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At the Dive Bar, Mariah tells GC Buzz fans on air that their outpouring of support will make all the difference for Hilary…it has to. When she signs off, Tessa tells her she did a wonderful job. Mariah needs to go see Hilary. Tessa’s worried. Mariah retorts that she can’t believe a word that comes out of Tessa’s mouth these days.

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In the hospital, Devon tries to remain optimistic as Nate explains they’re out of options. Devon protests there must be something they can do. Nate tells him that barring a miracle that goes beyond medicine, nothing and no one can save her. He urges a frantic Devon to enjoy the time he has with her and make every moment count. Nate recalls hearing the same words not so long ago and counsels Devon not to be in denial and lose out on sharing this profound experience with Hilary. Devon doesn’t want Hilary to know, but Nate feels she deserves to know. Devon resists – they may still get that miracle. Lily, Charlie, and Mattie join Devon, who says Hilary’s sleeping but would love to see them after. Lily sends the twins to the gift shop – she senses something’s wrong. Devon cries. Lily begins to cry too and says, “No.” They embrace. Devon warns Hilary doesn’t know about her condition. He braces himself before going in to see Hilary. She asks about Lily and Charlie, then Shauna, then expresses regret about arguing with Lily and not properly supervising Shauna – the universe has made it clear she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. Devon promises she’ll be an incredible mom one day. Hilary thinks Devon only reconciled with her due to the baby – he can walk away after she recovers. Devon insists she couldn’t be more wrong. He takes off while Nate examines her, and asks Lily to stay with her while he’s gone. Lily joins Hilary and tearfully apologizes, but Hilary says it takes two. Lily expresses regret at not realizing that Hilary had turned her life around – they’d been enemies for so long. Hilary teases her about admitting she was wrong. Lily laments having fought her at every turn. Her voice breaks as she asks for forgiveness. Hilary takes Lily’s hand. “There’s nothing to forgive.” She’s excited they’ll be friends once she gets out of there.

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At the Club, Jack needles Cane that he could have taken Chancellor Industries to new heights, and reveals he’s signed on to Nick Newman’s new company, Dark Horse. He’s surprised when Cane doesn’t rise to the bait. Cane realizes Jack hasn’t heard about Hilary, and fills him in.

Jack, Cane, and Mariah arrive at the hospital. Charlie wants to go see Shauna, but Cane forbids it. Lily joins them. She and Cane realize Charlie’s gone. After Mariah and Jack walk away, Lily breaks down as she confides in Cane that Devon doesn’t want Hilary to know, but she’s not going to make it. In Hilary’s room, Mariah updates her on the show feedback, and Jack tells Hil she’s an amazing woman; he’s glad they’ve remained friends. He gives her a pep talk, kisses her head, and leaves. Hilary teases Mariah about ‘boo-hooing’ before thanking her for making the show go on. Mariah’s heartbroken about the baby, and Hilary tears up, admitting she’s concerned she’ll lose Devon. He appears and says she couldn’t be more wrong. Mariah hugs Devon, then leaves. In the waiting room, Mariah’s irked to see Tessa. She walks out and yells, “Don’t follow me!” After, Cane and Mattie appear. Cane takes a call from Charlie explaining that he’s concerned about Shauna. Back in Hilary’s room, she asks Nate how she’s doing. Nate only says she’s holding her own. When he leaves, Hilary updates Devon on her visitors. Devon talks to her about their love – he loves her beauty, her mind, her confidence, her heart, and the way she never quits. Devon wants her to be his wife again; right away, this week. He’ll help her recover as her husband. Hilary’s stunned when he produces a gorgeous engagement ring. He places it on her finger, and they kiss. In the waiting area, Cane reassures Lily that it was an accident and she didn’t mean to hurt anyone. Lily gets a call from a police officer – they want to talk to her.

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At the penthouse, Shauna opens the door to Charlie, who asks why she’s not at the hospital. Shauna can’t face Hilary knowing she had a miscarriage after she ran off. Charlie advises her to stop running from her problems.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa approaches Mariah, who lashes out when she tries to comfort her, and tells her to save it for her girlfriend. Tessa insists there’s no one else, but Mariah saw her in an embrace. Tessa sighs – the woman, Kimberly, helped her track down her sister, Crystal. Mariah doesn’t understand why she kept this news from her. Tessa reminds her she killed Zach – she was protecting Mariah.

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