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In the hospital, Hilary awakens to Devon, who admits he’s arranged a surprise. He produces their wedding invitation.

At home, Phyllis reads her invitation to Hilary and Devon’s wedding.

In Sharon’s place, Mariah, reads her invitation to Hilary and Devon’s wedding. Mariah feels a hospital wedding isn’t a good sign, but Sharon advises her to just be happy for them. Talk turns to Tessa. Mariah confides things have gotten complicated, and asks her mother to be supportive.

At Crimson Lights, Lily advises Cane the police are on their way to Hamilton-Winters to interview her. She’ll tell them the truth – that a truck came out of nowhere and hit them.

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At Hamilton-Winters Group, Nick wants to hire Neil for Dark Horse’s PR. Neil passes – Hilary’s accident has given him a new perspective – life is too short to engage in petty things and he’s not interested in getting between Nick and his dad. Nick understands. Later, Lily meets a female officer and recounts how they came to be in the car the day of the accident. She doesn’t remember much, except a truck came out of nowhere and hit them. After, Mariah tells Tessa about Hilary and Devon’s wedding. Mariah wonders if the two of them could find their own happy ending. She thinks Tessa could clear Crystal’s name, then she wouldn’t have to leave town. Tessa argues the point and insists her sister has to stay in hiding. Mariah challenges that she’s not trying to find a solution. Tessa blurts, “I’m not a good person.” Mariah disagrees – the Tessa she knows has one of the biggest hearts she’s ever seen. Hilary’s accident has made her see that you have to go after what you want. If Tessa leaves, Mariah will go with her.

Phyllis arrives at the hospital to see Hilary, who asks what happened with the P.I. Phyllis updates her Billy wasn’t cheating, then tears up when Hilary confides they lost the baby – she thinks Devon’s planning the wedding to get her mind off it. Phyllis laughs, and accepts, when Hilary asks her to be her maid of honor. She leaves in search of a dress for Hilary. In the waiting area, Neil questions Devon about rushing into marriage. Devon states he loves Hilary with all his heart. Neil feels he has plenty of time, but Devon replies, “Hilary is out of time.” Neil doesn’t know what to say. Devon asks him to be his best man. Neil agrees and they cry while embracing. Meanwhile, in Hilary’s room, Cane acknowledges that she was there for him and Sam after Juliet died. Hilary says it was out of guilt and love. Cane apologizes for cutting her out. She thanks him – the moment she held Sam she knew he wanted to be a mother. Hilary tells him the accident was a perfect storm – no one’s fault. In the waiting area, Phyllis suggests Devon to wait until Hilary’s out of the hospital to walk down the aisle. Devon confesses she only has a few days to live and defends his choice not to tell her.

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At the penthouse, Charlie works to convince Shauna to attend Hilary’s wedding. Shauna still feels responsible. Charlie notes his mom’s talking to the police today. Shauna says she ran a red light. Charlie knows, but his mom doesn’t remember and he wants to let it go.

At Crimson Lights, Nick finds Phyllis, upset. He relays he worked things out with Sharon and asks about her and Billy. She doesn’t want to discuss it. He senses something’s wrong. Phyllis tells him Hilary’s not going to make it. Sharon appears as they embrace, and Phyllis tells her too. Sharon’s so sorry. Once alone, Sharon tells Nick she never thought she’d say it, but she feels bad for Phyllis. Sharon regrets nearly walking away from Nick, and is glad she didn’t do anything to ruin what they have. Later, Charlie, Mattie, Lily, and Cane reflect that Devon and Hilary’s wedding will be a special day. Lily updates them on her police interview. Mattie hopes that’s the end of it.

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Shauna arrives at the hospital, where Hilary assures her the accident wasn’t her fault and asks her to forgive herself. She wants her to be a bridesmaid tomorrow – she’s like a daughter. Shauna’s surprised she’s not waiting until she gets out. Hilary realizes they haven’t told her when that will be. After, Devon rejoins Hilary, and tells her they can take a trip around the world for their honeymoon if she likes. Phyllis arrives with dress choices. Devon is scooted out. Hilary demands Phyllis be straight with her about why Devon’s rushing the wedding. Phyllis chirps that he loves her. Hilary shakes her head and asks, “What is going on?” Phyllis presses her to choose a dress, but Hilary has noticed everyone getting nervous when she talks about the future. “I’m not going to make it, am I?” Phyllis admits the doctor’s told Devon she wouldn’t. Hilary sobs – there is so much she wanted to do. Phyllis urges that doctors can be wrong, and to fight. Hilary will fit as much as possible into the time she has left.

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