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At Crimson Lights, Nikki questions Victor about his loss of focus on TV the previous day. He assures her his health is under control. Victor’s phone dings. He looks at it and says, “JT’s struck again.” He relays that there’s now a walkout based on rumors spread about sexism in Newman’s pay structure. Vic’s certain JT’s behind it.

At Jabot, Phyllis and Billy canoodle. She asks about his business emergency and senses something went wrong. Billy reassures her about his shipping issue as Summer arrives. She tells her mother about reconnecting with an old acquaintance last night. Phyllis wonders if it’s Kyle. Summer says it’s not, and advises the guy’s not married when asked.

At home, Nick and Sharon prepare for the social worker’s visit. The doorbell rings – it’s Victoria. She wishes them well, and Sharon worries about proving herself. Vikki and Nick work to reassure her. They discuss Victor’s outburst on TV. Vikki says there’s now a rumor about gender discrepancies in their pay scale. Nick worries about her stress levels. Victoria insists she’s fine. After Victoria leaves, Sharon gets a text from Nikki and lies to Nick she has to go to work due to a sick employee.

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At the Dive Bar, Billy concludes a meeting and Summer appears. He asks if she’s following him. She says she just met with Kyle about Fenmore’s. Billy doubts Lauren would appreciate her drinking and sunbathing on company time and snaps at her to put some clothes on.

On Crimson Lights’ patio, Nikki, Victoria, Phyllis, and Sharon get rid of a suspicious Abby, then Nikki updates the others on Victor’s certainty that JT is behind the recent goings-on. They discuss whether he could be alive. Phyllis feels it’s not possible, but Sharon wonders if JT’s out there. Victoria shouts, “Stop it! Stop talking!” She’s exhausted with the paranoid frenzy – there’s no hard evidence that JT’s alive. Her phone dings – she relays that Victor’s requested security footage from a site where Newman machinery was damaged. Phyllis hopes this clears it up.

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In Billy’s office, he confronts Summer about the game she’s playing; flirting, getting him to gamble, and lie to the woman he loves – her mother. Summer didn’t force him to come to her rescue, and couldn’t go to her parents about it. Billy counters Phyllis only lectures her because she loves her. Summer makes him feel bad and he stops her from leaving. She opens up about blowing through her trust fund – she was having fun and thought it would never run out. Summer still doesn’t know who she is. Billy advises you have to embrace failures to gain success. Summer asks Billy to be her friend, she could use one. Summer calls her credit card company to put them off, pretending to be Gloria. Billy wants to support her, but she has to stop messing up, and can’t keep coming to him. They agree to hit the reset button.

At home, Sharon and Nick welcome the social worker in and answer her questions about their jobs and schedules. They assert that Christian is surrounded by love there and they want him home. Nick explains he’s raised him, and Sharon addresses the mistake she made with Christian in his first year of life. The social worker asks about Sharon’s bi-polar disorder and Sharon becomes agitated – she wants to say what she couldn’t in arbitration. Sharon reveals she’s studying in the same field and understands the onus is on her to remove the social worker’s doubts. Sharon explains the medication and supports that make her feel healed, and talks up Nick as a father – he wouldn’t be marrying her if there were any doubts. The social worker has all she needs. After, Nick and Sharon feel hopeful about having made a good impression. Nick suggests a fall wedding, and Sharon agrees. They kiss.

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At home, Billy wants to pamper Phyllis tonight. She’s on the floor searching for her earring when Summer enters. Billy shoots a panicked glance at Summer, who secures his poker chip. When Phyllis goes upstairs, Summer says, “I’ve got your back.”

At Newman Enterprises, Victoria confers with Nikki and Abby about facing the press. Victor arrives and they give an upbeat, reassuring press conference. After, Nikki answers a phone and learns the security footage is in. They all gather around a laptop as Victor brings up the video and zooms in on the suspect’s face. Nikki and Victoria are shocked as it appears to be JT!

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