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At Neil’s place, Devon talks about Shauna’s birthday before asking Neil to dinner. Neil’s going to Nick’s stag and urges Devon to reconsider attending – Hilary would want him to start getting back into life.

At Sharon’s house, Nikki informs Sharon she can’t tell Nicholas what they did to JT. Sharon asks how she can go into the marriage expecting honest when she’s not being honest herself. Nikki warns if the secret comes out families will be destroyed. She implores Sharon to be strong. Mariah enters – everyone’s waiting.

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At the Club, Jack chuckles to Nick that tonight they’ll have what John Abbott used to call a ‘gentlemen’s evening’. Nick feels low key is perfect. He opens up about Sharon not being happy with his choices lately; she thinks he’s slowly turning into his dad. Jack praises Nick for using Victor’s business acumen to beat him, then assures him Sharon knows he’d never break her trust. Talk turns to the party. Jack promises there will be no strippers unless he wants them. Nick doesn’t. They switch gears to Victor. Jack assures Nick his father is proud of him. Arturo arrives and is disappointed there’ll be no strippers. Neil enters with Devon, who gifts Nick with a special cognac. At the Dive Bar, the girls toast to Sharon, and Summer insists Abby and Tessa dance with her. Mariah convinces Sharon to join them. Meanwhile, Phyllis happens along, and Nikki and Victoria warn her that Sharon wants to tell Nick about JT. Nikki approaches Sharon, and informs her she assured Victoria and Phyllis there’s nothing to worry about, and they bicker. By the bar, Summer greets Phyllis and notices she’s hanging out with Victoria again. When Mariah drags Sharon off for another toast, Phyllis asks Nikki if she got through to Sharon. Nikki wonders what she’s even doing there. Mariah gives a speech about Nick and Sharon teaching her about the importance of honesty. After, Mariah asks if anyone else wants to say something good about Sharon. Everyone smiles awkwardly. Downstairs, Jack makes a speech to Nick and the men toast to love, joke, then toast again. Nick talks about the new house. Devon notes he and Hilary wanted a big house with lots of kids, and advises Nick not to take it for granted. He decides to leave, but urges them to step up the party first.

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At the Dive Bar, Abby praises the ‘new’ Sharon after running down ‘old’ Sharon, Victoria admits she makes her brother very happy; she knows she’d never hurt him, and Summer notes she should hate Sharon for making Nick think he wasn’t her dad, but she makes him happy so she’s Team Shick. As Phyllis tries to come up with something to say, the members of the bachelor party arrive. Mariah frets to Tessa about the party being crashed, and Victoria notices Sharon’s gone. While others hit the dance floor, Jack teases Neil about texting with Ashley, and talk turns to Billy’s intervention. They been where he’s at. Neil’s phone dings again, and Jack urges him to duck out and have a good time. Neil enthuses, “Jazz and a beautiful woman, how could I not?” Phyllis joins Jack as Billy arrives drunk and still upset about the intervention. Phyllis tries to get him to leave, and Jack interjects he needs coffee. Billy rants that the intervention was a ploy to get him out as CEO and Jack went along with it, and questions if he can trust Phyllis. Meanwhile, Sharon asks Nick to dance, while Abby tells Arturo she can’t believe they’re doing this again. At the bar, Summer tells Billy he has every right to be pissed off and offers to take him home. Billy tells her she’s pathetic. Phyllis approaches him next and he shrugs her off, knocking her into a waiter. Jack barks that Billy’s leaving…now. He should grow up and live up to the Abbott name. Billy admits he’s been gambling and is in big trouble…he figures Jack’s happy – he’s the big winner and Billy’s the loser. Billy exits, not wanting Phyllis’ help. Jack assures her he’ll figure out how lucky he is to have her. Jack joins Nick and shares he regrets letting Phyllis slip away. Nick runs into Summer, who asks if he’s sure about marrying Sharon and promises his secret’s safe with her. Across the room, Sharon argues with Nikki and Victoria about telling Nick the truth about JT. She’s certain Rey will solve this case and wants Nick to hear it from her first. Nearby, Phyllis joins Nick, who announces he’s telling Sharon about their one-night thing…tonight. Phyllis warns Sharon could leave him. Nick can’t marry her with this secret between them. Nick and Sharon make their way to each other, prepared to come clean, as Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria watch in horror.

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