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At the Abbott house, Ashley shows Abby an article counteracting the claim that Victor is sick. Abby thinks it’s good, but Ash argues everyone will see through it. She worries that Newman Enterprises is in a very dangerous position. Ash needs more answers and must talk to Victoria. Abby’s surprised. Jack arrives and chortles about the puff piece on Victor before announcing he’s about to get closure on his paternity issue – he plans to get Phillip Chancellor’s body exhumed. Abby and Ashley learn Dina confirmed it. Ash complains about him disturbing a grave. Jack goes off to see Dina. Ashley expresses skepticism to Abby, but has her own train wreck to handle. Later, Jack reveals that the judge denied his request due to Jill fighting tooth and nail. He plans to do the same.

Ashley arrives in Victoria’s office seeking straight answers on the situation at Newman. Victoria smoothly reassures her, and Ash angrily feels she’s being ‘handled’. Vikki invites her to jump ship, but Ashley demands to know which clients are leaving. When she mentions JT, Victoria snaps, “It’s not JT.” She agrees to work with Ashley to save the company, but insists JT’s not behind it.

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At Hamilton-Winters Group, Shauna admits to Hilary and Devon that she hasn’t heard from Charlie yet. When Shauna steps out, Hilary and Devon discuss the situation with the teens. Lily arrives with Charlie. Hilary approaches Lily’s desk – she needs her help with Charlie and Shauna. Lily doesn’t want to get involved in a teen romance and questions Hilary’s contention that her son is miserable. Shauna reappears and Charlie exits, head bowed. Lily tells Hilary, “I’m in.” Later, Lily and Cane enter the Club dining room with Charlie, feign surprise at finding Devon and Hilary there with Shauna, and join them. Once seated, Lily snarks about Hilary bringing up her pregnancy too often. Devon says he adores this child and he won’t sit back and let his partner be slighted. Devon wants them to be the family he knows they can be. Cane nods. Hilary says she has no one but the people at this table, and sees what Lily and Cane have with their kids – she never had that, but wants her child to know it. They all agree to make an effort, and Charlie and Shauna joke. Nearby, Arturo hopes Abby will come to his place again one day. He learns she hasn’t always dated rich guys and they agree they’ve a lot to learn about one another. Abby takes Arturo over to meet those at Lily’s table. Jack arrives and shoots a look in Cane’s direction. Lily wonders to Cane why Jack looks like he won. Cane tells the table about Jack’s request. Devon thinks it’s insane. Jack approaches, and Cane tries to get rid of him. Jack warns round one is over, but he plans to get a different court ruling. They all bicker about Jack’s unreasonable request. Hilary suggests there must be another way, but Jack insists there isn’t. He accuses Cane of feeling threatened, and Cane counters Jack’s angling for position. Jack feels the exhumation is none of Cane’s concern. Ashley arrives and pulls Jack away. Cane and Devon leave to call Jill. Lily and Hilary realize Charlie and Shauna disappeared. At the bar, Ashley learns Jack plans on calling Dina as his witness, and declares if he uses an old woman to get what he wants he’s worse than Graham and isn’t a decent human being. Ash takes a call from Neil. After, Mattie tells her parents their plan worked and it wasn’t subtle – Charlie and Shauna went to Crimson Lights. Cane reassures Mattie about Jack as she leaves. Cane then tells Lily he’ll protect Chancellor with every fiber of his being – with her by his side he feels he can’t lose. They embrace.

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At Crimson Lights, Charlie tells Shauna he wasn’t judging her the other day – he ran out not because of what she’s done, but because of what he hasn’t. They agree to be an official ‘thing’ and share a kiss.

At the Dive Bar, Hilary tells Devon that Shauna’s back with her guy, then thanks him for standing up for them earlier. He assures her they’re in this together. Hilary questions if they’re really ‘there’ yet. Devon knows what’s missing and says, “I love you.” Hilary tears up as she expresses that she loves him too. They kiss.

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At the Abbott mansion, Abby laughs about how well he handled the crazy night at the Club. Arturo establishes she wants him around and expects honesty. Abby honestly wants to kiss him, and does. They part ways smiling.

At Newman Enterprises, Ashley informs Victoria someone using credit card checked out of a Genoa City motel today – the description matches JT. She should brace herself, as he could walk through those doors any minute.

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