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At Hamilton-Winters, Lily thanks Neil for helping her as Victor appears. Lily leaves them alone, and Victor updates Neil he’s been busy convincing clients not to dump Newman Enterprises – he’s tired and wants Neil to make a TV announcement.

At Jabot, Kyle wants to go over work with Summer, but she has plans at the Athletic Club. In the CEO office, Cane wants Billy to call Jill with regard to Jack’s exhumation bid. Billy thinks he’s concerned for himself – what would happen to Cane’s position if Jack turned out to be a Chancellor? They bicker. Billy believes Cane doesn’t care what Jill or Jack are going through, but couldn’t resist seeing him grovel.

At Phyllis’ place, Victoria tells her eyewitnesses saw JT. Phyllis reminds her JT’s taking a dirt nap – it must be someone trying to spook Victor. Victoria wonders how to explain the credit card use. Phyllis proposes that Victor’s investigators are trying to impress their boss. She reassures Victoria that JT is gone. Victoria gets a notification that Victor’s planning to go on live TV, and worries he’s making himself a target. Summer arrives in time to see Victoria off, then questions their friendship. Summer muses that Phyllis has changed; maybe she’s more like Aunt Vikki than she thought. Summer dresses for her party and Phyllis questions the ‘littleness’ of her dress. Summer thinks she’s jealous since she’s staying home, drinking alone. Later, Billy arrives to find a candlelit pathway leading to Phyllis, in lingerie, on the terrace. He worries about ‘eyeballs’ but Phyllis wants to be daring. Undressing, Billy assures her she could never be boring and says, “Let’s give them a show.”

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At the Dive Bar, Mariah feigns exasperation with Hilary’s happy new demeanor. Neil appears – they’re scrapping the planned show as he’s lined up a special guest – Victor Newman. Mariah wonders if stealing Christian from Nick is on the approved question list. Hilary resists Neil’s orders. Neil threatens to put Mariah on solo and advises her to prep. Later, Victor arrives, followed by Victoria, with a bodyguard named Dwayne, (played by Drew Pearson), in tow for her father. Victor asks the man to watch his daughter instead. Victoria chats with Mariah about the lack of security and remains unnerved. In the dining room, Summer thinks Kyle showed up to see her, but he has a date. She heads upstairs to a suite and joins a poker game. In Hamilton-Winters, Cane assures Lily that Jack doesn’t have a leg to stand on, but she’s still concerned about her husband. He wants to go down for a drink, but she has another idea. At the pool bar, Hilary interviews Victor, who describes JT’s attack on him and credits his doctors with nursing him back to health. Mariah interjects that his family was also there. Victor continues, contending that he’s back to 100% and is running the company despite the rumors. Suddenly, he drops his glass of water so they go to break. Kyle startles a concerned Victoria.

At home, Billy and Phyllis giggle about the neighbors after sex. He goes inside for drinks and realizes he’s missed several calls and texts from Summer, who desperately needs his help at the Athletic Club. Billy tells Phyllis there’s a work emergency.

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Outside their house, Lily and Cane sip wine. Cane thanks her; it’s exactly where he needed to be. They share a kiss. In the night sky, Cane sees them in two stars that reflect each other’s light – together they’re extraordinary. Cane regrets facing stress again. Lily reminds him they’re stronger together. They express their love as Mattie appears. She shakes her head and leaves when they kiss.

At the Club, Billy confers with Summer outside the suite – she lost her money and needs his help. Billy asks how much she owes. Summer breathes, “Ten grand.” Agitated, he explains he can’t get that kind of money from an ATM. Summer wants him to win the money back. Billy joins the game and recoups the loss. Summer hugs him. Billy orders her never to ask him to do that again. Suddenly, he realizes she didn’t need cash to settle up and demands she tell him what’s going on. Summer admits she blew her entire trust fund. “I’m in debt up to my ass.” On the roof deck, Victor’s interview resumes, with Victor confidently boasting about his return to work. He loses his train of thought, then decides he wants to rail about JT Hellstrom. Red-faced, he rages into the camera, “Face me, you coward! You took on the wrong man! I will get you!” Victoria and Neil cringe. Once calmer, Victor struggles to answer a question about future plans for the company. Neil wants to call the rest of the interview off, but Victor insists he’s fine.

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