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At the Dive Bar, the GC Buzz Fourth of July episode gets underway with Hilary promising a special guest – she guarantees fireworks in the sky and in front of the camera. During the break, Hilary snaps at Tessa and Shauna, and learns her guest, the Mayor, has cancelled. She looks over at the Ashbys, and smiles – she’ll improvise. Across the way, Cane and Lily lament Jack’s decision to go ahead with a lawsuit and to put his mother through testifying. Abby joins them, followed by Hilary, who invites them all to be on her show today. Lily is the first to be interviewed and shares what the ‘fourth’ means to her – she opens up about having the independence to choose as a woman. On break, Cane hugs Lily and Charlie whispers to Mattie, “Now how are we going to tell her?” Abby is next on air in a puzzling interlude about ‘freedom from convention’ concerning blondes not being dumb, and the freedom to wear anything…or nothing. After, Abby snaps selfies for Arturo to admire and tells Lily they still have some obstacles to overcome, but she knows just what to do. Meanwhile, Mattie and Charlie take their turn on Hilary’s show. Charlie gets a laugh saying the holiday, for him, is about the great food. Hilary cuts to break, and snaps at Shauna again about forgetting the water. Lily intervenes to suggest Shauna be allowed to have fun with the other teens. Hilary gives her the rest of the day off, and directs her instructions to Tessa. Nearby, Lily and Cane realize something’s up with the twins, who admit they were invited to a party. They’re given permission to leave. Lily and Cane canoodle until Cane takes his turn on Hilary’s show. He talks about being a parent and the future. Once he reconvenes with Lily, they discuss how much they’ll miss the twins when they’re at college. Esther appears and tells them if Jack digs up Phillip Chancellor’s grave, Katherine will roll over in hers. Tessa appears on Hilary’s show next, then seems distracted by some texts.

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At home, Billy calls out Happy Fourth of July wishes, but Phyllis surprises Billy with a ‘Happy Birthday’ bowl of whipped cream, which was easier than baking a cake. He reveals he has special plans for them too – on the yacht. He searches for the keys, but they’ll have to stop by the office to get them. As they leave, they debate having hot dogs or lobster.

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At Jabot, the reception area is a mess from Arturo’s crew. Billy and Phyllis grab the yacht keys from his office and re-enter the elevator grinning. Soon, Arturo appears in reception in a hard hat and gives the order to cut power to the building. The elevator grinds to a halt. Inside, Billy exclaims, “What the…” Elsewhere, Abby trudges up the stairs with bags full of Fourth of July decorations and food to surprise Arturo. He thinks it’s sweet, but has to be convinced to indulge due to their tight schedule. Abby and Arturo establish that they’re hoping they have a future together, kiss, and Arturo promises to try to meet her later for fireworks. Meanwhile, Billy talks Phyllis out of climbing out the elevator shaft. No one hears their shouts. Phyllis recalls he closed the office for the rest of the week – they could be there until Monday! They unpack Phyllis’ bags and get comfortable, while discussing how much has changed since they hooked-up in there – they’re glad they made peace with Jack and Vikki. Billy notes they may not have to sneak around anymore but they’re still ‘them’. They get intimate. After sex, Phyllis purrs, “Happy Birthday… We haven’t celebrated our country’s birthday yet.” The lights come on, the elevator doors open, and Arturo and his crew gape. Billy calls, “Hey fellas! Happy Birthday to me!”

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Hilary’s show continues at the Dive Bar. She expounds on what this day means to her, particularly now that she’s set to become a mother. After, Tessa informs her the mayor is definitely not coming. Across the way, Esther warns Cane that Jack has a way of getting what he wants. Stuck for a guest, Hilary invites Tessa to sing when she holds up a microphone. Tessa mouths, “You owe me,” before singing the Star Spangled Banner. Mattie, Charlie, Shauna, Arturo, Billy, and Phyllis all arrive in time to join in. As darkness falls, the guests canoodle on the dance floor. Abby and Arturo leave, and Esther points out how nice Tessa was to Hilary. Hilary apologizes to Tessa, but messes it up. Shauna appears to tell Hilary she’s made the American dream possible for her. They hug. Elsewhere, the twins tell Cane and Lily they returned because they wanted to be with them. Soon, the fireworks begin.

At Arturo’s place, he makes passionate love to Abby.