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Devon rushes into the hospital and asks Neil, “Where is she?” He learns Hilary just got out of surgery and they’ve lost the baby. Neil holds Devon as he cries. Charlie, Shauna, Cane and Lily join them. They all reassure Devon that Hilary will make it. After more tears, Devon asks about the accident. Lily relays a truck crashed into them. Charlie and Shauna guiltily describe the events that led to them being in the car. Devon’s irritated that Charlie and Shauna hooking-up in his place led to this nightmare. He rants about charging the truck driver. Charlie, at Cane’s prompt, urges Devon to focus on Hilary’s recovery. Nate appears and marvels that Hilary survived the surgery despite severe injuries and massive hemorrhaging. Devon heads to the ICU, sits by Hilary, and urges her to keep fighting. She murmurs. He takes her hand and says, “I love you so much.” Hilary wonders why she’s in the hospital, and Devon says she was in an accident. She asks about the baby. Hilary sobs as Devon tells her the baby didn’t make it.

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At the Club, Mariah and Tessa discuss having a ‘sequel’ to their San Francisco trip this summer.

At home, Nick finds Sharon’s engagement ring and looks concerned.

Jack arrives at Phyllis’ place, where she tells him she and Billy fought and she kicked him out. Phyllis invites him to gloat, but Jack feels bad and hugs her. He gets the details and surprises Phyllis by announcing she’s being too hard on Billy – he’s an addict. He advises her to show compassion. Phyllis frets about the secrets and lies. Jack reminds her that’s a symptom. Phyllis is convinced to give Billy another chance.

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In the Abbott living room, Kyle tells Billy that Mrs. Martinez wants to know how long he’ll be staying. Billy assures him it will only be temporary and alludes to mistakenly messing with Summer and Phyllis’s complicated relationship. Ashley appears; she’s happy to have him back, but questions the confusing paper trail surrounding the yacht. Billy offers to take her to see it. Later, Phyllis arrives and Kyle tells her Billy’s out with Ashley.

In the Club dining room, Ashley questions Billy buying the yacht with his own funds and being reimbursed. Billy deflects, and announces he’s sending her to Berlin on business. Ash thinks he’s sending her instead of Kyle because she’s asking pesky questions. After, Billy reads a text about a poker game. Later, Phyllis arrives and asks Mariah and Tessa if they’ve seen Billy. They suggest he might be upstairs before continuing their conversation about San Francisco. Tessa makes Mariah happy by agreeing to go. On the roof deck, Phyllis comes up empty and has a thought. She proceeds to suite #352, peeks in, and is dejected to see Billy gambling. Downstairs, Nick arrives and learns Mariah hasn’t seen Sharon. Tessa tells Mariah that Devon needs her at work, and leaves. Meanwhile, Phyllis joins Nick at the bar, complains that she’s pissed off with Billy, and confides he’s gambling again. Nick counters that he and Sharon may also be over – he did something amazing and she doesn’t see it that way. Phyllis invites him to her place to drink and talk. After, Mariah visits the Dive Bar and is stunned to see Tessa embracing an unknown woman.

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Back at home, Ashley asks Kyle to report any unusual ‘Billy activity’ to her. Kyle’s uncomfortable, but Ash asserts herself. Kyle wonders what he’ll get in return. Ash offers to be a powerful ally if Billy goes up in flames. Kyle signs on.

Ashley meets Jack at Crimson Lights, where he fills her in on Dark Horse, Abby’s defection from Newman, and his own position. He’s pleased to be moving forward. Ashley reflects that she’s glad they can still do this despite everything life’s thrown at them.

At Phyllis’ place, Nick updates his ex that he impersonated JT and started Dark Horse. Phyllis admires the brilliance of it. Nick appreciates her response. She always knew this was the real Nick – a dark horse through and through. They play video games, then Nick keeps talking about Sharon’s negative reaction to his plot. Phyllis thinks she’s attached to the nice, safe Nick. She muses if the new Nick was a social post, she’d be ‘liking’ that all over the place. Nick helps her up off the floor and they exchange a heated glance. In the kitchen, Nick and Phyllis get turned on by how ‘bad to the bone’ they both are. They kiss, the clothes start coming off, and they have sex on the kitchen island.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Kyle needles Billy about sending Ashley to Berlin. Billy swills a drink and says his top priority is fixing things with Phyllis. He goes upstairs, and Ashley, who’d been listening, confers with Kyle, who now understands her concern.

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