllis and expresses concern about Billy, but she gets a call and rushes off. Kyle returns to Summer, who wonders aloud if her parents will take their one-night stand permanent, and the wedding will be called off. Mariah overhears and threatens to tell Sharon about Summer’s lie, but Kyle blurts, “No!” Mariah learns Nick actually cheated with Phyllis while he and Sharon were on a break. Kyle insists it was a one-night thing. It comes out that Nick paid Summer to keep quiet. Meanwhile, Nikki and Victoria rejoin the party hoping they’ve gotten through to Sharon. Nick appears, and they tell him Sharon may have called it a night. Nick sits at the bar trying to reach her. After he leaves, Mariah agonizes to Tessa over what to do with the infidelity information. She wonders, “Do I stop my mother’s wedding?”

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At the station, Phyllis thanks Rey for calling her. She’s shown in to where Billy is cooling his heels and says he had one too many drinks. Rey lets him go as long as Phyllis will be driving home. Phyllis tearfully asks Billy to tell her this is as bad as it’s going to get. He replies, “Oh Sweetheart, it’s so much worse than you know.” Phyllis presses him to explain. Billy alludes to things coming crashing down on his head. Phyllis asks, “How deep?” Billy confesses all the buy-in money for the gambling syndicate is gone and there’s no way to get it back – half a million dollars. Phyllis assumes he got it from a loan shark. Billy says it’s worse…he didn’t borrow the money from a loan shark, he took it from Jabot.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon ignores a call from Nick and is startled by Rey looking for coffee. He learns her party went bust and offers to get out of her hair, but she invites him to stay. Talk turns to the new house. Sharon opens up about her reservations on leaving her old home. Rey senses hesitation. Sharon muses that change is good, but she and Nick are different this time around. She asks about his marriage. He explains they’re still married but had baggage, and thinks Nick’s lucky to have her. Sharon is offering Rey the apartment upstairs, when Nick arrives. He will throw in some upgrades. Rey leaves, and Nick wants to salvage the night. He and Sharon slow dance. After, Nick asks Sharon what she was going to say when the fire alarm went off. Sharon replies, “You were going to say something too.” Nick tells her he is willing to do whatever it takes to make it right this time. Sharon was going to say the same thing. She declares they will have their wedding, their marriage, and their wonderful life together. They kiss and embrace.

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