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At the Club, Nikki peruses her invitation to Dark Horse’s launch as Jack walks up and tells her there’s a ‘no mustache’ policy. Nikki agrees there could be trouble if Victor showed up. Just then, Victor appears. Jack leaves, and Victor chews about the doomed Dark Horse.

At the hotel in Vegas, Phyllis is ready to go home, but Billy makes a case for extending their trip. He enthuses that this is who they are; spontaneous, unpredictable, and passionate. They make love then talk turns to his gambling. Billy boasts that he can control this – he can kick butt then walk out. Phyllis admits he’s been something this weekend.

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At Crimson Lights, Sharon compliments Tessa, who stuns her by asking for an advance…on her next few months pay. Sharon nicely refuses as Rey appears. Tessa serves Charlie; she knows he’s cutting class and understands. Charlie asks her to keep quiet about seeing him. Next, she serves Rey, who gets her talking about Phyllis and Victoria not being Sharon’s favorites, and their charity thing. Sharon joins them, and Rey asks about Nick. Tessa shares that he’s likely at Dark Horse preparing for his launch. Rey goes, and Sharon snaps at Tessa, then cautions her that he’s a debt collector investigating JT. Tessa shrugs, “I don’t have JT stashed away anywhere, do you?” Sharon decides to go ahead with the pay advance…in exchange for loyalty and discretion. Mariah arrives and is surprised she got the advance, but is still concerned how she’ll pay off the lowlifes. Tessa assures her she’ll find her way out of this. Mariah knows she asked Devon for a loan. Tessa realizes he probably doesn’t believe her story, and thinks Mariah shouldn’t either. She complains it would be easy for him to help. Mariah assures her they’ll figure this out together. Later, Mariah tells Sharon that Tessa needs money – a lot more than her advance. Sharon hears the story and questions if it’s true and why Tessa doesn’t go to the police. Mariah believes her…or wants to so badly. Sharon wants her to take a critical look at this. Mariah muses, “Did Tessa come back for me, or money?”

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At the penthouse, Devon wants Shauna to try and have a good day at school; he’s there if she needs to talk. Shauna admits she’s wondering how Lily’s doing. Once Devon’s gone, Charlie arrives. Shauna says he can’t be there, but he’s upset about Lily. Devon returns for his back-up drive and is upset they’re together there. Shauna explains Charlie just wanted to talk. Shauna’s sent to school, then Charlie tells Devon he can’t function. He’s going to suffer through his mother’s sentence because it’s all his fault. Devon hugs him and says they can play the blame game all day – he should have been there. Charlie presses Devon to visit Lily. Devon doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Charlie says he’ll go to school if Devon visits Lily.

At the Abbott house, Lauren complains to Jack about Phyllis not being back yet. Jack doesn’t know what to tell her. Lauren complains about Billy’s power struggle with Ashley – it could harm Fenmore’s no matter who wins. She phones Phyllis, who assures her she’ll be home tonight. Lauren disconnects and tells Jack that Phyllis is with Billy and she can’t rely on her. Talk turns to Jack’s paternity quest. He shows her the photo and Lauren says that man is her father – it’s a young Neil Fenmore. Jack muses, “Could it be?” Lauren gasps, “It better not be.” Jack wants a DNA test. Lauren wants a shortcut – she’s not leaving until they prove she and Jill didn’t have sex with their half-brother. Lauren figures out with blood types that it’s not possible for Jack to be Neil’s. Jack muses about the other guys in the photo. Lauren knows one of them – Stuart Brooks. Jack dated his daughter Peggy, so Lauren hopes they can take him off the list too. They look with a magnifying glass at a man Lauren doesn’t recognize. Jack needs to find out who he is.

At the Club, Victor spots Rey. He wants to know what he’s all about and calls him over to join them. Victor mentions his finance job and Rey admits he’s a debt collector. Talk turns to Arturo, and Rey reveals their situation growing up, before asking if they’re attending Nick’s launch. Nikki pretends not to know about it. Rey hopes they can put aside their issues to celebrate Nick’s success tomorrow night. After Rey’s gone, Victor announces he trusts him more than he trusts Arturo with Abby. Something about Rey bothers Nikki. Elsewhere, Rey phones someone and says he’s making his move tomorrow night.

In Vegas, after talking to Lauren, Phyllis works to convince Billy she needs to return to her corporate job. They end up having sex again. After, Billy rides a wave of not having to hold back who he is anymore. It’s a gift and he’s going to give it back to her. Billy gets a text and learns the poker tournament wants him back next weekend. He celebrates while Phyllis looks worried.

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