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In Walworth prison, Lily looks at herself in a mirror, then sits on her cot seeming pensive.

In the police station, Brittany’s gone, having secured Nick’s immunity, so he’ll talk to Rey one-on-one. Nick reiterates that he never colluded with JT, and as far as he knows the last time JT was in town was when he was at his sister’s house. Rey wants to buy Nick a beer for taking a stand against his father…he should have done the same thing years ago. Nick says it was time, and the pair agree that JT needs to pay for what he’s done to Nick’s family.

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At home, Cane calls out to the twins that it’s time to go. Maddie’s wearing a t-shirt protesting the injustice of her mom being locked up. Cane warns the shirt could make things worse if the other prisoners see it. Mattie tells Cane that Charlie’s not there.

At the Dive Bar, Nikki feels Victor is acting like he’s seen a ghost. Victor asks, “What do you know about Jack Abbott looking for his real father?” Nikki wonders why Victor cares. Victor huffs that it’s nonsense and old history – Jack should let bygones be bygones. Victor goes off, then returns with the news Nick’s been freed. Nikki questions him looking so disturbed earlier. Victor was reminded of his father – that cold, cruel bastard. Nikki know he wishes anyone but Albert Miller was his father. Victor explains that the photo Abby put on TV was Albert Miller, and Nikki realizes if it’s true, Jack would be his half-brother. Victor groans and chuckles, “Oh my goodness.” Nikki asks how he wants to handle the potential bombshell. In the Club dining room, Charlie urges Devon to come to visit Lily with them today. Devon declines and warns he won’t keep covering for him skipping school. Later, Nikki and Victor are in the bar area and Nikki’s appalled he wants to hide the truth from Jack. Victor insists they keep it a secret.

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Charlie arrives at home and claims he was at school turning something in. Cane heads to the car, and Mattie informs Charlie she doesn’t buy it; he hasn’t been in classes.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Summer calls Kyle out for avoiding her, and wonders why he bolted. Kyle didn’t want total emptiness. Summer teases him, until Kyle admits she means more to him than a one-night fling. Summer didn’t realize he felt that way. Inside, Sharon updates Mariah that the police aren’t pressing charges against Nick. They discuss Rey, who they can’t totally hate or trust. Mariah mentions going to Madison for work, and confides in Sharon that Tessa said the ‘L’ word to her. Sharon warns her to be careful, as Nick arrives. Sharon promises him a party re-do with just the two of them. After, Sharon spots Rey, who waves a white napkin. She snarks he’s not getting anymore free coffee and they spar verbally about his subterfuge. He’s hoping they can start over. Sharon respects cops unless they prove they can’t be trusted. Later, Tessa finds Kyle and Summer on the patio and mentions their flirt-fighting. After Tessa’s gone, Summer tells Kyle she loves him…like a brother. Kyle thinks they’d be better off in separate orbits from now on. Inside, Mariah and Tessa say goodbye with a kiss. Nick rejoins Sharon, who leaves with him.

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At Walworth, Lily asks the kids about school and they give upbeat replies. Cane reveals Mattie’s been working in the legal library, and they discuss the possibility of Lily getting an early release. Charlie worries Lily’s not safe and should be in solitary. Lily works to reassure them she’s fine. Suddenly, Devon appears. Cane and the twins give them privacy. Devon tells Lily he knows it’s hell in here – he can see in her eyes what this place has done to her; what he’s done to her. Lily wants to make amends by starting a charity in Hilary’s name for kids dealing with alcoholism in their family as she did. Devon assures Lily she’s already a good person, and this was a tragic accident. He takes back everything he said to her from the crash until today. Lily asks if he forgives her. Devon feels there’s nothing to forgive; he loves her. Lily cries in his embrace. He assures her they’ll get through this together. Cane and the twins rejoin them, and smile.

At the station, Paul calls Rey into his office and is angry to learn that Nick was granted full immunity…by Christine. Paul crabs that Rey went behind his back to his wife. Rey points out she’s the D.A., and they had to make an immediate move. Paul thinks he cut him out knowing he’d say no. Rey assures Paul he knows what he’s doing. Paul concedes something good came of it, as Rey says they now know JT was last seen at Victoria’s house.

At home, Nick tells Sharon the police are more determined than ever to solve JT’s disappearance. Sharon takes a call from Tessa and hears a scuffle and screaming on the other end of the line.

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