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At the Abbott house, Kyle updates Jack that the DNA lab will have the results by the end of the night. The doorbell rings repeatedly – it’s Jill in a rage, demanding to know that whereabouts of Jack’s miscreant son and declaring Jack needs to let go of this notion he’s Phillip’s son. She hisses about Dina’s faulty memory before turning on Kyle about digging up the grave of the love of her life. Kyle does his humble apology routine, but Jill tells him he’s full of it. Kyle exits, and Jack sits Jill down to make a case for compassion toward Kyle, but Jill says that boy made her feel the loss of Phillip all over again. Jack chokes up that finding out he wasn’t an Abbott hit him hard. He implores, “I need confirmation.” As they debate, Jill calls him selfish, but Jack reminds her she was in this position with Neil Fenmore. Jill grimaces and admits, “I do understand.” They decide to go for a drink at the Club.

At Sharon’s place, Nikki’s visited with Christian upstairs, then tells Nick she misses him. He invites her to come anytime, though Victor will be limited. Nikki worries his father’s under too much stress, but Nick’s not sympathetic. They bicker about Victor hurting Sharon in the custody battle. Nikki argues Victor’s not himself, but Nick thinks everything that’s going on is karma.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria’s stunned when Victor announces he’s going to meet JT. She learns he got a text from an unknown number asking him to meet, and pleads with her father not to go due to his health issues. Victor’s unconcerned. She wonders if he plans on killing JT. Vic advises her not to ask that, and to leave it to him to settle things. Victoria implores him to take back-up – JT could ambush him and he’ll end up dead. Victor asks her not to call anyone and vows to finish the war JT started. They embrace. After he leaves, Vikki texts someone.

At Hamilton-Winters, Devon urges Hilary to get some rest, but she’d rather stay there and canoodle. Nate arrives and greets Lily, who asks if he knows Mariah and Tessa. Hilary snarks about having to see him at work. Devon reveals he invited him there. He receives a text from Kyle, and confirms the Mariah-Tessa mission is on. Devon tells Hilary that Nate’s joining him at a recording session. Lily and Devon discuss Neil’s new server acquisition. Devon’s not sure it was the right decision because the deal was made with insider information. Lily thinks his loyalty is misplaced; Victor wouldn’t hesitate to do it. Hilary sides with Devon, and Nate agrees with Lily. Lily informs Hilary she’s not on the board, and isn’t even Devon’s wife. Mariah and Tessa exchange a look as Lily and Hilary spar verbally. Devon ends the ‘discussion’. He gets another text from Kyle and sends Mariah and Tessa to check out something missing on the rooftop. When they arrive there, Kyle announces there was no robbery and that he and Devon arranged for them to watch a movie under the stars. They realize they’ve been set up, but decide to stay.

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At the Club, Nikki snarks at Jill about the sculpture in the park. Jack intervenes – they should agree to disagree. Jill relays she’s in town to deal with Kyle digging up Phillip’s grave. Nikki gets updated on Jack’s possible paternity and muses that Katherine would have willed the company to Jack had she known he was Phillip’s son. Jill argues the point. Nikki gets a text from Vikki that Victor’s gone to confront JT and runs off.

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Nikki slams into Newman ranting about Victor’s stubbornness. She and Victoria agree he’s in no shape for a confrontation. Victoria gets on the phone to update Abby, then Nikki calls Nick, and agrees to let him contact Paul about Victor’s planned meeting with JT. They hope Paul sends out the force, and try unsuccessfully to reach Victor.

Back at the Abbott mansion, Jill learns Jack doesn’t live there anymore. Kyle arrives and learns things have de-escalated. Jill tells him he’s lucky his father convinced her to let him off the hook. Just then, the DNA results arrive. Jill’s eyes pop out. She exclaims, “What the hell?!”

A gloved hand removes a gun from a safe. Later, in an alley, Victor waits and checks his watch. JT appears at the other end of the alley. Victor says he’s been waiting for this moment.

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