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At Newman Enterprises, Victoria mutters, “It can’t be JT,” while looking at the security footage.

At home, Sharon and Nick look forward to their fall wedding and hope Christian will be back with them for it. They kiss, and Sharon gets a text to meet at the coffeehouse.

In Billy’s office, he crows to Phyllis that his sales projections are better than anticipated – all board members will receive a share of the profits, plus employees will get an extended, paid Fourth of July weekend. They canoodle, then Phyllis gets a text and rushes off. Later, Jack arrives and Billy offers him his board member bonus. Jack’s impressed, but tells him to reinvest it in the company, and advises Billy to get a couple solid quarters under his belt before handing out cash.

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At the penthouse, Hilary happily takes a selfie and tells Devon she has a genuine baby bump. They admire her silhouette in the mirror and Devon teases it’s food. Hilary insists it’s their child, and she won’t be wearing dowdy maternity wear, but will style herself after Beyoncé. Devon says she’s gorgeous and she vows to handle the pregnancy in her own unique way. They kiss. A technician arrives – Devon’s set up a mobile ultrasound. They get started, but the woman has trouble locating the baby’s heartbeat. Suddenly, they hear it and are relieved. Soon they see their baby on the monitor. Devon kisses Hilary – they created that miracle. Afterward, Devon tells Hilary they’re a family now.

In the Club, Nikki runs into Summer, who claims she hasn’t been in touch because she’s mad at Grandpa about Christian. Nikki wishes Victor had never embarked on this, and hopes it reaches an amicable solution. They say goodbye as Nikki has to run. Summer goes to the Dive Bar and needles Kyle about his love life.

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At Crimson Lights, Victoria, Nikki, Sharon, and Phyllis view the close-up from the security footage and debate if it’s JT. Phyllis’ hunch is that it’s doctored. The others aren’t so sure. They speculate that if it’s JT, he’s focused on revenge on Victor now, but could come after them. Victoria can’t believe she’s unsure if it’s JT or not, and they wonder how to be sure. After discussion, Phyllis decides they have to dig up the grave. Nikki can close the park and they’ll convene there as soon as possible. Nick appears. Sharon tells him they began talking about JT during their charity meeting. Vikki updates him on the security footage. Phyllis gets a text from Summer to have lunch. The group breaks up. Nick pulls Nikki aside – he thinks she’s hiding something about Victor’s health. He’s concerned he’s not well enough to look after Christian. Nikki reassures him, and urges him to have compassion. Nick has no sympathy. Nikki angrily defends Victor, who is desperate about hanging onto what he has. Nick rails back, and Sharon jumps in to say it’s not Nikki’s fault. Apologies ensue. Nick misses Christian and wants him home. Choked up, Nick pleads with Nikki, “He needs me.” Nick decides she’s covering for Victor again and his anger returns.

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At the Dive Bar, Jack tells Victoria that JT visited him in jail. Victoria muses he should have confessed, and asks if he said anything else. Jack recalls he said he wished Jack had never gone by the ranch last night. Victoria notes her father would have died. Jack hopes they’re being careful. Jack joins Kyle, who’s surprised to hear he turned down Billy’s bonus – Kyle took his straight to the bank. Talk turns to Jack’s next move. He’ll sue Jill and plans to put Dina on the witness stand. Kyle expresses doubt, but Jack’s out of options. Kyle muses about them possibly running Chancellor and decides he’ll help his father with Dina, as long as she’s comfortable. He suggests doing a ‘walk through’ first and Jack agrees.

At home, Summer’s prepared lunch for Phyllis, who takes in the spread and calls her daughter out for having an agenda. Summer confesses she’s broke. Phyllis takes it better than expected, but reminds her she has a job and will earn her own way – no loans. Summer admits she charged the lunch to Phyllis’ account.

At Jabot, Phyllis updates Billy that Summer told her she burned through her trust fund – she feels they had a breakthrough. Billy hopes they’ll have a better relationship.

At home, Nick phones Brittany and advises her he believes his father is hiding a serious medical condition. He sends her the link to his appearance on GC Buzz – he wants to prove he shouldn’t have Christian.

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Summer finds Billy playing poker at the Club. She offers to keep his secret, but he shrugs that it’s not a secret or a big deal. Summer won’t blab – he can decide whether to tell her mother or not.

Sharon arrives at the park to find Victoria, Nikki, and Phyllis all staring at something in shock. Sharon asks, “What the hell is that?”

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