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At Jabot, Kyle’s puzzled to see Ashley going through documents at Billy’s desk. She has questions about new expenses, like the yacht, for which she can’t find the title. Kyle can’t help her.

At home, Summer learns Billy’s hungover and didn’t win back the boat. Billy’s telling his tragic poker story when Summer loudly say he owes her mother an explanation. Phyllis, on the stairs, agrees. Billy claims his business dinner turned into drinks, and when Phyllis mentions Jabot, he lies that they were there – he had food brought in. Phyllis pretends to believe him. Later, Summer finds Billy looking for a game to join later. She reminds him he was cleaned out last night – how will he get more cash? Summer feels guilty about his addiction. Billy reassures her. After, he gets stressed out trying to free up cash as Sinead texts to ask if he’s in tonight.

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At the Club, Victor’s on the phone with the server farm and learns they’ve contracted with someone else. Up at Hamilton-Winters, Neil tells Tessa they’re moving their data to a new server company. Tessa thinks it’s a great deal. Neil notes not everyone will be happy. He phones Ashley and invites her to dinner at his place. After Neil leaves, Tessa fields a call from Victor, who disconnects upon learning Neil’s out.

On the coffee house patio, Mariah teases Kyle about working the ‘graveyard shift’ and checks his fingernails for dirt. Kyle admits he had a couple cocktails and wanted to help his dad. She promises they won’t air it on GC Buzz. Tessa appears inside, and Kyle smirks as she and Mariah smile and wave awkwardly. After, Kyle presses Mariah to ask Tessa out, but Mariah isn’t that confident, and has been hurt too many times by rejection. She declares she’s not girlfriend material, but Kyle says that bull and breathes, “You’re amazing!” Mariah’s doesn’t buy it, and leaves.

At Jabot, Phyllis calls Hilary about the situation with Billy. Ashley overhears her saying she will go through the company’s security logs. Ash peppers her with questions about the yacht, and Phyllis accuses her of trying to dig up dirt on her brother.

At the Dive Bar, Summer joins Mariah, who asks how she attracts guys. Summer’s amused by her wanting tips. Mariah downs a shot, then Summer advises she’ll have to have confidence and be hotter. Mariah insults Summer for being an attention-seeker then apologizes. Summer urges her to work on her confidence; she’ll work on her wardrobe.

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Kyle appears at Hamilton-Winters and tells Tessa he’s looking for Hilary, before mentioning the time he asked her out. He realizes he never stood a chance…because of Mariah. Tessa explains she and Mariah are in a good place now and she doesn’t get a do-over. Kyle thinks it’s too bad.

Ashley arrives at Neil’s place, where he wants to forget about work and concentrate on one another’s company. She takes a call from Billy, and asks about the paperwork for the boat, and where the money came from. Billy claims he paid for it from his personal account and will submit an invoice. After, Neil and Ashley discuss him giving her a heads-up about Newman and risking his relationship with Victor. Neil explains why she’s special and the atmosphere turns intimate. Suddenly the doorbell rings – it’s Victor wanting to know why Neil stabbed him in the back. Ashley jumps in, and Neil counters that Victor would have done the same thing he did; he doesn’t want the business decision to come between them. Victor informs him Newman will no longer do business with Power Communications and wishes them a nice dinner. Over their meal, Neil decides dinner has become a celebration…of being stress-free. He turns on some music and they slow dance. Neil’s thankful Victor freed up his time to fill with things he enjoys, “Like this.” Neil kisses her.

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At home, Billy calls Phyllis, announces he’ll be having another late night, and tells her not to wait up. After disconnecting, he looks at the yacht receipt with his name on it and leaves.

At Jabot, Billy asks Kyle to take the yacht invoice to accounting and have the amount reimbursed to his personal account.

At Crimson Lights, Phyllis calls Hilary’s private investigator to investigate Billy.

At the Club, Victor gets a text from someone claiming to be JT – he wants to meet, just the two of them.

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