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In the Club dining room, Victoria and Victor discuss restructuring debt in their real estate division. Victoria’s stressed. Nate appears and checks in on Victor. Victoria curtly inform him he’s fine, and Nate walks off. Elsewhere, Nate joins Devon and is glad he went to visit Lily…for both their sakes. Devon’s glad Charlie reached out to him.

At Dark Horse, Jack asks Abby to get him a sample of Victor’s DNA. Abby’s uncomfortable being in the middle and declines. Jack warns he won’t give up until he knows the truth.

Shauna answers the penthouse door to Charlie, who wishes her a happy birthday. She can’t invite him in because Devon’s not there. Charlie learns Devon has no idea it’s her birthday. He takes a photo of Shauna opening her bracelet and they remember prom, and Hilary. Nate appears and wishes her a happy birthday, noting the wrapping paper, and the teens leave.

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At Crimson Lights, Rey cautiously congratulates Sharon on her graduation. She tells him he can go now. Rey admits he’s there to offer her a job at the GCPD. He explains they need a victim liaison, which works best when there’s a solid relationship between the cop and the liaison officer. Sharon learns he’s already secured the position for her with Paul, but turns him down. Later, Sharon brings a cupcake to Shauna on the patio, and Charlie grins as she blows out the candle. Inside, Rey works to convince Sharon she’s perfect for the GCPD job. She agrees to talk to Nick.

Jack arrives at the Club as Victor and Victoria leave their table. He walks over and pockets Victor’s napkin, but Devon sees so he hands it over. After, Jack phones someone – he’d like to meet with them. Later, Victor’s brother Matt Miller, (played by Richard Gleason), joins Jack, who explains he has reason to believe they could be biological brothers and needs his help. Matt gets the whole story, but worries about upsetting Victor, who walks in and fumes as he spots them. He confronts them and accuses Matt of being disloyal. Jack interjects, “What if I’m your brother, Victor?” When Victor walks away, Jack tells Matt he’s his last shot at discovering if he and Victor are brothers.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria tries to work but her hands are shaking.

At the penthouse, Nate tells Devon about Shauna’s birthday. Devon presumes Hilary knew about it, and gets down on himself. Nate reveals Charlie took her to Crimson Lights and suggests they surprise her with a cake when she returns. Devon feels they can do better than that. Nate gets a text from Victoria, and tells Devon he has to go see a difficult patient.

At Crimson Lights, Mattie arrives to take Shauna to the spa and tells Charlie to call Devon.

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At Newman Enterprises, Nate pushes to find out what’s causing Victoria’s stress. She won’t talk to a therapist. Nate wants to give her back control over her life – he’ll help her to not feel powerless anymore. He plans to teach her some self-defence moves. Vikki protests she’s not violent, but he insists she needs to feel strong. He produces a Karate uniform – Karategi – and she sighs, “Let’s do it.” Once suited up, they begin with relaxation and joke around as she learns high kicks. Vikki gets a text from Sharon and has to leave. Nate beams as she goes.

Shauna and Mattie arrive back at the penthouse and Shauna opens the door to a surprise party featuring Devon, Charlie, and friends. Devon reads a list Hilary made of reasons Shauna should move in with them, the most important being that Shauna could help her far more than she could help Shauna. Devon tells Shauna the world is a better place with her in it. The party continues with Shauna worried Charlie’s thinking about his mom, and Mattie giving Shauna another gift. Nate arrives. Shauna thanks him – it’s the best birthday she’s ever had. After everyone’s gone, Shauna tells Devon the party was everything – Hilary would have loved that he did this for her. Shauna points out she’s 18 and old enough to live on her own now. Devon assures her they’re family now; he wants her to stay. He gifts her with the Hilary Curtis Hamilton Memorial Scholarship, which covers costs for any four-year university program. Shauna gushes that he’s awesome; she’ll do everything she can to make both of them proud.

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On the coffee house patio, Victoria urges Sharon to take the job at GCPD to keep tabs on Rey – she’ll have access to files and confidential information. Sharon worries about going to work and lying to her co-workers. Victoria feels it’s better than going to prison. After, Rey returns and Sharon relays that her friends are supportive of her taking the job; she’ll go outside her comfort zone and take it. They shake as he welcomes her to the force.

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