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In prison, Lily sits on her bunk and rocks, listening to the sounds around her. She looks at family photos and her smile turns to tears.

At Cane and Lily’s, the kids argue while Cane stares off into space while making the kids waffles on their first day of school. They attempt to eat and Charlie ponders staying home. Cane says they need to keep moving forward. Mattie knows that’s what her mom wants. Cane says it’ll be okay. They’ll visit Lily tomorrow. Cane tells them to call if they need him. Sam starts to cry and he goes off to care for him. Mattie offers Charlie a ride but he declines.

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Mariah walks into Devon’s office, surprised he’s there. He muses that he couldn’t get much work done at home and when she asks, he fills her in on his sister’s sentencing and how he spoke out on Lily’s behalf. cane makes pancakesHe’s clear that this doesn’t mean he forgives her. Mariah is sure with good behavior she’ll will be out much sooner and assumes Lily’s grateful to him for speaking out. This lightens Devon’s heart some. Mariah goes and Nate appears to see how Devon’s doing. Devon’s trying not to blame himself. Nate’s supportive. He suggests visiting her and Devon refuses.

Summer storms into her apartment and reads a note from Phyllis explaining that she and Billy moved out.

At the Abbott mansion, Kyle and Phyllis discuss Summer returning today. Phyllis smirks. She doesn’t think her daughter can outdo her in the revenge department. Dina appears with popcorn and says they’re watching On the Waterfront with “dreamy” Marlon Brando. Phyllis takes Kyle aside and questions him. He tells her this makes Dina happy and that’s all that matters. Phyllis thinks it’s beautiful how he’s doting over a woman who has no idea who he is. Summer arrives in a rage. Kyle tells the ladies to take their argument outside. They ignore him. Half watching the movie, Dina snipes that if they’re going to argue to at least speak louder so she doesn’t have to strain to listen. Summer snarks about being sent away and asks if Phyllis locked Billy up in the basement. Phyllis says he was in her bed this morning. Dina barks out a laugh. Phyllis can’t believe Summer’s wasting time on a man in a relationship.  Summer snorts that her mother knows nothing about monogamy. They argue about who the biggest hypocrite is and who is smarter until Dina starts to cry and asks Kyle to make them stop. As Kyle drags Summer out, Phyllis and Dina watch Brando strut his stuff in the movie. When Phyllis suggests a stroll outside, Dina grabs her purse and Phyllis tells her to sit outside while she takes a call. Once Dina leaves, Phyllis gossips about Summer to Lauren and once she’s done, she can’t find Dina outside.

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At Crimson Lights, Tessa tries to keep it together while falling behind with getting coffee orders. A line forms as Mariah walks in and immediately gets to work on making coffee. Tessa’s grateful. Mariah makes a verbal list on what to do for the next rush. Mariah offers to help with money but Tessa can’t let her. In walks Charlie. Tessa makes him a coffee and he lies that there’s a teacher’s conference today. Tessa’s skeptical and when her back is turned, Charlie has disappeared. Summer and Kyle arrive and she continues to bitch about her mom. He asks how long it took her to figure out she’d been played. She complains there was nothing to do and she never saw it coming. Tessa and Mariah appear. Summer’s shocked she returned and notices Mariah put her arm around Tessa and asks, “Is this a thing?” They ignore her and mock her for going on a cruise after working only three months. Summer looks as though she smelled something bad and lies that she needed “alone time.” The women leave and Summer texts Billy, asking if he wants to see her tan lines. Meanwhile, Tessa approaches Devon. She’s sorry for his loss. Devon asks what she wants. Tessa needs 20 grand for her sister. Devon says she already blew her second chance with him.

Nate arrives at Cane’s and they discuss the kids putting on a brave front while Cane’s managing. He’s upset that Lily can’t have any visitors for the first 48 hours and wishes Devon could help. Nate doubts that’ll happen.

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Kyle returns to the mansion and Phyllis panics and tells him Dina’s missing. Kyle says to relax. He has a tracker in her purse. She’s in the den. Dina reappears. She’s dying to watch Brando in their matinee.

Devon interrupts Mariah at home. They discuss Tessa’s return and Devon relays their conversation and his skepticism over the reason Tessa needs the cash.

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