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Sharon is relieved to find Tessa at Crimson Lights – it sounded like she was being attacked. Tessa shakily replies, “I was.” She explains a man jumped her when she was alone – he said nothing, just tried to squeeze the life out of her. Sharon wants to call the police, but Tessa asks her not to – she believes it was a warning from the people who want their money – if Sharon calls the cops she’ll have to leave, and Crystal could be in danger. Sharon realizes Tessa has bruises all over her, and presses to call the police or have her go to the ER. Tessa begs her to leave it alone. After, Nate arrives, and Sharon admits there was trouble. Nate argues that Tessa needs to go to a hospital, but Sharon wants him to help her. Tessa reappears and agrees for him to examine her. Nate declares her contusions appear to be the extent of her injuries, but cannot convince Tessa to go to a hospital. After, Tessa wants Sharon to hide this from Mariah and Nick. She adds sometimes staying quiet is the only way to keep people safe. Sharon apologizes – she had thought Tessa was making it up before seeing the bruises. She agrees Crystal deserves to feel safe, and wants to check the security tapes. Tessa reveals she erased them. Sharon’s irked. Tessa can’t have anything happen to Crystal, ever.

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Kyle changes his order at a Cuban food truck and spars verbally with the young woman who owns it, Lola, (played by Sasha Calle). As Kyle waits, he notes he’s never seen her truck there before by his family’s building. Lola touts being her own boss before handing over his food. He remarks that it’s amazing and she sarcastically hopes he’ll let her truck stay by his building.

At Jabot, Gloria learns Billy’s scouring the books trying to free up cash for the Jaboutiques launch. He asks her about a repeated payment to Type A Consulting he sees, but she has no idea. When Gloria goes, Billy places a bet by phone. Later, he’s yelling into the phone about how much money someone cost him, when Gloria returns. She lets him know she overheard him and realizes he’s gambling. Glo concedes she’s gotten used to him, but warns him to watch his back. Billy is leaving when Kyle arrives boasting about the food truck. Gloria and Billy take off, so Kyle snoops through Billy’s office and finds a paper with wagers on it in the trash. Gloria reappears and Kyle claims he found the paper in the elevator – doesn’t it pertain to gambling? Gloria plays dumb, then leaves.

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At the Abbott house, Abby joins her mother and Jack as he’s leaving. Once he’s gone, she updates Ashley on Mariah’s segment with Jack’s photo – they got a response – from Matt Miller. Ashley gapes. “Victor’s brother?” she asks. Abby confirms it and notes that her dad’s father, Albert Miller, could be Jack’s father too. Ashley believes Matt, but doesn’t want Abby to tell Jack. She wants to find out the truth first, and will reach out to Matt herself. Abby reluctantly agrees to wait.

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Abby kisses Arturo at the Dive Bar. He reveals if she sticks around she’ll meet Lola. Abby wishes Arturo had told her Rey was a cop. Arturo never considered Nick would end up in his brother’s crosshairs, and doesn’t want to discuss him. He senses something’s bothering her. Abby has family stuff going on. At the Club bar, Billy and Jack spar about Jabot. Jack muses maybe he was wrong about Billy not being an appropriate CEO. Billy suggests he talk to Ashley, who is trying to tank him at the company. Billy asks Jack about the repeat payments to Type A Consulting. Jack doesn’t recognize it. He wishes Billy the best – he’s proud of him. Next, Abby joins Jack and updates him that Nick’s arrest is working to Dark Horses’ advantage – everyone loves a bad boy. Jack’s surprised to hear no one responded about Dina’s photo, and thanks her for trying. Abby stammers that she wishes things were different. Jack walks away, and when he returns, Abby has a change of heart and informs him about Matt Miller’s email – he claimed the man in the photo was Albert Miller. Jack won’t let her go on and is very disturbed. At the Dive Bar, Lola arrives and boasts to Arturo about her profitable location near Jabot. Arturo updates her that Rey’s in town and will want to see her.

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At the Abbott mansion, Billy asks Ashley about Type A Consulting. She explains she farmed out research and covered the expenses. Once alone, she exhales, and phones someone to warn they have to be more careful and if anyone calls to say they’re doing R&D work for her.

Back at Jabot, Billy grimaces over another gambling loss, then places a call to his broker to cash in some stocks.

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