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At Sharon’s place, Mariah gapes at a rack full of gowns. Sharon apologizes for ambushing her and notes the other bridesmaids will weigh in. Summer arrives and the trio toasts. Mariah panics. “You’ve roped me into another girls’ night!”

At home, Lily updates Cane that Mattie went online to get information about her sentencing. She needs to get things done while she’s still free.

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria updates Nikki that Reed is thriving at the music school and barely mentioned JT. Victoria’s concerned about Nikki’s MS, but she reassures her. Vikki takes a call from Sharon, who wants her to be a bridesmaid. Victoria can’t squirm out of it. After, she and Nikki discuss it, and decide they’ll both go over to Sharon’s.

At Jabot, Phyllis is looking for Summer. Billy notes she must be in trouble. Phyllis stalks out as Ashley arrives. Billy confronts her about being a back-stabber. Ashley, unfazed, suggests he open one boutique to see how it goes, but Billy wants to make an impact. Kyle joins them and the arguing about boutiques and money continues. Billy thinks Ashley will thank him later and orders them out. Kyle and Ashley agree he’s out of control. Kyle asks what his loyalty is worth to her.

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As Mariah assures Summer that Sharon’s parties are cursed, Phyllis arrives, having tracked down her daughter. She wants to know why Summer’s a bridesmaid when she hates Sharon, then confronts her about manipulating Jack. Summer thinks she and Jack are a better match. Phyllis has a match and isn’t looking for another. Summer snarks, “Maybe you should be.” Victoria and Nikki arrive and wonder what Phyllis is doing there. Phyllis declares one of the bridesmaids has boundary issues.The women settle in as Summer and Phyllis resume their argument. Summer opines that Phyllis can’t be wild with Billy because he’s wilder than she is. Phyllis refutes her theory and the others back her up. Summer complains they always have tension. Sharon says all couples do – not long ago she and Nick nearly called off the wedding! Nick arrives and questions if it’s another girls’ night. Victoria chirps that since Sharon and Phyllis have become so close, she should be a bridesmaid too. Sharon mutters, “We could discuss it…” Wine is poured. Nikki and Victoria push for the novel idea, but Mariah feels it’s a recipe for disaster. Nick doesn’t have an issue with it. Sharon and Phyllis agree Phyllis would have more fun cheering them on as a guest. Nikki asks if Victor will be invited. Nick worries he’ll cause problems. Meanwhile, Summer grills Mariah about Sharon and Nick’s fight and learns he was gone overnight. Nick leaves, and a bridesmaid dress style is chosen. Talk turns to Sharon’s previous girls’ night…and they toast to Hilary. Later, Summer and Mariah spar verbally until Summer leaves and Mariah goes upstairs. The four get into it about Victoria trying to force Phyllis to be Sharon’s bridesmaid. Nikki snaps it was a joke and reminds Phyllis she was going to let them take the blame for JT. They’re all under stress because of that night. Sharon feels they’ll never be free of it. Talk turns to lying to Nick. They confirm they’ll keep the secret from him. Nick returns as Phyllis is on her way out, needling Sharon about ensnaring him again. Sharon shrugs, “It’s Phyllis right?”

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At the Club, the Ashbys look at menus. Charlie’s getting a weird vibe. Lily announces she pled guilty. Mattie interjects that she looked it up – the maximum penalty is twenty years. Lily and Cane exclaim and try to downplay it. Lily says Michael will ask for leniency. Cane vows they’ll do whatever it takes to stay together. The twins leave the table – Charlie has a plan to save his mom. At the table, Cane tells Lily he bought five tickets to Australia – they’re leaving tonight. Up at the Dive Bar, Kyle wants more than lunch from Ashley, who relents and fills him in on asking Jack to buy the leasing company. Kyle’s impressed. Summer arrives and criticizes Ashley for conducting business there. Ashley doesn’t clear her schedule with Fenmore’s trainees. Summer thinks they’re conspiring. After Summer goes, Ashley advises Kyle to handle her.

Summer arrives at Jabot and reports that Ashley and Kyle are plotting. Billy tells her to go, and keep her distance. Summer wonders if he means that…who is he trying to convince?

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