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At Chancellor Park, Victoria, Sharon, Phyllis and Nikki are stunned to find the garden adorned with a huge statue/piece of art. Phyllis notes the only way they’re digging up JT is with a jack hammer and a stick of dynamite. Sharon and Nikki wonder who put it there, and why. Vikki spots a plaque and they realize Jill was behind it. Nikki grumbles about Jill, but Phyllis reminds her their concern is JT. Vikki won’t feel safe until they have proof, so will assume he’s alive. They agree they need to be ready for anything. Phyllis looks thoughtful as Nikki warns if one of them goes down, they all do.

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At the Club, Victor pulls Nick aside to update him that JT’s on the security footage. Nick warns his father he’s being targeted and he’d better keep Christian safe. Victor reassures him. Up at Hamilton-Winters Group, Neil tells Tessa he’s off to pick up someone at the airport. He’s about to leave when Dr. Nate Hastings Jr, (played by Brooks Darnell), appears in the doorway. He and Neil happily embrace. Hilary and Tessa look on as Neil and Nate leave for the penthouse. Hilary asks Tessa who that was. Tessa remarks he was a hottie and they wonder if he’s working with Lily. Later, Nikki joins Victor and the social worker in the dining room. She zeroes in on their health and Nikki promises her MS in under control, and Victor dotes on his grandson. Vic weighs in that he’s doing everything in his power to give Christian the kind of life his father, Adam, would have wanted, then smirks in Nick’s direction. Nick approaches and asks if Victor is feeling better after his ‘incident’ on GC Buzz. Victor downplays it, then apologizes for his son’s desperate attempt to embarrass him. The social worker heard about Victor’s health issues following his fall, but Victor dismisses that as coming from a disgruntled former employee.

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At home, Neil brags to Nate that Devon owns the building. He loves his place except his nosy ex-wife moved in across the hall. Later, Hilary’s at home stewing about Neil’s guest and decides to head across the hall. Nate answers the door shirtless and says Neil’s on an important call. Hilary introduces herself and mentions she’s host of The Hilary Hour, which Nate’s never heard of. He’s dismissive, and Hilary returns home, steams over the ‘disrespect’, then storms back across the hall to confront him. Nate notes she became unfriendly when he wasn’t forthcoming with personal details and they spar verbally. Neil appears and introduces his godson. “We just call him Nate.” Hilary has something else she’d like to call him. When she asks if Nate’s here for a job, Neil quickly replies he’s on sabbatical and shows her out. The doorbell rings – this time it’s Victor, who is Nate’s new patient. They discuss discretion – Victor wants Nate to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Nate points out he hasn’t agreed to take him on yet. He’ll have to assess Victor, who will have to be completely forthcoming, and pay him a lot. Victor’s impressed. Afterward, Neil chuckles over how Nate dealt with Victor. Nate takes him up on his offer to stay at the penthouse, and isn’t worried about Hilary. Across the hall, Hilary, on the phone, orders a complete dossier on Nate.

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At Crimson Lights, Phyllis tells Sharon she doesn’t believe they killed JT only to have him come back to terrorize Victor, but if she’s wrong, they’re in the clear – she doubts JT even knew they were there. Nikki rescuing Victoria is a neat and tidy defense – why should Sharon and Phyllis risk legal jeopardy if they don’t have to? They bicker over whether to strike an alliance. Sharon notes Phyllis trusting her would be a first. Phyllis counters their dislike would work in their favor. Sharon argues they were all in on this fight to help Victoria. “We started this together and are going to finish it together.” Phyllis responds, “That’s what I’m afraid of.” Later, Nick cuddles Sharon, who confides that Victoria’s upset about the JT business. Nick has good news, and tells her he brought up Victor’s health in front of the social worker.

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In the park, Victor tells Nikki his meeting with Dr. Hastings was promising and jokes he nearly asked him for tranquilizers after the session with the social worker. Talk turns to finding JT. Victor won’t ask Paul for help. Nikki blames Paul and Christine for turning JT into a weapon. She worries about protecting the family from JT. Vic says, “You leave it to me.”

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