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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis gets a text from the P.I. that Billy’s on the move. Sharon, across from her, worries about JT destroying everything by telling Victor what they did. They speculate about JT. Phyllis shrugs off Sharon’s concerns – let JT come back – that makes them not killers. Just then she gets another text that Billy’s entered suite 352 at the GCAC, and takes off.

In the alley, Victor tells JT he’s a coward, hiding in the shadows; he goes after the defenseless, but now the tables are turned. JT reaches into his pocket, and Victor reaches into his. JT asks, “What? You’re going to shoot your own son now?” Nick pulls off a JT mask and muses, “S’up Dad?”, before explaining that he’s been behind everything, including the leaked documents. Nick talks about watching how Victor operates his whole life, and being perceived as weak. He could handle Victor mocking his business, but not taking his son. Victor looks amused, but Nick warns it doesn’t end here – there are things in motion that can’t be stopped. Victor threatens to expose him, but Nick doubts he’d admit to being taken by his underachieving son.

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In Neil’s penthouse, he and Ashley make out on the sofa until he puts on the brakes. They talk about why they backed off in the past. Ashley recalls they didn’t want to risk their friendship. Neil feels tonight was impulsive, but beautiful. Ashley thanks him for dinner and being the man he is, before leaving.

At the Abbott mansion, Jill goes berserk upon realizing that Kyle went into Phillip’s casket. Jack hollers that he asked for her help and she refused – she’s got no one to blame but herself. Jill rails about Jack getting his son to do his dirty work, and becomes emotional about how much she loved Phillip. She seethes that if they open that envelope, she’ll sue them into the stone age. Jack argues – since when does the unexpected make her cower in fear? Jill grabs the envelope, opens it and reveals Jack is not a Chancellor. Jack’s deflated…he thought it was just a formality. Dina appears. Jill tells Jack she’s sorry, reminds him Dina’s still there, and hugs him, before leaving. Dina wants to hit the Colonnade Room, but they put her off. Ashley arrives. She soon learns that Jack wasn’t a match with Phillip. Jack doesn’t know his next move. Ashley suggests there doesn’t have to be one. Knowing her biological father didn’t make her life better. Jack needs to know. Dina brings out a photo album they’ve never seen before. Jack quickly spots diary pages within – they reveal that Phillip and Dina only talked together. Kyle asks about Jack’s father, and she becomes flustered. Jack vows not to upset her again.

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In the suite at the GCAC, Billy wins his poker hand as Phyllis starts hammering on the door. She quickly realizes he’s gambling and stalks off. Billy follows. At the Dive Bar, Tessa and Mariah speculate on Kyle setting them up while watching their movie. Tessa wants to do more with Mariah – their friendship means a lot to her. Mariah returns the sentiment. Tessa gets a call and steps away. She asks the caller, “Did you get the money?” Phyllis and Billy appear. Phyllis snaps that she thought he was cheating on her. Mariah and Tessa take off, as Billy assures Phyllis he’d never do that, and vows his gambling’s not out-of-control. Phyllis learns he lost Jaboat and demands to know how this started. Billy says Summer had a game at the house. Phyllis is irked that he’s blaming Summer and seethes about him lying. As she storms off, Jill appears, and mentions Victoria. Billy assures her his relationship is fine. Jill fills him in on the Chancellor developments before leaving.

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Nick returns home with flowers and happily informs Sharon that Victor’s JT mess is none of their business – their new life is starting tonight. As they’re planning a trip, Victor arrives. Sharon questions him about JT. Victor guesses Nick hasn’t filled her in. He leaves, and Sharon asks, “What have you done?” Nick comes clean about posing as JT and leaking the documents. Sharon’s floored – she saw JT. Nick’s sorry, but he needed it to play out – he’s glad she knows now. He justifies his actions by Victor taking Christian and attacking Sharon – why isn’t she happy about this? Sharon wonders if he thought about Victoria in all of this. Nick won’t apologize for doing what he had to do – his father can only win if they let him. Sharon doesn’t know if she even knows who he is anymore.

At Crimson Lights, Tessa and Mariah talk about Phyllis and Billy’s fight and reflect on their own. Mariah has forgiven Tessa. They agree it’s one of the best nights in a long time and decide it was their first date.

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