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At the GCPD, Rey is on the phone with someone about assigning Sharon a desk near his; they’ll be working together a lot.

At home, Sharon is on hold with the police station, and tells Nick she’s decided taking this job isn’t such a good idea. She hangs up and debates with Nick after he finds out Rey’s the problem. He doesn’t think it’s right for her to hold a grudge against him, after all, he’s working hard to find JT. Sharon’s irked that he’s pushing, and worries about dealing with crime victims. He makes her realize she’s capable and competent now, and shouldn’t let old insecurities in. They kiss.

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At the Abbott house, neither Kyle nor Billy can locate Ashley. Suddenly, she appears with Traci in tow. Traci kisses Billy as Kyle and Ashley exchange a look. Traci reveals that Ashley called her and they had a long talk. Billy asks, “What about?” Traci hesitates before saying they spoke about Dina. When Billy and Traci leave the room, Kyle asks Ash why she’s sidelining him. Ash wonders why he keeps forcing it. After, Billy learns from his bookie that he’s $50,000 down and, stressed, leaves for the office. Traci heads up to see Dina, who’s always happy to see her even if she doesn’t remember she’s her daughter. Kyle presses Ashley about Billy’s theft. Ash concedes she has an obligation to Jabot. Kyle notes only Traci can replace him. Later, Ashley sits Traci down to tell her Billy’s gambling again and bought into a high-priced betting syndicate – they have to deal with this. Traci realizes she wants her to step in at Jabot and protests, but Ash pleads – it’s just long enough to get rid of the blood Abbott clause. Traci agrees helping Billy is paramount, but she has another idea. They should stage an intervention.

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At the Club, Jack’s sorry to hear that Victor’s been avoiding Matt’s calls. Matt informs him he’ll have to get his answers elsewhere. Jack pushes, but Matt remains steadfast – the DNA will have to come from Victor. Nick appears, and Jack introduces him to his uncle. Nick asks what’s brought him to town. Jack says they’re trying to figure out if Nick should be calling him uncle as well. Nick asks if a DNA sample from him would help. Jack insists it be from Matt or Victor. Matt decides to approach Victor about a compromise.

In the Newman breakroom, Abby greets Victor and talk turns to Jack’s search to find out if they’re brothers. Abby warns he’s not about to give up, and worries about Victor’s stress levels. Victor invites her to come watch him work out later. After her father leaves, Abby contemplates taking his coffee mug, but changes her mind. She joins Victor and Nate for her father’s check-up and concedes he’s in capable hands. Once she exits, Nate grills Victor about ‘new stress’. Matt arrives, so Nate goes. Matt and Victor discuss Jack’s quest. Victor says Matt’s the only brother he wants. Matt pushes Victor to give Jack the answers he’s seeking as Victor rolls his eyes. He challenges Victor to prove Albert Miller’s not still a factor in his life. Later, Jack arrives at Victor’s behest and Nate does a DNA test – they could have the results as early as tomorrow.

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At the station, Rey lets Sharon know he’s glad she’s there. There’s a card on her desk wishing her luck from Phyllis, Nikki, and Victoria, but she tells Rey it’s from Nick. Rey makes nice before telling Sharon he needs her help with a woman, Ivy, connected to a drug gang. Sharon questions him taking local cases. He’s determined to prove his worth to Paul. Sharon joins Rey in the interrogation room with Ivy, and irks Rey by telling her she doesn’t have to testify against the drug dealer, but together, they convince her the police will protect her. After, Rey tells Sharon she was exceptional, and she compliments him in return. They bond over getting personally involved in their work. Rey looks thoughtful. After, he sends a text to Paul that Sharon’s first day went well – he built trust.

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At Jabot, Kyle snarks to Billy about his stressful CEO position. Billy ruminates that Kyle reminds him of the old stories about his dad – cocky, Smilin’ Jack Abbott, who is now working as a consultant. He warns Kyle to be careful or he’ll wind up just like him. Kyle reminds Billy he screwed over his brother and wouldn’t repeal the blood Abbott clause – actions like that have consequences. Billy asks what that means. Kyle walks out.

At home, Sharon tells Nick about Ivy, whose family was broken up by her lies. They both seem shaken as they consider this.

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