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At home, Nick’s planned breakfast to surprise Sharon, but she enters with food to surprise him. They had the same idea after reflecting on Hilary’s death. They kiss. Talk turns to Mariah and what an amazing job she did with the tribute show. Sharon envies her inner strength. Abby arrives with PR ideas to show Nick, who is so impressed he gives her the day off.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily is upset about the accident and tells Cane she wants to go see Devon. Cane offers to come with her. They embrace.

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At Jabot, Phyllis and Kyle debate about Billy’s Fenmore’s study. Kyle brings up her ‘other guy’ and she asks why. Summer appears. They talk business and Kyle grumps about having to do an eye make-up study. Phyllis wants a fashion report from Summer, who questions the tension between the two of them. Phyllis explains the Fenmore’s study could lead to rumors about stores closing – there’s no room there for damaging rumors. Kyle muses that one little ‘indiscretion’ could blow things sky high. Once Summer exits, Phyllis warns Kyle not to pull anymore crap in front of her daughter or he’ll regret it. He watches her storm to the elevator. Summer notices, and invites Kyle to join her at the pool deck.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis joins a wary Nick. They discuss Hilary, and Nick’s new business. He muses if she’s ever interested in making a move, they should talk. Phyllis reminds him of their recent dalliance, then warns it’s not so secret anymore – Kyle was there. Nick worries. Phyllis reminds him they were unattached at the time; it’s technically their business. Nick questions if Billy would see it that way. Phyllis has a business trip in Chicago, but wonders if Nick was serious about buying Fenmore’s – Lauren might be open to it. Nick notes they’d be working together. Phyllis muses it’s all about keeping balance.

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At the Dive Bar, Arturo complains Abby’s been hard to get a hold of lately. He decides to take the day off too, and she tells him about her new gig. As they chat, Cane comes over to say Lily’s not doing very well. After, Arturo wants to bring Abby to his neighborhood and they discover they both love soccer. Kyle interrupts to tease Abby about her new office, after which, Abby and Arturo decide to go somewhere less crowded. Meanwhile, Summer joins Kyle in a hot pink bikini.

At Summer’s place, Kyle still isn’t going to answer questions about his tension with Phyllis. Summer knows it’s more than the feasibility study. Kyle says she can think that, but won’t find out from him. Summer tries another tack – she claims she’s turned on by him again and asks him to leave. Kyle pulls her into a deep kiss. As they’re half-naked and making out on the couch, Summer muses they can thank whatever’s going on with her mom for this. Kyle blurts that he saw a man’s clothes there when Phyllis was broken up with Billy. Summer pushes him away. Kyle realizes she lied to get the information – anything to steal her mother’s boyfriend.

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In the park, Arturo asks if Abby’s trying to stick it to her family by dating him. Abby doesn’t operate that way and admits she started falling for him in the cabin. She asks if he’s been in love. Arturo says, “Once.” It didn’t work out because she wasn’t spontaneous. He pulls Abby to her feet and they dance.

At the penthouse, Shauna’s not happy to see Lily and Cane. Lily soothes that she knows how Shauna feels, but the girl snaps, “Excuse me? You don’t have the slightest idea how I feel!” She complains that Lily didn’t even like Hilary. Lily acknowledges they got into it that day over her and Charlie. Shauna thinks Lily’s blaming her. Lily takes a call from Devon. Cane challenges Shauna’s attitude. Shauna tells him Lily ran the red light and caused this, and she’s going to get away with it. Cane warns her not to say a word. Lily disconnects, and Cane suggests they leave.

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At home, Nick gives Sharon a kiss and a new bracelet. After, he wants to plan their fall wedding. Sharon’s fine with a small ceremony, but Nick wants something big that tells the world, “This is it.” Sharon balks when he talks about a full reset – he wants to move away from his father’s ranch and build her dream house – she cherishes the memories there. Nick persists.

At the Abbott mansion, Abby invites Arturo in, but he’s called to a job site. They look forward to making things happen in the future.

At Hamilton-Winters, Cane tells Lily the funeral is tomorrow and they have to focus on Devon. He looks worried as he holds her and soothes, “It’s all going to be okay.”

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