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Nick arrives home from his trip to find Sharon on the stairs in lingerie. Upstairs, Nick makes passionate love to her.

At the Abbott house, Ashley’s upset that Phyllis ‘lost’ her mother. Abby’s excited that Arturo’s back. After establishing Billy’s at the office, Abby leaves, and Ashley harps on Phyllis about Dina. They spar verbally. Phyllis reminds Ash this is Billy’s estate, and Ash sniffs about being called a squatter. She then notes Billy became CEO by default. Phyllis argues he’s raised the profile of the company and isn’t going anywhere.

At Jabot, Summer confronts Billy about avoiding her. Billy attempts to dismiss her but she won’t go. Billy rants about her buying a ticket to Philadelphia – nothing was going to happen. Summer insists he wanted her; risk is what he does. Billy thinks she’s using him to hurt her mother, which just shows how immature she is. He warns her not to bring this to him on company time again. Summer’s unconcerned. Billy gets a text about a poker game. After, Phyllis shows up. He briefs Phyllis on his run-in with Summer before rushing off to a meeting.

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In the Club dining room, Kyle fills Jack in on Phyllis’ incident with Dina; he doesn’t blame her. Jack notes no one’s been more devoted to Dina than Kyle. Talk turns to Jabot and Jack warns Kyle not to get caught in the cross-hairs between Ashley and Billy.

At Crimson Lights, Sharon updates Nick that her final grades are in and she’s ready to graduate. Nick wants to celebrate in their new home, but Sharon hasn’t looked at houses. Nick insists on a move. He meets with Abby and says Arturo crushed it. Abby admits she’s put out that Arturo didn’t return with him – she got his call while pulling out of the driveway. Rey appears and Abby’s surprised he and Nick know one another. The men talk sports. Sharon appears as plans are made to attend a soccer match in Chicago. Sharon wants a ticket since she cooked Rey dinner. Abby asks how that came about and Sharon explains he helped with the plumbing. Nick learns he’s Arturo’s brother, then leaves with Sharon to view homes. Abby gets up in Rey’s face about why Arturo leaves the room when he walks in, and has now taken on extra work out of town. Rey surmises that Arturo just has work to finish and warns Abby is thinking with her heart and not her head, which could lead to getting hurt.

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Jack joins Ashley at the Abbott mansion as Dina panics about her dog. Jack soothes her. Ash notes she responds well to him. Jack decides he should move back in even though Phyllis is living there with his brother; he accepts she wants Billy. Dina reappears and shows off a family photo album. She doesn’t remember Traci’s name, but goes on about her perfect life before walking off again. Jack complains about her living a fantasy.

In the park, Sinead tells Billy it’s too late to get into the game. He persists, then finally pays her to get him in.

Billy returns to Jabot and Phyllis suggests a Happy Hour. Billy loves the idea. He gets a text he’s in the poker game in Vegas tomorrow. He lies to Phyllis about having to work in Arizona. She wants to go along, but he dissuades her. After making travel arrangements, Billy suddenly admits to Phyllis, “I can’t do this…I lied to you.” He comes clean about the poker tournament, and explains it’s eating him up to lie to her; he doesn’t want to do it anymore. Billy explains the rush of getting into this game and the skill of playing at this level – he needs to know if he’s one of those people. Billy makes his case for wanting to go in the tournament and being honest about it, then asks if she’ll go on this ride with him.

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At the Dive Bar, Sinead updates Kyle on her progress with Billy. Kyle says this tournament is only the first step – she needs to keep him coming back and shelling out. He warns no one can know about their arrangement. Summer arrives. Kyle joins her and she announces he won the bet and she’s ready to pay. She asks, “Where do we go to hook up?” Kyle isn’t up for a quickie; he’d like to savor his victory. Summer sighs – they’ll make a night of it and she promises he’ll enjoy every moment.

Back at home, Nick enthuses about a nine-bedroom house they looked at, but Sharon found it cold and impersonal. He recalls she was willing to move to San Diego with him and asks, “What’s changed?” Sharon replies, “You.” She questions Dark Horse’s beginnings and his need to move; she’s concerned this is actually all about Victor. Sharon doesn’t want to give up her cozy ranch house. Nick thanks her for her honesty and insists showing up his father is over. Sharon reveals she invited Rey over to find out what he knew – he’s investigating JT’s credit card debt, some of which Nick ran up, so it’s not over.

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