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At the Chancellor Estate cemetery, Kyle continues slinging dirt out of Phillip Chancellor’s grave. Inside the mansion, Esther hears a noise and calls about an intruder. Soon, the police pull up to the grave.

At Hamilton-Winters Group, Mariah and Hilary have been strategizing for hours. Mariah suggests they go home but Hil’s not keen as Devon and Shauna aren’t at home. Eventually she agrees, but gets a cramp. Mariah’s uneasy as Hilary searches the Internet for information, then points out she can speak to an online doctor.

At the penthouse, Hilary’s relieved at the advice she received online tells Mariah she will see her OB/GYN tomorrow. She thanks Mariah, who orders her to get some rest and asks her to remember her loving kindness at work tomorrow. Hil quips, “I doubt it.” Once alone, Hilary holds her baby bump and looks worried.

At Sharon’s place, Nikki freaks out over JT being alive and worries to Sharon that he’s on his way to the main house to finish off Victor. They panic anew upon hearing noises upstairs. Nick comes downstairs, fresh out of the shower. They fill him in on seeing JT, and Nikki leaves Victor a frantic voicemail. Once dressed, Nick announces he’s going to the main house, but Sharon objects. The doorknob starts turning. Nick grabs the fireplace poker and terrifies Mariah as she enters. She shouts, “What the hell is going on?” Once in the loop, Mariah’s upset they won’t call the cops. Nick tells them to lock the door and heads out with his poker after a warning from Sharon not to engage JT. Later, Nick returns; Victor’s not at the ranch and Christian’s safe. Nikki comes unhinged thinking that JT’s already killed Victor, but just then, he arrives. He’s been doing damage control since Ashley resigned. They fill him in about JT. Victor and Nikki exit. Outside, Victor reassures her about JT. Nikki stammers; she thought he was gone forever, and doesn’t want to sleep alone tonight. Victor kisses her – he’ll sleep with her; he’s missed her terribly. Inside, Nick assures Mariah and Sharon they’re safe.

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Jack joins Summer at the Dive Bar and asks about Kyle. Summer says Kyle left Billy’s party early, drunk – he was upset about them having to give up the bid to discover if Phillip Chancellor is Jack’s father. Jack muses that access to that grave is a dead issue. Talk turns to Dina’s condition; Jack won’t make her testify. They discuss John wanting Jack to reach his potential – that’s all he wants for Kyle. Summer opines that Kyle really is on Jack’s side. The conversation turns to Summer and Phyllis but Jack gets a call and asks, “You did what?” After, he relays to Summer that Kyle was arrested for digging up Phillip Chancellor’s grave. Summer follows him to night court – the night’s finally getting interesting.

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At the penthouse, Hilary comes downstairs from bed in a robe, and frets. She rushes over to bang on Neil’s door. Nate answers. Hilary says she needs a doctor. Nate resists treating her, but Hilary is scared. Nate thinks she’s seeking attention, and muses maybe Devon needed to get away from her. When Hil threatens to repeat this to Devon, Nate agrees to give her a once-over. After, he says she and the baby seem fine. Hilary thanks him and apologizes for her behavior yesterday – Neil told her his fiancee died; it must have been awful not being able to save her even though he’s a doctor. Nate presumes she’s being nosy and they part ways angry again.

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At the Abbott house, Summer mocks Kyle for his list of charges, and he counters the court must have felt like home to her. Jack’s irritated that he thinks he can handle Jill and tells him, “You made this mess, you clean it up.” The doorbell rings. Jack declares this is the beginning of Kyle’s apology tour and admits Esther. Kyle tells Esther how ashamed he is at length – he got it into his head he needed to help his dad. When Kyle laments taking Esther’s beautiful smile away, she softens and assures him she’ll try to convince Jill to let this all go away. After she’s gone, Jack warns a smirky Kyle not to be too proud of himself. Summer wants to stay for their argument, but they send her packing. They have it out over Kyle’s motives for wanting to know if they’re Chancellors and the implications of Ashley returning to Jabot. Kyle thinks he deserves the COO position, but Jack protests – he had to set things right with Ashley – in time there will be a spot in the executive suite for him. Kyle muses, “Maybe sooner,” and reveals a bone he found in Phillip’s grave. Jack gapes as Kyle suggests running DNA tests and notes their first move would be to takeover Chancellor Industries.

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