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At Sharon’s place, she tells Mariah that Tessa can’t stay there. Mariah’s taken aback – she’s starting from scratch and came back to be with her. Sharon doesn’t want Tessa taking advantage. Mariah argues that Tessa makes her happy and risked everything to come back there. Sharon asks what she risked and becomes suspicious. Tessa appears as Sharon reiterates she’s reluctant to have her stay there. Tessa tells Sharon she’s leaving today and thanks her. Mariah worries about where she’ll go and can’t understand what’s wrong with her moving in. Tessa doesn’t want to disrupt Sharon and Nick’s lives and will figure something out. She understands why Sharon doesn’t trust her. Sharon leaves for work. Tessa assures Mariah she came back to be with her, but she owes a lot of money, and knows it’s complicated. Mariah has no feelings in her gut about this, and explains how she grew up with a false sense of what love is. She wanted love; something real, but was ill-equipped to get it due to her past. Mariah adds she joked about it and couldn’t really put her heart out there. Tessa wants her to want this. Mariah does, but needs to go slow. Talk turns to getting Tessa settled – she needs to make money and find a place to live. Mariah has an idea, so they head out.

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At the courthouse, the judge asks Lily to rise and announces he has made a decision and will deliver justice for the deceased. Devon interrupts, and blurts, “I can’t let this happen.” Michael and Christine debate, and the judge allows Devon to speak. Devon recalls how he came to think of his sister as ‘the defendant’ so he could ask for the maximum sentence. He realizes this is not what his wife would want – he was so focused on getting justice for her and their child, he blinded himself to the person who first befriended and helped him. He doesn’t want Lily’s kids to become adults without their mother, and believes Hilary would agree the guilt is punishment enough. He asks the judge to please let that be enough. The judge questions him changing his mind – was he pressured? Devon promises he wasn’t; the problem with grief is that everything constantly changes. He thinks putting Lily behind bars would be another wrong done. He’d like to be free to honor his wife, and if he’s the reason his sister goes to jail, there will be no freedom for him. The judge calls a recess to reconsider. The Ashbys speculate with Michael whether this will help. To Lily, what Devon said was everything. Nate tells Devon that what he did took heart. Lily approaches and thanks Devon for what he said. Devon doesn’t forgive her – he doesn’t think they’ll ever come back from this. Lily will never stop loving him or trying to make amends. Devon walks out and Cane follows. Charlie asks Michael if he believes what Devon said will make a difference. Michael’s non-committal. Charlie worries he made things worse by not saying anything about his mom running the red light. Michael tells him it’s impossible to know. Nearby, Mattie and Lily agree they needed to hear the words Devon said, even if it doesn’t affect her sentence.

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At Crimson Lights, Cane tries to convince Devon they need to be together for the sentencing. Devon doesn’t want to be there and see them celebrate – he’s looking at photos and misses his wife. Cane admits he’s scared the judge will tear his family apart – he needs Devon there. Cane exits. Sharon joins Devon and learns Lily’s sentencing is right now. Devon reveals that in the end he asked for leniency. Sharon realizes he thinks his family will move on and forget what’s happened to him, and advises that resentment and anger dishonor Hilary and his child. She speaks of her own experience, losing Cassie, and urges him to cherish the family he still has. Sharon thinks Lily will need him there if she’s sentenced to jail. After, Mariah appeals to Sharon to speak to Nick on Tessa’s behalf with regard to her apartment – this is someone she cares about. Sharon has doubts, and Mariah concedes she does too, but Sharon taught her not to let her fear of love stop her. Sharon’s worried, but agrees to offer Tessa a couple shifts at the coffeehouse when asked. It’s established Tessa will take the job and she thanks Mariah; she hopes she never lets her down.

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Cane returns to the court and reassures Lily. Devon eventually appears. The judge reconvenes the hearing, and recaps the accident and Devon revising his victim impact statement – this caused his decision to change. He says justice must be served for Hilary and her unborn child. Lily is fined, her driving license is suspended, and she’s sentenced to 12 months in Walworth State Penitentiary. Lily says goodbye to her family as Devon approaches – he didn’t want this to happen to her. She tells him he did more than she hoped for; more than she deserved. Cane pulls the teary Lily into an embrace.

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