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At the penthouse, Hilary tells Shauna that Devon will return from his trip later. Shauna thanks her for being cool about Charlie coming over yesterday. Hilary notes she didn’t have much choice having found out afterward. Once she leaves, Shauna texts Charlie.

At Crimson Lights, Nikki and Victoria peruse an invitation they’ve received to a reception by a company called Dark Horse, then grumble about Nick’s unbelievable behavior. Abby appears – she has the same invitation and wonders why a company raiding Newman Enterprises would invite three Newmans.

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At Hamilton-Winters Group, Charlie, with Mattie and Lily, texts Shauna that he’s trying to get out of work. Charlie asks Mattie to cover for him since they have Hilary’s penthouse to themselves, and Mattie reluctantly agrees. Charlie tells Lily he has cross-country. At the Dive Bar, Hilary notes how much Tessa cares about Mariah. Mariah’s uncomfortable. Hil thinks she’s afraid to trust it – she understands it’s scary as hell. Tessa joins them and Hilary advises they have a shot at something great. She tears up warning that things will come up that test their relationship. After, Mariah tells Tessa something’s going on with Hilary besides hormones. At the end of the live show, Hilary signs off with an emotional and cryptic message about things changing and not knowing what will happen next. Once again, Tessa and Mariah confer – they wonder if Hilary’s cheating on Devon with that guy they saw. Over drinks, Mariah tells Tessa that Hilary’s advice was right. They kiss.

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Nikki, Victoria, and Abby arrive to the venue on the invitation and find an empty boardroom. Sharon and Summer appear – they all agree this is creepy. Victoria wants to find out who’s behind all this. Suddenly, Nick enters in a sharp-looking suit and reveals he sent the invitations. “Welcome to Dark Horse.” Nick pours champagne and explains this is an exciting new venture. Nikki presumes this is about his father. Nick says Victor hasn’t allowed anyone but himself to make the rules; that’s about to change. Nick flashes to the things Victor taught him growing up, like boxing, and recalls how supportive he was when he wanted to marry Sharon, even building them a house. Nick then notes how Victor has turned on them all when they haven’t bowed to his will. He warns Abby she’ll never measure up, and Summer that he’ll turn on her eventually. Nikki wonders why he’s so bitter, but Nick asks why she isn’t. Victoria points out Nick is acting like their dad right now. Nick argues he tried to make things work with Victor, but when he gave him Victoria’s job, he realized nothing had changed. When he stood up to him, the price was his son. Abby learns that Nick fought back by pretending to be JT. Summer muses, “Way to go, Dad.” Nick says a new Newman dynamic starts today. He explains that all Victor built, and gave them, came with a cost – fear – he had to stop it by going after Newman Enterprises. Nick breaks down how he infiltrated Newman Enterprises as well as Victor’s personal and private life. Nikki doesn’t recognize him anymore. Nick says she should; for the first time he’s his father’s son. He apologizes to Victoria for hurting her. After, Nikki, Sharon, and Victoria whisper about JT, while Summer tells Nick he’s badass. The others want him to let this go, but Nick says it’s just the beginning – Dark Horse is his new company, and he’s made deals with almost every corporation that’s severed ties with Newman. The investors like the Newman name, but it’s his vision. He will create a new legacy for the family and wants all of them to join him and be a part of the future.

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Charlie arrives at the penthouse and starts kissing Shauna. They agree they’ve never felt this way before…it’s special. Charlie has condoms and they head upstairs.

At Hamilton-Winters, Lily worries about Charlie running in the heat and is about to head to the school so Mattie cracks.

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Lily arrives at Hilary and Devon’s penthouse and enters as Shauna rushes down the stairs. Charlie appears and grumps about Mattie not being able to keep her mouth shut. Lily tells Shauna she’s a bad influence on her son as Hilary arrives. Shauna protests that Hil knew Charlie was coming over. Hilary says it’s a misunderstanding, but calls Lily an uptight prude. Lily feels sorry for Shauna and for the baby Hilary’s carrying. They argue about parenting, and Hilary becomes irate when Lily blames Shauna for making bad choices. Charlie suddenly hollers that Shauna took off – he has to find her!

In the car, Lily’s driving and she and Hilary continue to bicker while Charlie sits in the backseat. Hilary reminds Lily she was no saint at Shauna’s age, and Lily retorts that Devon having a baby with Hil was the worst idea ever – she has no business being a mother. Just then a loud horn sounds and the car is smashed by a semi-truck.

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