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At Jabot, Summer finds Billy staring at a photo of the yacht – he plans to win it back tonight. Summer’s skeptical and feels guilty for starting him gambling again. Ashley arrives wanting the details on everything from budget to boat. She dismisses Summer, then questions her expecting to be included. Billy explains he made an open door policy and defends the concept. Ash muses she has some ideas of her own. Billy reminds her she’s COO, not CEO. Ash assures him accepts that he’s in charge. After, in the corridor, Ashley asks Summer to submit a summary of exactly what she does there by day’s end.

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Phyllis arrives at Sharon’s place to discuss the bombshell she left on her voicemail about JT. Sharon insists he was there last night. Phyllis questions if she was drinking, then calls it insane. They both get a text.

At the penthouse, Neil’s too busy for a coffee with Nate, who complains he can’t meet with Victor until tonight. Nate’s concerned about Victor’s stress, and Neil’s; he’s been overextended dealing with Newman’s damage control.

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At the Abbott house, Jack rails at Kyle that he can’t use the illegally-obtained bone sample he found, and when Chance and Phillip hear about it, they likely won’t submit to DNA testing. The doorbell rings – it’s Cane. He’s spoken to Esther and complains about Kyle’s disrespect. Kyle reminds him of his own disrespect toward the Chancellors as Jack tries to intervene. Cane warns even if they’re proven to be Chancellors they won’t get their hands on the company since Katherine left it to Victor, who then sold it. Jack’s aware, but argues that Katherine would have made the inheritance not knowing he was the rightful heir. Cane reminds them they have no proof and leaves. Jack admits to Kyle that he doesn’t have a leg to stand on – Katherine by-passed other blood relatives to leave the company to Victor.

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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria confers with Phyllis and Sharon about the JT sighting. Phyllis still can’t believe it. Sharon urges they have to stop living in denial – he’s coming after the four of them. Nick enters. He’s weirded out by always finding them together. Sharon and Phyllis claim they’re supporting Victoria. Phyllis exits. Nick assures Victoria he’s got a team protecting their homes and kids – JT will pay. When his luck runs out, Nick will be ready. Talk turns to the damage being done to the company – Victoria admits it’s far worse than the public knows. Nick has no sympathy for Victor. He gets a call from Brittany – by the end of the day there will be a final ruling on who gets Christian.

Ashley and Neil meet at the Dive Bar and discuss her move back to Jabot. Ashley feels energized and won’t miss the stressful environment at Newman. They toast to her being home. Jack joins them and Ashley reminds him he’s welcome at Jabot. Neil understands his friend wants to find where he belongs. Jack excuses himself, and Neil and Ashley agree they feel for him. Talk turns to Ashley twisting Billy’s arm to let her back in. Ash notes Billy’s doing great, but his winning streaks historically don’t last long – she’ll be there to pick up the pieces. Neil know she’ll never be content playing second-fiddle at Jabot, but thinks she got out of Newman at the right time. Ash warns Neil to look out for himself and offers him an insider tip on a company that’s about to cut ties with Newman and is a fit for Hamilton-Winters. Neil beams. In the dining room, Jack informs Kyle he’s decided to run the DNA test on the bone fragment. He doesn’t need Chancellor Industries, but he needs to know who he is.

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In Crimson Lights, Nate runs into Cane. They sit and Cane asks for the non-sanitized version of what’s going on with him. Nate admits he struggled after his fiancée died, and left Boston due to too many painful memories. Cane suggests he get together with him and Lily – they could invite a single woman. Nate declines to be set up.

Phyllis arrives at Jabot, where Summer updates her on Ashley’s first condescending appearance. Phyllis advises her to watch her back, then asks Summer to look into a missing shipment. She notes Billy had a shipping issue a few nights ago, so she should warn the place to stop screwing up. Summer does as asked, then reports back to Billy that the shipping company acted like she was nuts. He explains the ‘shipping issue’ was his cover story the night he helped her. Phyllis appears and Billy insists the company is reliable. Once Phyllis goes, Billy tells Summer he needs her help to win back the boat. She agrees.

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